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Surfing Seal Up for Whatever

Seal pup hangs with the boys in England

| posted on August 04, 2014

Usually when a seal jumps out of the water and up onto a surfboard, it’s been chased up there by ten feet of hungry shark and it’s clinging onto anything for dear life. This little guy though, he’s just looking for some bro time. Doesn’t even care that these guys are on longboard pop outs. He’s into that, no problem. Board transfers, bodysurfing, this UK-based surfing seal is up for whatever. That’s just how British seals are.

  • Riccardo Fissore

    come farsi puntare da uno squalo bianco

  • ichorousmedia .

    are we going to start having seals as pets now?

  • ZEUS

    floating sushi bar for the landlord.

  • Steve England

    this video is lifted/stolen. please take it down and wait for the original –

  • Steve England

    Justin, the video is lifted. The lads in it have been trying to get it off this youtube channel all day. email me steve@carvemag,com

  • Aloha Shinichi

    Oh My Got. your Pet?

  • Feasty
  • Marialex

    Hermoso ♥ La naturaleza es maravillosa, en especial el mar.