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Dolphin Collision

The friendly marine mammal slammed into a bodyboarder off the coast of Australia

| posted on March 17, 2014

An Australian bodyboarder spent his 27th birthday in horrible fashion. While surfing south of Sydney, a dolphin slammed into his back, causing him extreme pain and ripping off his wetsuit. The bodyboarder was airlifted to a hospital and reportedly has no broken bones, just some internal bruising.

  • Keanu808

    Hahaha that’s really funny

    • MattTheOneLeggedDude

      Ya know, us one-legged dudes have no other choice but sponges. Sponges don’t maim dolphins, idiots maim dolphins.

  • Keanu808

    Serves him right for boogie boarding

  • Dave

    Shouldn’t drop in on the locals… (hope he recovers)

  • Fart Man

    Dolphins attacking spongers…Dolphins just got a lot cooler.

  • Bodysurf

    I wonder who had inside.

  • Seth Schechter

    How’s the poor dolphin doing?

    • sludgepickle

      Please don’t tell me you value animals more than humans…you’re kidding right?

      • Seth Schechter

        of course…Not

  • Vicente Fictício Cruz

    Came here to check the “racist” comments on the bodyboarder. Simple minds will always be predictable.

    • Keanu808

      maybe you should be checking boogie boarding sites instead..

      • Keanu619

        funny, douche

        • Keanu808

          it is funny. just like boogie boarding. hahhahaha

        • Keanu808

          whats a funny douche?

      • Vicente Fictício Cruz

        I check whatever sites I want! I check your mother webcam show everynight and it is very good!

  • surfintheweb

    lol remember the simpsons episodes where the dolphins started killing people?lol

    • Keanu808

      not as good as the southpark episode; ” fuck u dolphin!”

  • Enrique Bertran

    send the dolphin to PR

  • Drew Peacock

    D’ya think it hit him by accident, or on porpoise?

    • Pew Dreacock


  • Ross Collins

    Even dolphins hate boogers…as if you needed another reason not to ride one

  • Come On

    Shitty click-bait. Shame on you Surfermag