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John John’s Ankle Brace

The secret to better surfing is at your local drug store

| posted on June 24, 2013
Brace yourself, fool! Photo: Lowe-White

Brace yourself, fool! Photo: Lowe-White

Skip the Dumpster Diver. Pass on the Phantom trunks. And please, don’t even think twice about switching out your fins. You want to surf better right now? Go get yourself an ankle brace. Because man alive, is that thing workin’ wonders for John John.

After watching him go from the emergency room to punting “the über oop” in just a few short months, we’re convinced that there’s some special voodoo behind that ankle brace. In the same way that Air Jordans were the secret to M.J.’s game, the ankle brace must be the hidden power behind John John’s performance at Keramas. It was the secret to his alley oop; the magic fueling his impossible tube rides; the special sauce behind those two-handed-layback-hack-cutback things only he does. How else can you explain going from crutched to stratospheric like that? It’s gotta be the ankle brace. Gotta be.