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Jamie O’Brien Doubles Up at the Wedge

Soft Top to shortboard to closeout on dry sand

| posted on August 27, 2014

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Jamie O’Brien decides to bust out a board transfer on a massive set at The Wedge. Big board, to little board, to big barrel.

  • hotdog

    still a kook

    • hotdogs a bitch

      You’re a hotdog bitch

  • hajnod

    Funny stuff!

  • hajnod


  • hajnod


  • John Deesel

    Fuck yes

  • Jeff

    what’s the point?

    • Drew Peacock

      to have fun…. the same reason people should surf

  • Chuck Berry

    He wanted to break two boards on one wave?

  • Patrick

    Nice! But what’s the point?

    • LosttsoL

      Same reason people climb mountains. He can say he did it.

    • Mike

      Easier to catch the wave on the big board…transfer the the smaller one for maneuverability

  • Surfer Rick

    Does there need to be a point? He did it and I’m sure with some self satisfaction.

  • Johnny_Utah_Bitch

    Dude is the best… Has fun, doesn’t give a shit about contests or what people think. Truly just living the dream. #JOB

  • JOBsuchatool

    what a douche. that board could’ve knocked someout out, including himself.

    • Lady Laird

      Foamies don’t kill people. People on SUPs kill people.

    • fire3


    • Daryl Smitts

      youz the douche!

    • Crispin Glover

      Theres always a possibility that you can be knocked out every surf session you participate in. You sound like a jealous kook? Did JOB smash your girl?

  • GoAwayLib

    Dude’s a legend!

  • Marlon Fuentes

    Fun! But definitely cray cray. haha.. I like how he just tucked in at the end! ha

  • fire3

    love how he rides into the barrel
    like a boss