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Wave Crashes Into Restaurant

Storm surf along the California coast wreaks havoc in Santa Barbara

| posted on March 03, 2014

Patrons of Moby Dick Restaurant in Santa Barbara received much more than they paid for when a wave crashed through the glass windows. The restaurant, which looks out towards the harbor, was known for having a full ocean view, but now it’s better known for being a little too close to the water.

Here’s another angle that shows the water rushing throughout the restaurant:

  • Russ

    Time to go!

  • Bathometric Differential

    The obvious results of water surges by prolonged low-level surface winds in a captured fetch added to subsequent microbursts from the jet stream.

  • wally

    I never Liked Moby Dicks for breakfast… i prefer Cajun Kitchen… and/or a can Old English 800.

  • Ron

    Surfs up!!!

  • lifelooselybased

    Check please!

  • Vernon Aquino

    Time to go! No shit lady!

  • Jill Sluiter Babcock

    screamers need to be choked

    • badoofus

      i got something they can choke on. bazinga!

  • Jake X. Lennington

    Hey, where’s my fish I ordered a half-hour ago!?…Oh, here it is…covered in glass…

  • lol

    Camera guy proper shits himself haha

  • Arabella Imbriale

    That’s a meal to remember

  • Lio

    Fishs are returning back to the water…