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Christian Wach’s New View

A new perspective of a time-honored tradition

| posted on April 28, 2014

While GoPros are nothing new to surf videos, Christian Wach’s “New View” is something we’ve never seen before. The use of a custom mount on the tail of his 10′ longboard adds a unique dimension to the time-honored tradition of logging. The backwards take off at the 2:10 mark will take you for a spin as well.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    What is in his mouth, often see longboarders in photos with what looks like a bar of wax in their mouth – is it wax, if not what is it, and why?

    • Christian Wach

      Jimmy, It’s a remote controller for the GoPro! Starts, stops, even changes the shooting mode of the camera!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Cheers Christian, nice video!

  • Mike

    Outstanding, Christian; very innovative and great fun to watch!!