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Medina’s Stage Presence

My, how Gabriel Medina has grown in a year

| posted on October 31, 2013
#champagnefacial Photo: ASP

#champagnefacial Photo: ASP

In just a year, young Gabs Medina has gone from being a hot mess after a close one in Portugal to being absolutely perfect with his champagne-spray strategy in France. Medina had more on the line in 2012 than he did here in 2013, and perhaps the weight of his entire country’s expectations weighed heavy on his shoulders after that loss to Julian in Portugal. Perhaps they were tears of guilt, or fear, maybe grief, or allergies, or…you know what, who gives a damn anymore. Look at this photo! We approve! Medina is redeemed!

  • Sevy

    HAHA Brilliant

    • Vinicius Pimenta

      Brilliant yes!

  • James B

    John John will need to bring a lot of competitive fire to duel with Gabriel in the next years. Anyway, will be great for surfing!!

  • Louis

    Hot mess? He was robed big time in Portugal. The surf comunity had spoken about it. The only people that did not agree with that was the ASP judges or hatters.

  • yo

    why does the check say Mick Fanning???? good editing…..

    • SurfLBNY

      mick won. gabs spraying him. lol

  • Louis I

    Check your spelling you boner (Robbed and Haters)

  • Thiago Cardoso

    Brazil Loves Medina ! He share one thing that we brazilians call passion. Thats made by a lot of hard work, a lot of hard work and of curse, lot of hard work. All that without any help from sponsors or anyone. Medina is like the others, Pupo, Raoni, Alejo, Felipe, R dos Santos, Jadson, Mineirinho, and many many others… he is what we call a ˜Guerrero”, a true Warrior ! Maybe one day the Judges from ASP will respect Brazil, i hope soon…