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Surfing With Sharks

New Smyrna Inlet swarmed with sharks over Memorial Day weekend

| posted on May 28, 2014

If you live in Volusia County, Florida, add surfing with sharks to the list of Memorial Day weekend activities. While out in about waist-deep water with his family, New Smyrna Beach resident Steve Anest noticed multiple dark shadows swimming beneath them. “They were anywhere from 3-5 feet in length and not overly aggressive,” he notes on the YouTube post. “It lasted about 45 minutes and was truly amazing!” That’s quite a joyful explanation despite the area’s informal title as the shark bite capital of the world.

  • HBLocal

    Those waves aren’t worth swimming with that company!!

  • Dave


  • mychal

    I have surfed with sharks before however as a parent he has an obligation to protect his kids and he should have gotten them out of the water and not just be thinking of this as a video op that he can make go viral. You never know what a shark is going to do.

    • Kater

      Those sharks are always there. If parents are so worried then they should ban their children from surfing/swimming at the inlet. The only reason they were so visible this weekend was because of the clear water. I see a shark EVERY time I go surfing…most days people don’t get bit, and the bites are never too serious 😉

  • sharksbitepeople

    i think i would get out of the water immediately

  • Carlos Rodrigues

    tranquilãoo, que irado!

  • jimmejardine
  • Nick

    whether or not you get out of the water depends on the ratio of the size and quality of the waves to the size of the sharks. The higher the ratio, the less likely many surfers are to leave the water!

  • snakeguy

    these people are fucking morons

  • Richard

    Thanks to shark week everyone thinks they are professional shark filmers… where theres small sharks in a shark zone of the world there are larger… during these months it is bull season… surf boards between march and june are ill advised and a risk… as a father, a shark enthusiast and as someone who IS a marine and freshwater life expert this was foolish and very ignorant… I would never allow my children in the water with sharks let alone without protection or the correct measures to prevent danger to them. Please listen to the warnings in shows and do not try these things at home people…

  • Chad Mullis

    Paddleboards give you a truly different view

    • Trey Coppinger

      A view that you may or may not want to see, ignorance is bliss sometimes! haha

  • Chomp, Chomp

    Everyone enjoyed you telling them to head to shore.

  • Dan

    I think sharks share the water with surfers everyday unseen surfers are usually in control of there fear of sharks as they know there not on the menu of sharks favourite food keep surfing guys.

  • gern blanston

    The title says, “surfing with sharks.” Are those people actually surfing? I’m confused.

  • Warren Dreffin

    This is ridiculous . There are sharks out there everyday of course however, parents have a responability to make decisions for there kids which don’t have the wisdom to make the correct ones. It is mating season for sharks plus with the warm water they are in greater numbers and thus often may be more pressed for food. Not only that there’s no waves so why put yourself in danger for nothing. Blatantly stupid and ignorant. Sharks are a wonderful species and most of the time “arent out to get you” however, you must treat them with respect that they deserve. Shark attacks do happen so get the hell out when they be schoolin.

  • sharkbaitoohhaha

    Theres always sharks wherever you go so i dont know why hes making a big deal about it. Just cos you dont see the sharks doesnt mean their not there.