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Sandspit’s Wave of the Swell

Hurricane Marie even snuck swell into Santa Barbara

| posted on August 28, 2014

Santa Barbara in the summer is normally a desolate wasteland. Well, for surf anyway. Not this week. Not with Hurricane Marie’s sexy SE swell direction wrapping into SoCal, charming her way past the Channel Islands, slipping surf underneath their typical summertime stonewalling.

Local Gabe Venturelli (Ed’s Note: the surfer’s name was unknown at first) scored himself what just may be the wave of the swell, at Sandspit, of all places, which opened up even hollower than normal, thanks to that once-in-a-decade swell angle. Photographer Chris Burkard was on hand to gawk at this wave in person. “This guy got barreled all the way across the sandbar—I could hear people hooting and hollering all the way to the pier. People are saying it’s the best wave they have ever seen there.”

  • Gunther

    Last time I saw it like this was in 83 bigger longer and better. “Gunther signing out”

    • Shimsham

      the surf or your wang?

  • Pat Downs

    He’ll be watching this video for years!

  • Goleta loke

    Nice video capture Tony Modugno!

  • Woody

    His name is Gabe Venturelli.

  • max

    its private video now? lame

  • nic

    It says the video is private….

  • Michael Soule

    Why is the video private?

  • Christian Enns

    epic day

  • James F

    why no videographer credit, Justin Housman? Tony Modugno shooting, and Gabe Venturelli surfing.

  • Tom Schick

    Wow! Unreal!!

  • Mark

    Must have been a few pleasant surprises in south- facing SB during this swell…

  • Adam Mels

    To the kooks paddling for it and pushing over sections…You can see he’s locked and loaded in the pit right? Be a man, paddle to the peak and go get your own you shoulder hoppers! This has been a public service announcement thank you.

    • Aaron

      Couldn’t agree more – shoulder prowling kooks almost ruined what may be the best wave of his life. So stoked for this guy – luckily he held his line, dug in his toes and dodged the chandeliers.

  • Mike Scott

    20-25 foot ? …10-15 foot !

  • RUSH

    Now Gabe I have “known” you since HS and you didn’t claim at all back then(especially on the Gaviota Coast(NOT HR)…..let’s FORGET this one…..cause it’s hideous. Incredible wave that day. Lucky you, well ridden tho;).