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The Supertide

The ocean's mood swings are practically in the palm of your hand

| posted on July 03, 2014
It’s summer, track the tides. Free farmer’s tan included.

It’s summer, track the tides. Free farmer’s tan included.

Nixon Supertide
$200 at

Tides. They give. They take. They’re both the bane of our existence as surfers and the deciding factor of our most memorable sessions. But dammit are they predictable. With the new Supertide, the difference between showing up at your local wedge only to find it swamped or pulling up to see it firing is as convenient as a check of your wrist. The Supertide, which comes in an array of colors (or if you just want them all blended together, they offer the above tie-dye version.) features pre-programmed tides for more than 270 lineups, bundled in cushy silicone. The integration of the tide chart coupled with the sizable face of the watch makes it easy to stay on top of the conditions. You can’t control the tides, but with any luck this watch will ensure that you make the most of them.

  • ex-nixon user

    I once bought a nixon lodown tide watch, but I had to change it in the store where I bought it for four consecutive times because the watch screen was all filled with water after I surfed. By the time I went to return my 4th watch, I came out of the store with clothes equivalent to the watch price. Now I use Casio, respect to Casio brand, cheap and absolutely functional watch.

  • Peddar

    A year ago, I purchased a Nixon Supertide. I found it difficult to operate because the side buttons had to be pressed hard to work. After two weeks, the screen stopped working. i got my money back and bought a Casio G-shock Rescue with tide function. It is not as graphical as the Supertide, but it’s cheaper and indestructible..

    • Canteen

      I had a similar situation with my Supertide a year+ ago. I
      returned the watch and was told by their customer service rep that all of the
      first generation Supertides were pulled off the shelf and replaced with a
      better, updated version. Nixon replaced my old watch with the newer version
      (when it became available) and I’ve got to say, it’s awesome. They addressed
      the issues that the first version was plagued with & they also sent me a
      loaner tide watch in the meantime, and let me keep it. So what was a bummer
      situation at first, turned into a good situation in the end.

  • Sonim Extreme

    So we’ve had watches for surf for years… we’ve got the camera for surf- go pro. When are we gonna get a smartphone for the beach?… oh wait…. here it is: Ta Da!

    The Sonim XP7 Extreme SmartPhone is new waterproof (not just resistant), virtually indestructible smartphone that was practically built with the beach in mind.

    We’re live on Indiegogo now and you can get one for $579 unlocked. And you can even get one for $250 up front.