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The Changing Bucket

A critical accessory for any well-dialed surf rig

| posted on October 03, 2013
Photo: WalMart

This is the stock model, but feel free to consider upgrade options when buying your bucket. Photo: Wal Mart

Stop grinding your wetsuit into that poorly paved asphalt at your homebreak and throwing it soaking wet into the back of your car to stew all day. Your wetsuit will thank you. Your car’s interior will thank you. And most importantly, your coworkers that you grab lunch with will thank you. Nobody wants to drive around in a car that reeks of well-marinated, rotten neoprene. Buckets are available at any big-box retail store; we approve of the $10 to $15 version, which will more than suffice.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Completely disagree, what you need is one of these – whatever they are called . You can stand in them when you take your suit off without cracking the bottom. hard plastic buckets never lasts – I went through I don’t know how many plasic buckets over the years before getting one of these about five years ago, and its still as good as new. You really don’t need a lid, throw your towel over your wetsuit after you are finised. Also its easier to carry your gear around onehanded. Well that is my two cents

    • underwear slushy

      does the 38L one you linked to have a wide enough base to stand in? Wondering if something like this is needed w smaller overall volume but larfer base. Wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t have to order one online since no nearby stores have them (san diego) :

      • Jimmy the Saint

        I don’t know to be honest, not sure the size in litres of the one I use, you generally get them in building stores, tilers and plasterers use them to mix whatever grout or whatever. All the ones I have seen have ample room for your feet, everyone uses them where I live, still using the same one eight years on, and it’s taken dogs abuse and still not damaged at all. You can also slide your towel through the two holes and sling the bucket over your shoulder. I also wash my suit by draining out the seawater, throwing in the suit and pouring freshwater on top, leave it for a few minutes and give it a good plunging, these things really are the bomb

  • gannysesh

    No way I’m gonna buy my surf gear at a big box store. Big box stores by their very definition are only located inland, in the valley and deserts and crap (aka not by the beach where real surfing actually happens). I keep it real by only supporting surf companies. So, any idea when Billabong is going to make a bucket like this? Hoping they attach some accessories to it, too, like a little pipe cleaner, a bottle opener, and some random pockets to put fin keys and wax and stuff. Billabong, are you listening?? Where’s my box!