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Shark Photobomb?

Mysterious creature appears during Kelly Slater's GoPro clip at the Box in West Oz

| posted on April 07, 2014

While there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for the blob that appears at 0:17, the prevalence, and controversy, of sharks in Western Australia spreads paranoia like wildfire, prompting many to believe this is a shark photobomb of Kelly Slater’s wave at The Box. At first, we thought the surfer at 0:06 explained the blob, but upon further examination, there are no limbs or contrasting black wetsuit to what could be a white surfboard. What do you think the mysterious object in the face of the wave is?

  • Pacifics Edge

    thats totally fluffy

  • Ray

    Its a ray.

    • Aaron Harris

      You’re right it is a ray, Ray.

  • Christopher Janson

    looks possibly like a shark or dolphin..

  • Christopher Estep

    Lookin sharky to me!

  • Mbsurfer70

    It’s a Stingray

    • Malia

      Oops I didn’t see your comment, I just posted the same thing. You can see its mouth and everything.

  • Dirty Dog

    I think it’s the reflection from the lip.

  • Newmanium

    If you pause it right at 0:18 you can almost make out every feature of a whitey. It’s scary if it is because it looks to be damn big.

    • Chris

      Really? I pause there and i can make out a surfboard and a mans legs off the back end

  • ZEUS

    too hard to tell, even if it was a shark i doubt it’s gonna drop in on the champ. no harm no foul.

  • Yassine

    Could be any big fish but it reaaaaaaaallly does looks like a shark…

  • eddiea

    A squid.

  • Patrick Smyth

    That is a shark

    • Christopher Shields

      Definitaly some sort of fish, perhaps smaller shark.
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  • Grizzlyschepp

    Definitely a pec fin

  • Teddy Allen

    Almost fell for it!

  • Newmanium

    I take that back. It’s not a shark. If you pause it frame by frame you eventually see the guy at 0:06 legs.

    • tommy_one


  • Pro

    piece of garbage

  • http://shawnnolan.com Shawn Nolan Jr.

    @ :18 it looks like its dragging something… Whatever it is, its big…

  • cody

    Its the other surfer diving the wave that is paddling out at the top right of the video in front of kellys wave

  • http://instagram.com/Gunning4likes Bryce Gunning

    As much as i would like for it to be a shark, i think its the dude that just went over. The white could be his board splashing on the other side.

  • https://www.facebook.com/MarcosMoraSosa Marcos Mora Sosa.

    Looks to me like a Manta Ray

  • schizonerd

    A Shark no doubt. Take a tiger shark as a reference. It even had the light stomach.

  • Ellie

    Bottlenose dolphin, easy to tell. Pause at 18 seconds, white belly with a pec fin and you can even make out the eye.

  • Rick Chesler


  • Kit Monsen

    It corresponds to the guy who ducked under the wave, so most likely a guy.

  • JON

    A SHARK……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Its the other surfer out there. From the beginning of the wave look top right and you will see someone paddling. If you follow that paddling line it pretty much directly coincides with where he duck dived. And also part way thru you can see his feet kick out to complete the duck dive.

    • Toby

      I agree, at 0.13 you can just see the ripple made by the surfer duct diving and as he goes past you see the white bottom of the surfers board and the black legs of his wetsuit, slightly distorted by the movement of the water!

      • Chris

        yea at first i totally thought it was a fish, but i shoot water photography/surf almost daily and have had shots with people through the wave that looked like fish but i knew where people. You just have to know how the wave and water distorts the body

  • Stonaz

    is that a Quiksilver wetsuit? 🙂

  • Hutch

    or surfboard reflection of the guy we see duck diving when slates takes off?

  • Haento

    The dinner is serve on a board, That s a W Skkkk WTF.

  • Nummi

    LOL, put 1080p hd and full screen and you can clearly see that it is the reflection of Kelly himself….

    • boba frett

      haha! no way!

    • Zoe

      I agree i watched it a few times and it looks like its just a reflection.

    • dp

      hahahah not !!! its the surfer who can be seen paddling out at the beginning of the vid.

    • Jonny B

      waiit, i swear it looks like a shark 10x more in 1080

  • Sebastian

    That’s the dude with his surfboard who can be seen paddling out at the beginning of the vid. Due to the special lens of the Go Pro and its distortion the distance is tough to calculate

    • Chief_Mongo

      Nice catch. I agree.

    • Rooster

      Wrong, nice effort though. It’s just a reflection of Slater.

    • Nick

      How could a guy be swimming under water on his board next to a wave. Its clearly a shark. That guy in the beginning couldn’t of made it over the wave then swam himself and his board underwater.

      • Mort Winkler

        Duck dive, dude.

    • David

      Slater said it is the other surfer. The Go Pro lens and the non-intuitive way that light refracts at the air water interface make it difficult to judge.

  • DUH

    If it was his reflection it would of been there the whole time. Looks like a fish or stingray.

  • eddy

    pause at different frames @ 0:17 and you can clearly a large ray flapping.

  • Cac917

    If it was a shark it probably just wanted to see the legend up close.

  • Plínio Angeli Hokama Zukeran

    0:18 – looks like a blacktip shark !

  • maranda

    It’s another person you can see his legs.

  • Ooga nooga

    I swear it’s a mermaid!

  • Dumb People

    You see the damn surfer in the beginning of the video dive under the wave.

  • Alexander Villalobos Morsink

    It’s clearly a great white shark…..

  • Billy

    It’s quicksilver!! Trying to get Kelly back.

  • Peta

    Totally agree it’s a stingray / manta ray you can see it clearly

  • Elvis

    I can clearly see Marylin Monroe

  • Zelia Su

    omg its awesome!!!!!

  • jackmeade

    cownose ray or spinner shark.

  • http://surfeadorperuano.wix.com/wide-waves Alfredo

    Baby Manta Ray !!!!!

  • coco

    blatantly the wetsuit from the guy paddling out! would be sick if it was a shark though.

  • wtf

    check 4 secs and 9-11secs – its the same guy paddling back out from the inside…. paranoid much.

  • Fatasssurfer

    I’m pretty sure it’s a shark I thought I sa an eye

  • Rattlefish

    I saw the nose and dark black eye of the white shark just after the 16 second bit. Plus while it’s cruising there are clearly visible pectoral fins on the white under belly next to Kelly.

    • Mark

      the fins are the surfboard fins..

  • Degree33 Surfboards

    Guy on a board? Possibly, hard to imagine him hanging in the back of the wave. The white color is bright enough, the greyness of the legs makes it more likely it could be a shark.

    • Tim Pritchard

      Never seen a shark with legs, not even in Australia.

  • http://instagram.com/sassmo Sassmo

    Watch the darker ripples on the left of the screen and use them as a reference point for the other surfer. By using the reference points you can see that the spot where the surfer was directly corresponds with where the shadow appears in the wave. Also, if you pause it and go in slow motion you can tell that the white part is his board and the darker part that looks like it might be a pectoral fin is actually the other surfer’s leg.

    • Dre

      Yes agree, it looks like something long and thin like a board.


    Jimmy Hoffa . Come on people

  • Gregor_SantaCruz

    There is another surfer paddling out that is visible as kelly is taking off (see 0:06) and it is that surfer that you see through the back of the wave.

  • Edgar

    This is how you get to see the go pro add 100 times 🙂

  • Ando

    if it was the guy paddling out wouldn’t you seed the color of his hands? all i can see is black i think its a shark tbh

  • Zé Machado

    looks like a turtle to me…

  • Chris

    Looks really shallow. The guy sitting in the water down the line, he was probably lax going over the wave, checking the tube out and then realized, this wave is heaving under me, don’t want to go over the falls. S#$@! Cheese grater. Shark would have been cool though.

  • Degree33 Surfboards

    We shared this post and here’s one of the responses… “According to CNN it’s a piece of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight…” TOO SOON. Oh man!

  • matt

    i thnk its crazy how close the reef is, don’t dare fall in that

  • Chrissy Novotne

    Looks like a shark to me!!!

  • Piper Draconi

    It looks like a Manta ray to me.

  • Tyler

    Flight 370? Too soon?

  • Lee

    Its his reflection , see board then wetty then bald head ^^

  • Joseph LaMonica

    That was a f**** Great White Baby! Dude, I was wearing my glasses bro. I saw it for sure.

  • boulcut

    If it was indeed a white shark cruising around a crowded, shallow lineup , there would be plenty more evidence floating in the water than that.

  • Damo

    It’s the surfer from the start of the clip duck diving… Geez

  • Ricardo Prinzler

    it looks like a octopus !!!!!

  • Scully

    That’s defiantly malaysia flight 370!!!

  • mark

    So clearly the surfer who was paddling out..

  • Johnny Montana

    surfer in the first part of the video

  • MG

    It’s definitely a guy on his board, without the top of his wet suit.

  • Dean Cropp

    Yep.. It is the reflection of Kelly’s board.
    In an Underwater Cameraman and have seen this a number of times. Quite common on the west coast and a rising sun to see this sort of reflection.
    Dean Cropp.

  • john

    how is that a reflection… that is so obviously a shark!


    That’s definitely a sting ray! Pause it at the point where you can see it and look closely.

  • Danby

    It’s the surfer paddling out, couldn’t be more obvious. Haha

  • Izzy

    Looks like a sting ray or shark as you can see a fin or wing

  • Praesent Et Vivet

    I think this is not a shark, it’s another surfer.

  • Beau

    Ka-moho-ali’i had the power to take on the form of any fish

  • zed williams

    its a stingray

  • TT

    It’s Elvis, no question

  • Ryan

    It’s a cameraman with a gopro attached to a rod trying to get in on the 10k as well

  • Flaurenciaaa

    definitely looks like a surfboard duckdiving…

  • JDub

    If you pause right after the GoPro logo goes off at .05/.06 seconds, you see there’s 2 other people in the water. It looks like the one is on a surfboard for sure…the other could be on a sponge. Either way, it’s likely one of them…however, it certainly looks like something riding the curl in the opposite direction of the break with the shape of a sea turtle or stingray. If it’s not human, I’d bet on Stingray or Sea Turtle.

  • Ejjddj

    It’s the surfer that was in the top left corner.

  • http://www.warren4realestate.com Warren Nass


  • Alain

    It’s a plesiosaurus

  • Dylan Bibbs

    I just wanna know what song that is… THAT GUITAR IS SEX <3

  • shark
  • Malia

    It’s a Stingray

  • Tony

    It’s an Alien coming back to take kelly to his home planet

  • marc

    you are stupid, it is not a shark ffs get a grip!

  • zip congo

    big foot

  • stiffmeister

    Why does everyone care so much it’s just a fucking shark,who gives a Shit?

  • Elena Brand

    Could be a shark, or a stingray or manta ray.
    I think people need to deal with their shark phobias. Stop thinking like you’ve just seen Jaws — sharks are fish that swim in the sea like every other fish, and if everyone who’s ever seen a shark posted a video on the Internet you’d probably have trouble finding videos of anything else.

  • Hiram

    Shark!!!!!!!!! It wanted to give Kelly his 13 crown

  • Gstarr

    Pause and try and catch the frame that shows the eerie black eye….then the body of the land lord takes shape from there. Not a leg thats a side fin homie!

  • Citizenofhawaii

    Lawlz, you can see the guy duck diving when kelly takes off… It’s another surfer.

  • Kai

    No question that is clearly a shark. You can see fins and grey/white body parts. How would a surfer even get in that position and move like that

  • Brielle O’Hara

    What I really want to know is what does Kelly Slater think about this?? He was the one out there yet I can’t seem to find anything about what HE saw, just speculation from everyone else! where are the interviews??

  • bkt

    Clearly a surfer wearing a shark suit on a surfboard