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Laird Hamilton Shoots Malibu Pier

Yeah, the swell is hitting alright

| posted on August 27, 2014

And all is again right with the world. Used to be, a massive, once-in-a-decade swell would show up to pound a reef or sandbar somewhere, and there, swooping out of the heavens to ride the biggest wave of the day, would be Laird Hamilton, astride a futuristic tow board or some enormous surf ski contraption that the rest of the world had long since forgotten.

Hurricane Marie is baring her teeth right now at Malibu, and just before dark yesterday, Laird was there to SUP into a beaut, high-lining it across first point, all the way through the pier. Possibly, he didn’t even notice the pier. Also, equally possible, he was riding a pier piling.

After this wave, Laird ascended back to the galactic realm of infinity to resume his role as Silver Surfer.

Watch: Drone Footage of Surfer Shooting Malibu Pier

Photos: Swell Pounds California

  • Wide Angle


  • Kook City USA

    Anyone ever notice that besides his charging huge waves, Laird Hamiltion is kind of a kook?

    • Fred Hasson


    • Leo

      was able to watch Laird charge Teahupoo, #laird certainly does not fall into the kook category my friend.

  • kaos

    what a shit article. not to mention all the lairds ball’s liken.

  • dropkick


  • Jackie


  • http://www.nakedvikingsurf.com Naked Viking Surf

    He paddled over from Maui just in time to sweep into that one.

  • her mother

    hey surfer – maybe edit out the last 15 seconds of lurking on that young girl?

    • slaterhater

      why? its more interesting than anything laird hamilton does.

      • Richard Hartley

        Yeah, Laird’s water exploits are pretty dull. How was Teahupoo for you this year, shredder?

      • FredHasson

        Haters gonna hate.

    • Michael Pannone

      No No No, the cameraman was checking his white balance…the light was changing…the move was all about the tech…

    • barnacle

      She’s mid twenties, youngest

    • her father

      hey wife – maybe chill out a bit?

  • thisstinksagain!!

    Please….he’s no Silver Surfer…dumb!

  • Split

    What a bunch of kooks! “he shot it” Woohoo! L.A go home!!! Agreed… nice ass! best part of the vid

  • JSavos

    this post. classic.

  • http://www.lemonparty.org/ IJR

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhh bra

  • surfsection.com

    Love the wave, especially how he regained it after a near stall halfway through. Nice booty capture.

  • Kahuna

    Does anyone know the brand of boardshorts Laird was wearing at malibu (red and black with stripes on one leg)?

  • J wiley

    Love the shorts (red and black with stripes on one leg). Does anyone know the brand brand. Where can I purchase them? Thanks Stoked!

    • Dave

      sounds like Hurley – Block Party

  • rberkes
  • translatork

    white balance doesn’t need to be checked on someone’s behind … gross and uncalled for.