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Hoverboard A Reality

No, you're not dreaming

| posted on June 18, 2014

This is it everyone, the pinnacle of human technological achievement. All these hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have brought us to this moment. Man can finally strap in to a wakeboard, which is hooked up to an enormous firehose, which in turn is connected to a nearby Jet Ski, all of which blast the rider tens of feet in the air—noisily, I imagine—there to perform any number of…maneuvers, I guess we’ll call them. Surfers, skaters, snowboarders, anybody who’s ever seen Back to the Future 2, we’ve all wondered: When will there be sweet-ass hoverboards to ride? Oh, how that question has been answered, in the strangest way possible.

  • KellyCurtis

    MMA is now the second lamest sport, rollerblading is holding on to number three.

    • BoogyManta

      Don’t act like that doesn’t look fun as fuck

    • barney

      @Kelly MMA is the 2nd lamest sport? You say cause you secretly get turned on by it.

  • Andreas S

    are you joking me?? Rolerblades is the lamest sport ever invented, and the scooters is the 2nd if you ask me. this was fucking awesome!

    • Matt


  • Zionet Radiophonica


  • 204s

    Please bring this to trestles hahaha

  • basically flyboarding

    This is the same as a flyboard basically


  • John McMaffey

    MMA is great for weeding out the dumbest in society and letting them cull out the ultra dumb.

  • http://blainejeffery.com/ Blaine Jeffery

    I highly recommend you get out and Flyboard and Hoverboard once because it’s incredibly fun and easier than you think. If you’re interested in learning more about the Hoverboard I did an interview with Franky Zapata for H2RO Magazine http://www.flyboardmagazine.com/franky-zapata-hoverboard/