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NYC Bans the Boogie

No bodyboarding allowed in the Big Apple

| posted on August 19, 2014
Not even you, Jude Law.

Not even you, Jude Law.

And you thought the war against bodyboarding was over in the ’90s. This past week, the New York City parks department banned bodyboards on all New York City beaches. The city declared bodyboards to be, officially in the eyes of the law, “flotation devices,” and for some reason, flotation devices are not welcome at the beach. Which, alright, but, I mean, surfboards float and they’re devices too and they’re just fine by the NYC Parks and Rec. This isn’t the first time a major U.S. city banned bodyboards. Once upon a time Chicago had the same silly law, but has since opened their arms to anyone core enough to kick into freezing one foot Lake Michigan surf on a boogie.

The law seems to be a result of some boogie boarding-kids getting swept out to sea during Hurricane Bertha. The Parks department didn’t like that, so, assuming that the three-foot hunks of foam are encouraging people with no ocean skills to get in over their head, they’ve ended the fun for all kinds of kids who just want to frolic in the summertime Atlantic. It’s a head scratcher.

  • JF

    I am not a fan of creating laws to protect people from themselves. Laws are supposed to protect people from being victims, not to protect people from being stupid.

  • Remnar

    Fucking stupid. People should be allowed to endanger their lives in any fun way they want to.

  • Anonymous

    its a question how to enforce it.

    • Art

      They will make the lifeguards enforce it on guarded beaches. Which turns them into he bad guy when they have to tell some 6 yr old they can’t play with the boogie board

      • FakeName

        They actually have parks dept staff riding around on ATV’s on the sand blowing whistles at people that are not complying with the rules in the water. I watched a friend take out a raft (or “flotation device”) in a “surfing area” when there was no waves and not a single person surfing, and proceed to get whistled in to the shore and asked to leave the entire beach. When he refused they rev’ed their motors and drove off full speed.



  • Hawaiian hole

    Insane, hopefully NYC surfers and the like can stop this ruling! Damn auto correct on da name.

  • Ian

    I wonder what it’ll take to get SUPs banned in California?

    • Tom

      why do you want to ban SUP ?

      • nyintensity

        Because he’s a self-centered douche that can’t stand seeing other people enjoying themselves.

        • John Jacob JingleHeimer

          i’ve seen people get pretty messed up by those boards as a lifeguard… one guy even had his finger amputated by one… they are dangerous. but so are boogies because people take them too far out and i have to go rescue them and bring them back in.

        • John Jacob JingleHeimer

          but on the other hand, many of my fellow lifeguards use SUP’s as a workout and take them out often. its all about whether or not you’re experienced on them

      • Rico

        Because SUPs are generally ridden by fat self centered kooks with no regard for other people?

        Because SUPs are dangerous in crowded lineups?

        Because SUPs allow poor sufers to catch waves well before they break and then have trouble steering the huge board, creating a millise for anyone in the way?

        Because SUPs aren’t cool at all and should be shunned from society?

        • hewhofishes

          SUP’s are fun for the people on them – not the people they annoy which is everyone who has to hear/see them.

  • Leucadlover

    NYC shame on you! I thought you had more brains. Better get that repressive law changed. This couldn’t have been the work of the public, more like the sneaky old hater dinosaurs at it again.

  • KellyCurtis

    You liberals elect these nanny state progressives so you have no reason to complain. Do as they say, not as they do. And they know whats best for you. God forbid you act like a free American adult who is in charge of their own life and go boogy boarding while drinking a 22oz soda.

  • Bill Bennett

    So what I take away from this is if you boogie board AND drink a BIG GULP at the same time you’ll have 2 of the 3 strikes needed to make you a career criminal ? ? ? lol

    • Remmy700P

      Yep. Boogie-boarding and drinking a Big-Gulp while armed will get you life in prison in NY.

  • Happy Camper

    I’m 50+ female and I wouldn’t know what to do without my boogie board! Banning floatations devices at the ocean what’s next? Sunscreen?

    • Art

      No offense, but if you can’t swim in the ocean without a boogie board you shouldn’t be allowed out past waist deep.

      • Jagster

        no offense but she should be allowed to go where she wants…. good idea? maybe not but i fought for her to have her freedom

        • hewhofishes

          well she has the freedom to drown too

          • http://momentumvirtualservices.com Maxine McCollister

            You are a douche bag for saying that.

      • hewhofishes

        exactly – I see you guarded as well

  • Art

    From a lifeguards perspective I couldn’t agree more on the ruling. Over 50% of my rescues during my 7 years where kids (and adults) that didn’t realize they were getting sucked out. The first thing most of them do When they do realize is get off the board and it becomes a potential drowning.

    On the flip side, this law is stupid nanny state bullshit. If someone wants to go out on a boogie board (body board) and has no clue how to swim but thinks they are just gonna slap Poseidon in the face and be fine THATS ON THEM! ( or he parents).

    • John Jacob JingleHeimer

      only 50% i’d say my experience is like 80-85% hell, we could downsize half our staff if this happened at our beach hahaha.

  • surfjac

    If people can fish in the State or City Parks, in fact, if ANY user-group can enjoy their particular pastime in the park, then ALL user groups can! NYC cannot blatantly discriminate like that. It’s a class-action suit waiting for an eager young lawyer!

  • Trebor Tuhalb

    hey, we get more than 1 foot surf on lake michigan. i am a ways north of chicago, closer to milwaukee, but we get 6 and 7 footers, admittedly, that water is pretty cold and the ‘ surf” is kind of mushy but we do get some big days

  • wolf larsen

    share your comments and concerns directly: Rockaways Administrator Jill
    Weber Jill.Weber@ Parks.NYC.Gov and (718) 318-4000.

  • Phred

    I’m an avid bodyboarder from SoCal; no-surf zones are generally open to swimmers and bodyboarders, and I’ve noticed the local lifeguards go after all swimmers and bodyboarders when there are rips or other current situations. However, if a bodyboarder has fins (like me), they leave us alone, just like the surfers. The assumption is that a finless bodyboarder is no more capable — if as capable — of survival in challenging conditions than a “mere” swimmer, and from what I’ve observed, that’s probably true. Could this be what NY is reacting to?

  • Noah Justin Brooks

    Leave it to the insecure, scumbag surfers to of course use a very unflattering bullshit photo of someone who isn’t a bodyboarder, in a yet another desperate attempt to keep bodyboarding down. You surfers are fucking fags

    • Jagster

      cry much?

      • Paul Barrington

        Noah.. im sure you can still find a few empty waves at some heaving death slab that you shark biscuits so adore.. The guards there will probably layer the sand in rose petals and let you fuck their wifes due to the fact that you are riding a brightly colpured lump of foam shit..
        Who give a toss about sponging, its not like anyone actually cares apart from tourists who cant swim and they cant drive cars properly or use the reverse gear so they shouldnt be allowed to leave their homes anyway.
        Also im from england where we invented the language and probably invented surfing.. its just Americans wanted to claim it with some hawaiian nonsense.. Everyone here knows George II had the sickest backhand ever.. He used it when the great fire of london was on to throw buckets of spray onto the burning children..
        Also 99% of Americans wont understand this as humour.. Aussies probably will.

    • http://momentumvirtualservices.com Maxine McCollister

      Well said. !! I certainly think I look cool on my body board 🙂 haha

  • Rodrik Snow

    There are still 17577864363788474 beatches in the word,so fuck NYC.Bodyboarding <3

  • Jordan Carlos Jones III

    Copied from earlier post:Pleaseshare your comments and concerns directly: Rockaways Administrator Jill
    Weber Jill.Weber@ Parks.NYC.Gov and (718) 318-4000.

  • Obri

    NYC sucks anyway..plenty of other boogie friendly beaches anyway

  • simrdown

    Way to put your lobbying dollars to work surfer magazine.

  • no shit

    Why are they blaming the boogie boards for the children getting swept out?? Where were the parents that are supposed to be SUPERVISING the children?? So instead of parental negligence, lets just blame the boards

  • Billyboy

    NYC sucks

  • Jay Reale

    Incredible bullshit. Typical east coast knee-jerk reaction (and I grew up on the east coast). The easiest way around this is to require bodyboarders (Boogie Board is a trademark owned by the Morey Boogie Brand who’s parent company is Wham-o) to wear swimfins ON CERTAIN DAYS ONLY WHEN THE SURF IS DEEMED LARGER THAN NORMAL. There are plenty of incompetent folks out on $90 Costco Surfboards that have way less business being in the water than an accomplished bodyboarder.

  • Josh Wayt

    It’s called Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest!!!

  • SFX