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A Human-Powered Wave Pool

New Indonesian surf discovery three hours from the sea

| posted on March 05, 2014

More news on the wave pool front. A guy named Fred has been building small-scale wave machines since 2008 and posting the results on his YouTube channel. He started with a machine powered by a truck, which made the most perfect tiny wave that anybody’s ever seen. And now he’s unleashed video of his newest creation: a human-powered wave pool. The waves are small and they are crumbly, but they’re perfect for beginners, and the kids testing out Fred’s little pool are having as much fun as is humanly possible. The location is smack dab in the middle of West Java, nowhere near the coast, so who knows if these kids have ever even been to the beach.

  • james

    hi, this a great article

  • Pat

    Cool for sure, but why don’t they ride their real waves??

  • Pat

    haha, nevermind, just watch the following video. they are 3 hours from the coast.

  • Scott

    So, how much to build one of these in my backyard in Texas? Haven’t been able to surf since I moved from Florida.

  • Jack

    Where is it? I live in Jakarta

  • Ed