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Flood Surfing in Switzerland

Fast-moving water creates a powerful standing river-wave

| posted on July 24, 2014

When you live in a landlocked country, surfing becomes much more complicated than driving to the nearest beach and paddling out. For these surfers in Switzerland, flood surfing presents the perfect opportunity to get in the water without venturing beyond their borders. Earlier this week, fast-moving water in the Thur river granted such a situation by creating a powerful standing wave. Although surfing in rivers is by no means unheard of, the setup of this wave creates a tight pocket capable of generating a considerable amount of speed off the bottom before doing a relatively decent top turn. It’s not without its dangers though. As if you are in a video game, dodging large pieces of debris (0:23) seems to be a part of the experience.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.26.46 AM

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    We got some pretty amazing river waves here in the alps … stoked seeing river surfing exploding all over the world. Check out vids, pics and stories on river surfing at http://riverbreak.com ALOHA!

  • Andreas Santarsieri

    We’re also waiting for a wavegarden here, but it’s difficult … politics … space … money … Check out http://waveup.ch

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