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Drone Footage of Malibu

This is how you shoot the pier

| posted on August 27, 2014

Sorry, Laird Hamilton. But piers are best shot without a paddle in hand, so we must say this one of Allen Sarlo takes the cake. For now. With Hurricane Marie currently blessing the California coastline with solid swell, expect to see more pier shooting and photos of waves that don’t look like they belong in the Golden State.

Watch: Laird Hamilton Shoots Malibu Pier

  • http://www.thismeansmar.com Mar!

    It’s Alan Sarlo c’mon guys!!

  • Oatesfloats

    That paddle back out tho

  • Mr. Roach

    Love it.

  • Steven Muir

    First you take a cheap shot at Laird, then Cali. Are u sitting in a cubicle in New Jersey Cali Dreamn’; Tommy Pearson?

    • Chachi

      He was referencing the pipeline esque waves at Newport. Be real


      Oh come on… Don’t call it Cali please!!!

  • http://www.nakedvikingsurf.com Naked Viking Surf

    Sarlo is the man.

  • Msweaver22

    Great footage. Shot by Dual Hemisphere. Nice work guys.

  • Ari

    what incredible footage!!!

  • RPratt

    Where is Cali?????I’ve live in Calif. all my life, 59 years. I’ve never called it Cali once!

    • Marcelo

      feels like you just did bubba

    • Susysurf

      Who cares?? I hope that’s the worst thing that happens to you all day.


    Thank you, That was Great!!!! One of the greatest surf days ever!!

  • Rob White

    Lush! Now all we need is someone to risk flying their drone behind the surfer, through the pilings!
    (Oh, and if it’s not too much to ask; the rider HAS to smash the closeout!).

  • KR from Cali

    To quote Laird “You have a single fin mentality”. Surfer Mag is obviously bias against stand up, but why. It’s here to stay, so get over it and show some respect. I noticed you didn’t use the video of Alan and Laird shooting the pier together. Respect is earned and it shouldn’t matter what board they are on. No respect for you bruddah.

  • Stephen Barrand

    We’ve pretty good surf over in the UK the last few days – check out west coast surf https://www.facebook.com/pages/West-Coast-Surf-Shop/201563109294

    The pier footage is great as is Laird’s. Doesn’t matter what you ride as long as your enjoin it!

    Yep I am Cali dreamin!!

  • Alohajonny

    Wow awesome

  • http://www.pfessorguus.com P’fessor Guus

    Truly Amazing !! Thank you !!!! :)~

  • bob

    Which is why I. Wear a helmet. Today. When goin out.

  • Stacey

    Love it…what is the music in the video?

  • 8882

    Nice riding!

  • #surfingsucks

    too bad Sarlo is a dick

  • Danny V

    Laird’s shoot was way more technical and on a much bigger wave. At least Laird stayed in the section while shooting the pier not running out on the shoulder and shooting from 10 yds in front of the peak.

  • Alex Montoya

    Beautiful Malibu. Where have you been?