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Tsunami Damage

Footage from 2011 Tsunami in Japan documents peeling right-hander and destruction

| posted on February 25, 2014

  • Matty

    Imagine driving a boat into that! Insane!

  • Jason Keller Hudson

    hand the camera to someone less of a spaz.

    • Braxton

      It’s easier to not be a “spaz” when you take boring photos of weddings and interiors and not witnessing people fighting for their lives and at risk yourself.

      • Jason Keller Hudson

        and it’s easier to be a prick when you don’t link your profile to your comments.

      • Jason Keller Hudson

        you’re right. my apologies. It’s easy to make crass comments from the safety of my office – this is devastating footage. It’s insensitive of me to make jokes.

  • Marcus B

    I would go on that left!

    • Duke

      that was a right

      • Keith Hinkley

        hilarious…”i would go on that left”…hahahahah guy on mountain bike has no clue its a right..claiming he would go? hahahahah

        • Marcus B

          Ok guys you go on the right, I am talking about the left formed on the inside, if you were so good you too would look for a more ridable wave. Fuck I always regret on commenting this shit! Theres aways some kook trying to be smart. I thought people wold get confused but I didn´t think a couple would be so stupid to think I don´t know whats right or left! 20 year´s surfing… 30 year´s biking… go get a life you kooks!

          • Emanon

            Took four more comments to come back from that one huh? Oh and it’s *would, *years’, *years’, my dear “kook trying to be smart”.

          • Marcus B

            I didn’t get that moderator thing… sorry Emanon, english is a seccondary language for me so I realy don’t mind to spell stuff wrong, I just want to be understood. I realy care about your corrections and I will make an effort to do it better next time ok? Your comment was great! apreciated!

          • Marcus B

            btw… *years’, *years’, dear teacher!

        • Marcus B

          Thanks guys to read the ”
          Footage from 2011 Tsunami in Japan documents peeling right-hander and destruction” and manage to identify it’s a right. But I still see a left which I like better. Go get a life!

        • Marcus B

          a couple of genius here! thanks!

        • Marcus B

          Moderator must be a genius too! lol

    • johnyy

      im sure you would BUD!

      • Marcus B

        your opinion is realy important for me BUD! thanks!

  • Patrick Smyth

    This kind of footage never ceases to amaze me as to the power of the ocean.

  • JoeSoap

    That’s what you fucking get for killing dolphins! I FUCKING HATE JAPAN!

    • patrick

      you sir are the scum of the earth

      • surfin’ joe

        humans are the scum of the earth… look around you and see what we do with our beloved planet

        • Kara Hawthorn

          its not “us”, its just the small minority of dark occult spiritualists
          who run the show ….. so don’t blame everyone…..
          most people R good but they want us to lose faith in that

      • Kara Hawthorn

        hes just a shit stir-ing troll
        note the difference / others who r real
        don’t fall 4 it

    • Tellinit Howitis


    • ApexWon

      Agreed! Every Japanese citizen is required to kill at least one dolphin a year or face imprisonment. Savage, I tell you, SAVAGE!

    • solringer

      You are an idiot. I’d love it if you came here to Japan so I can punch you in your tiny balls. I don’t agree with the killing of dolphins, but to suggest that the death of thousands of innocent men, woman, and children was coming to them is a special kind of retarded.

    • Stephen

      Joe Soap – You are an idiot and you do harm to the very cause you claim to support. As a surfer who cares deeply about protecting all marine life but also recognizes human tragedy when he sees it I say to you – fuck off.

  • Dustin Smith

    Hand the camera to someone less of a spaz? Really? And D-Bag of the year award goes tooooo…

    • Jason Keller Hudson

      It was an insensitive comment made from the safety of my desk. People losing their lives isn’t a laughing matter or a platform for internet trolling. Im sorry.

      • Dustin Smith

        For the record I was paraphrasing someone else’s comment that has since been deleted because it was so disgraceful. Those aren’t my words.

    • Spark

      You do understand that was THE tsunami, and those people were about to loose *everything* the had and, possibly, their life, right?

      • Dustin Smith

        Someone else posted “hand the camera to someone less of a spaz”(now deleted). That was my response.

  • mik

    This video shows people dying and should be taken down.The comments here reflect the surfing community? I hope not… You people are a disgrace

  • mik

    there is a moderator???

  • Alex

    I live in Japan and I was there on that day. I went through everything from the beginning. For people like me the life has split into before and after by that line of white water. I wonder what made SURFER to post this video without any comments, saying only “peeling right-hander” and “destruction”? Why would you do that? And you, mister dolphin-lover, you can hate Japan and Japanese or love them – whichever suits you, but where is your compassion and humanity? or at least a sense of tact? Where is your common sense, people???

    • fran

      you reap what you sow …. a dolphin

    • Marcus B

      It’s nice to see your point of view, as
      someone who lived the horror of a Tsunami.

      As a surfer, I find it a gem of a vídeo, the waves
      were beautiful, also the brave captains fighting for saving their boats and
      their lives. I like it and it doesn´t mean I do not respect the Japanese or
      whoever died that day. It’s sad, but it´s life. People die every day everywhere,
      some of wars, some of hunger, our world is sick! This is what we are. For me
      this video shows a beauty of Mother Nature.
      Those dolphins are another story…
      that carnage sucks, just a little more than the carnage of cows everywhere in
      the world. The “dolphin lover” comment actually sucks. Don´t take the surfers community
      as that guy please. We love waves, it doesn´t mean we do not respect your

      • Kara Hawthorn

        gem and beautiful is still massive insensitive u kook

        • Marcus B

          I see your coment is a good example of sensitiveness! thanks!

          • Kara Hawthorn

            omg forgive me please kind temporarily confused gentleman kook

      • Alex

        I am a surfer myself. I saw that wave and I saw many videos of that day after. I know what it means to watch it with eyes of a surfer.
        My story is just a drop in the ocean, but I lost almost everything there. 3 years after and I still can not recover fully.

        There are many other surfers in this area. After Tsunami all surfers in the area stayed out of the water for 1 year trying to restore our beaches and paying respect to those who passed. Now we are back to surf in limited breaks because some parts of the coast are still in destruction and in some places it is just too disrespectful to play in the water in front of the people who lost someone there.

        My point is its Ok to think whatever you want about the world around because we are all different and have different experiences. However, going in public is another story, you need to be responsible for what you say.

        There is a lot of discussion about respect in Surfing Media. How about paying some respect here to the Ocean, to the Local People, to the Lives lost? From this point I think its inappropriate to mention 3.11 Tsunami in a line with surfing or nature beauty.
        Am I wrong?

        • Marcus B

          I don’t think it will ever be a disrespect to live, have fun, be happy. Positive things can’t be disrespect. Stay out of surfing, or avoyd fun, for respect, wont bring anybody back. It will only make it esasier for you to deal with the suffering. Again… this is the way I see… Everyone has a sad story to tell. Here in Brasil we deal with a lot of heavy stuff too. I don’t expect people to respect it that much. Only who lived something knows what it takes. In one side a video posted to get views and advertizing is actualy unecessary. But no need to make such a big deal of it.

          • Alex


      • Spark

        the planes hitting the twin towers were an wonderful view, too. such a beatiful fire! And the buildings collapsing, man, that was something else!

        • Marcus B

          I see what you want to say. That’s different though. Tsunami wasn’t anybody’s plan to kill people for revange and missunderstood religion.

          • Kara Hawthorn

            the poor, bored C.I.A. ….. : (
            “Christians In Action”

        • Kara Hawthorn

          LOL enchanting really! if u think about it…..

  • Dominic Zappa Wibrow

    Wow wha, , always wanted to see some real footage of the actual waves, but not the destruction it left behind, saw plenty of that! Cheers.

  • http://www.museandme.com/ Jason Merrill

    Surfer Mags doing a stellar job lately of instigating troll fests. Little bit of moderating please!?

  • TK

    Peeling right hander?? I have been a fan of Surfer for years but thats it. This post, the comments..very disgraceful as a human

  • Wiserabbitnose

    That really is amazing footage. Surfer magazine SHOULD NOT take this down. We all have our opinions, let’s treat people with respect.

  • Jay

    It seems incredibly callous to post a video of a “peeling right hander,” as if it’s some fun wave to surf when you’re talking about a tsunami that killed a lot of people. I urge you to take this down.

  • k_ Sado

    I do not agree with this post. So sad that you posted. SURFER,,,,,

  • Matthew Kearns

    I agree with Alex, not in good taste “surfer” and what the hell do the dolphin slaughters got to do with a tragedy in Japan on a scale we can only hope never happens to us. Every nation on this planet has their faults, but compassion for human kind is universal. Grow up people!

  • autumn

    The fact that you post this video as a peeling right hander is disgraceful…you obviously have NO IDEA how the tsunami changed the lives of thousands of people, and continues to impact it daily.

  • Mike

    Bad taste and wrong = unfortunate

  • jason macdonald

    I am a Shinko surfer (Sendai port surf spot). There are many of us who lived in the area who are no longer here. This is very insensitive to post this. Please remove it. Arigatou Gozaimasu.

  • jason macdonald

    My comment is “awaiting moderation”? Really? If this is still on the website tomorrow I will sadly cancel my subscription of 15 years.



  • Rich Gilmour

    the surfing community? douchebags, posers, wannabees, hangers on ,pricks on sticks

  • Joe

    Just take it for what it is… A VIDEO OF A NICE BIG WAVE. Quick complaining so much.

  • Baby Boom

    My dad fought on Iwo Jima on the winning side, nuke em

  • Cacho Izquierdo

    its history ,,,on the record,,,,wether you like it or not ,,,,a lesson for comming generations,,,as for dolphin killers ,,whattavah ,,,its also on the record,,,historians will have easier time describing this times,,,and the footage will make people more aware of reality,,,,all in all surf all you can …because time is at hand for all of us,,,sad reality ,,,here and now ,,,! blessings to all the sufferering ,,,!

  • payback

    Japen deserved this there a bunch of assholes this is pay back for continuing to hunt and kill whales I hope they get more of the same

  • T

    Who died in this video? Nobody… I wish more survived the event, I feel bad for they’re loss… but Dolphins? WTF, what does that have to do with anything? I see some smart captains trying to get out of harms way and a killer right hander that hopefully you kicked out of before hitting the break water. The left is nice but closed out, but would have been epic to pop out and land on the boat though! Ca-ching! Boot to boat!