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Coco Ho Goes Nude For ESPN

Footage of the World Tour star baring all for the Body Issue

| posted on July 08, 2014

As part of their annual Body Issue, ESPN The Magazine featured photos of one very nude Coco Ho surfing in Hawaii. Since 2009, the magazine has been running tastefully shot nudes of some of the world’s most esteemed athletes, including Olympians, football players, and soccer stars. Surfers have been a part of the mix for some time with the likes of Slater, Steph Gilmore, and Maya Gabeira all ditching their clothes for the publication. In 2009, when the Body Issue first hit newsstands, it sold double the amount of copies of a standard issue.

The photos of Coco aren’t overly revealing, but showcase a young athlete in her physical prime. (Read: nope, no full frontal.) From what’s been released so far, there’s a video going behind the scenes of the shoot and a few photos leaked by ESPN.

Slater was featured running nude through a grassy field (true story) a few years back. Steph Gilmore posed nude on the beach for the magazine the following issue, and in 2012, big-wave surfer Maya Gabeira went au naturel as well.

While the leaked images from the shoot have been making their way around for the past few days, Coco recently posted this on her Facebook: “I’m proud and honored to be included in this year’s edition of ESPN’s Body Issue. Thanks to ESPN The Magazine for the opportunity. The mag hits newsstands this Friday…I just need to figure out how to keep it away from my dad!”

Coco Ho joins Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, and Maya Gabeira as surfers who have posed naked for ESPN. Photo: ESPN Body Issue/Maassen

Coco Ho joins Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, and Maya Gabeira as surfers who have posed naked for ESPN. Photo: ESPN Body Issue/Maassen

  • Rudi Bergner


  • Peter Brush

    its not really nude if parts of the body are blurred out. personally i don’t give a shit as i have no hangups about nudity or private bits. but to make a thing about nudity and then blur it? well its not really nudity, its actually sensationalization and exploitation of the message and the people receiving it. it is perpetuating the use of the female form for titilation in my view.

    • François Landry

      you can’t go around and show nudity in the country where there is the most porn being watched.

      • fred rit

        the most porn being produce rather…

  • Zedi Smith

    Coco you can do this in the bahamas with me fer the rest of our life, lets get married under a coconut tree on the beach and surf nude fro the honey moon etc. etc. etc.

  • Gregt
  • brookrenwick

    Female surfers always have great bodies.

  • Mike

    ESPN’s Body issue has been a great thing. From the ancient Olympians until today,the nude body of an athlete at his or her peak has always been considered an achievement to be displayed proudly and it’s not overty pornographic,but more like living art.

  • fap

    fap fap fap

  • pavloz

    I don’t get it. Why does she feel the need to surf nude? Is it to showcase her surfing ability? Or for guys to not notice her surfing, but instead ogle her body and say things like, ‘Nice boobs’ or ‘Yeah, show me a little more of that ^%$^”. Perhaps there was a nice, fat pay cheque to sweeten the deal.

  • J

    What is the point of her surfing nude for ESPN, if it’s going to be blurred???? Did she just want the people at ESPN to see her nude??? I completely understand the whole “Surf naked”, thing! It’s great! I’ve done it many times. I guess maybe she just wanted people to know she was surfing naked, but didn’t actually want anyone to see her naked?? Then why invite a camera crew??? & no, I personally don’t really care either way about seeing her naked. Ha, however…I’m not completely opposed to it either!lol In all seriousness, I guess if I had to make a choice between watching beautiful, naked women surfing as opposed to clothed, beautiful, naked women surfing…the choice would be the latter!lol But that’s a whole different subject!lol Anyho, what’s up with the “Blur”??

  • a

    she is so ugly

    • casey jones

      she’s fucken beautiful you dick.

  • John M. Glennie

    I can appreciate a lovely painting in a gallery.

  • Ralph Sampson

    Every time I look at this I am expecting to get punched by a Ho brother

  • jeses fucking christ

    whats the fucking point of this shit if they blur it out?

    • Fabri

      right on bro

  • Dopey

    didn’t hear a word she said and it wasn’t on mute

  • Casey Jones

    When Cpt. James Cook and his European comrades first made it to Hawaii they outlawed surfing because the missionaries found surfing which at the time was done in the nude offensive…if those same pigs could only see how far we (surfers) have come…. Btw I’m 23 and I think Coco Ho is beautiful and talented. I’m glad the article leans way closer to artsy than perverted.

  • freerider

    As laid back as surfing is ,I think this was a bad choice for her, don’t know what her dad or brothers think about it or why they let her do it. ( I’m sure her dad does not approve). Chicks show so much today just in a bikini its hardly necessary to show more. Thinks its a horrible role model for young girls today. I think this will come back to haunt her in years to come, no matter how much they paid her. Peace…

  • OnePercenter

    Totally stupid and pointless.

  • Aaron

    0:55 and 0:56 Like when you see it

  • surfergirl

    As a twenty three yr old surfer and a woman, I do feel that Coco made a mistake in how this all played out. I have been a fan of the body issue since its inception. It is not a sexual portrayal of athletes. Rather a composition of the beauty of a well toned muscle and body. Coco’s pics were cheap. Their was no flex of her muscle and demonstration of tone. It was like they did a nude photo shoot of her surfing and tried to Disney it up with blurring. A profile shot of her carrying her board along the shore would have shown her physical conditioning and not made it look like.. OMG dont let them see my boobs..

  • ZachSwan

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Why bother shooting her surfing nude, then censoring out the nudity? Click-baiting Idiots.