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Customs’ Quiver

Brazilian customs seizes Adriano De Souza's boards

| posted on May 07, 2014

Adriano posted this image on Instagram. His sign reads “Where are my boards?”

Adriano De Souza began the Billabong Pro Rio without some of his most trusted sleds. In the days leading up to the start of the Rio event, Adriano had some of his boards seized by Brazilian customs and was forced to surf his Round 1 heat today on a backup board. He lost to Tiago Pires.

Brazil limits imports to $500 to help combat the country’s rampant black market. However, athletes traveling with equipment are normally exempt from the rule. But apparently an “associate” was traveling with Adriano’s boards and that’s why they were seized. De Souza’s quiver could have been released if he had paid a fine, but he refused to do so.

“He would have to pay taxes, but he didn’t pay taxes and left,” Roberto Limeira, a customs official told Bloomberg. It’s unclear what will happen to Adriano’s boards.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time that Adriano has had a run-in with customs. In 2012, authorities seized his trophy from his win at J-Bay. It took him four months to get it back.

  • Christopher Connolly

    Well, I guess he showed them….. Uh.

  • Eric

    Brazil should seize that wave, and never allow ASP comps there again…ever. That would really show the rest of the World. I would take a hard stand by never watching a contest in worthless slop again as a protest.

  • cpdesign1

    Many South American countries’ customs are corrupt and often shakedown people who try to retrieve their seized belongings. Adriano is just trying to put pressure on customs using the media. Also, like it or not, the ASP contest won’t ever leave Brazil. The ASP is a business. Brazil is a huge emerging market and all of the sponsors know it. When the competitors started skipping it a few years ago the ASP simply moved it up in the schedule.