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Mind-Blowing Fall Recovery

Is this the ultimate fall-to-bodysurf-to-recovery ever?

| posted on August 04, 2014

If wiping out is an art, this recovery is a masterpiece of Picasso proportions. Mikey Wright, kin of World Tour stars Owen and Tyler, does what appears to be the ultimate fall-to-bodysurf-to-recovery ever. After pearling on his second turn, his board pops through the lip only to be pulled back into the wave by his leash. Then, through a combination of whitewash, physics, and luck, it plops down right in front of where he’s bodysurfing, allowing for a clean mount back onto it.

This isn’t the first incredible fall recovery at a left point. A couple months back, Ramon Navarro had a similar logic-defying wipeout. But we must say, Mikey Wright’s is slightly more impressive because he’s able to continue pumping down the line after whereas Ramon’s wave closes out.

Watch – Ramon Navarro’s Fall Recovery

Watch – Mikey Wright surfs finless in This Week In Webclips

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  • Michael

    Hmmm. Why is it video of a video playing instead of just the original footage?

    • CJ

      Everyone knows its easier to take a video of a video and upload it and post it, rather than just posting the original. Just makes sense.

  • steve the horse

    fake, notice the speed ramp is choppy, bad post production

  • Mark Gregory

    This is the move that will win the next US Open.

  • Bobby

    Still really cool tho.

  • Flaurenciaaa

    quite an entertaining fake. i saw what I think is the jump cut! and im pretty sure the surfboard’s last little fly in the air was added in post…

  • Priyal Kiramage
  • Gabe Bain

    so fake.

  • colbag

    oh and final cut just happens to be open….

  • Timmyvtard

    its not fake retards

  • j

    Seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems, nothing else will. God Bless.