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Surfing Without a Traction Pad

Just wax it and go

| posted on August 29, 2013
Photo: Lowe-White

Mason Ho, putting his back foot wherever the damn hell he pleases. Photo: Lowe-White

You can’t lay into a testosterone-rich man hack without a stomp pad, right? Wrong! How can you be so daft? Tom Curren didn’t need anything but wax under his back foot to carve and hack his way into surf immortality. But that was decades ago, there’s no way you could pull today’s technical aerials without traction, right? Wrong again! Look at how dense you are! Mason Ho never uses traction and he pulls inverted rotations and rodeo flips like it’s his job or something. See? You don’t need a traction pad, you big goof!

  • Brian

    Show me one current WCT surfer who doesn’t have a traction pad.

    • Johndoe1234

      Travis Logie 🙂

    • MAUS

      Tiago Pires

    • njsurfer42

      Slater, on more than one occasion.

  • Westside808

    Dustin cuizon never uses them either and he has a bunch of national title, also used to smoke Dane Reynolds, and Bret Simpson just to name a few

  • John Locke

    Mason is a beast. But if you DO need traction, you can use wax, or do like many of us are doing and use a tail pad with a grip strip: