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LSTN Headphones

Reclaimed wood headphones look as good as they sound

| posted on June 05, 2014
Zebra wood Troubadour headphones by LSTN.

Zebra wood Troubadour headphones by LSTN.

LSTN Headphones
$150 at

When you’re looking at headphones, only three things really matter: sound, aesthetic, and price. Beats by Dre may sound incredible, but let’s be honest, they look ridiculous, and at $300 a pair there are much cheaper ways to look like an asshole. On the opposite side of the spectrum is LSTN, a small, LA-based company that makes beautiful headphones and delivers some stellar sounds without breaking the bank. But the coolest thing about LSTN probably isn’t even the products that they make, but their company’s penchant for charity. Every pair of headphones they sell helps provide hearing aids for underprivileged kids around the world through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Making steezy headphones on the cheap is cool, but helping hearing-impaired kids in the process is truly badass.

  • Veer

    These headphones are good but if we consider the price they don’t
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