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Kama The Surfing Pig

Easily the best of his kind

| posted on August 06, 2014

Kama, the world’s best surfing pig, is at it again. This time with his very own GoPro clip. Turns out Kama isn’t a fan of small waves, which makes sense because after all, he is Hawaiian. According to his owner, Kai Holt, Kama’s technique has improved so much so that when he starts to pearl he automatically shifts his weight back on the board. Sounds like his world’s best surfing pig title isn’t changing hooves anytime soon.

  • Golden Coast !

    Down ass pig bro

  • http://www.emmazenfoundation.com Debra Jo Chiapuzio

    I LOVE IT!!! Pigs can do anything!!! From Baby Banks the Biker Pig!! http://www.facebook.com/thezenzoo

  • Marc Whitman

    Awesome! Pigs are so smart. And now, obviously, pigs are fun tandem surfing partners.

  • Guilherme Lirio

    Pig Rider!!!