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Occy’s Jaw

An underbite of World Champion caliber

| posted on September 26, 2013
There's no math to quantify how much of Occy's power comes from that jaw. Photo: Ellis

There’s no math able to quantify how much of Occy’s power comes from that jaw. Photo: Ellis

The average human mandible is made of a mineralized connective tissue known as osseous tissue. Mark Occhilupo, however, was born with a giant block of granite where his lower jaw should have been. While doctors are still unable to explain Occy’s Jaw, what is certain is that it is impervious to reef cuts, surfboard impacts, and the odd barroom scuffle. The additional weight also adds anywhere from 6 to 8 gallons of spray on his turns.

  • Pat Judd

    Really gives me something to chew on (pun intended). 🙂

  • David Perreira

    Timeless sick turn!

  • southernether

    that is freaking brilliant!