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See You In The Lineup, Kelly Slater

Quiksilver bids adieu to their 23-year union with The Champ

| posted on April 03, 2014

In case you live under a rock, Kelly Slater recently announced that he’ll no longer be sporting the iconic red and white Quiksilver logo. After a 23-year partnership that spanned 11 world titles, 54 World Tour victories, and countless other accolades, there’s sure to be some heartfelt reminiscing on what once was by both parties. Quiksilver released this video following the announcement as a look back on the happy, the sad, and just about everything in between. Don’t get too choked up; Slater probably has another 20 years left in the tank to further, as Quiksilver put it, lift the sport.

  • Amit

    wow incredible to think that it was actually not an April’s fools after all..
    good luck to kelly and to quiksilver!!

  • Stand Up and Paddle

    Is it weird that feel sad over the end of a sponsership deal?

  • flow surf and skate

    An amazing role model and ambassador for our way of life. A lot of ‘professional’ sports stars could learn a lot from King Kelly.

  • ichorousmedia .

    best part is it comes not long after they fired almost all their team riders. who are they gonna throw their money at now?

    • MR_CPTN

      they’re broke, who do you see wearing Quik? The new CEO fired everyone.

  • loves2surf

    Really impressive to watch Slater evolve into a highly conscious human being. The surfing world is lucky to have him as a leader.


    I’m not sure if Quik didn’t have that Hurley/Nike money to keep him, or if he really did want to do something fulfilling. My guess is he lives humble, he has enough money, now its time to follow his other passions outside of the sponsorship duties. When GoPro becomes the new giant in surfing and has Kelly along for the ride (with a very handsome salary), why not just go film the rest of your life in perfect barrels? Good work Kelly thanks for being an inspiration over the last 25 years. I look forward to more!

  • Stay focused on the basics

    been interesting to read all the speculation about people trying to get
    into his head, understand motives etc. I won’t go there, but I am
    curious to see the effect that this has on the Brands philosophy’s about
    how they approach the market and surfing community in general. Lately
    (last few years) the brands have pushed a stronger corp shareholder
    agenda. There’s been some localized backlash to that. At the end of the
    day we care about surfing, that’s it. Pure and simple. Diverge to far
    from the core of what drives the market and there’s bound to be

  • kauaistyle

    see ya has been company … astonishing slater continues, no need relic representation. he shimmers on!!!

  • Mak97

    Top man ;-).

  • Mak97

    Well done Kelly.

  • PiB

    like a journo told me a while back, kelly doesnt like stupid people. he has my vote !

  • Colin Durie

    From a child who was once scared to surf 4 ft waves to a man who has redefined the sport on the competition level…….regardless of the reason……be happy!!! let the departure of a partnership be a blessing. NOW…….this is the time to truly see what Kelly has to offer to the sport. Sponsorship and accolades aside…….This is Kelly’s time to truly shine!! Rip shit up…….Crank it out loud!!!!