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True Grit

A salute to the strength and courage of quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer

| posted on September 05, 2013
Jesse Billauer, making the impossible possible. Photo: Gilley

Jesse Billauer, making the impossible possible. Photo: Gilley

In a collective way, we’re used to seeing Jesse Billauer now. We’ve seen him ride many waves over the years, but before we take his surfing for granted, let’s all pause for a minute. Let’s close our eyes and really think about this. Try to imagine the leap of faith—the unbridled courage—it must take to not only drop into, but ride a solid wave as a quadriplegic.

For over a decade now, Jesse has amazed us with his bravery and positivity. In the face of incredible daily challenges, Jesse has not only become a role model for others with spinal cord injuries, but a role model for all of us. So do what you can to help Life Rolls On, and hoist your schooner to the man that, with a little help from his friends, makes the impossible possible.

  • Happy Gilmore

    Jesse is awesome!

  • timboly

    Jesse is quadriplegic.

  • CB

    I not sure why when a person with a disabilitiy just tries to live a normal life it’s considered heroic or brave or courageous. Seems he’s just doing what any surfer would do in his situation – figure out how to keep surfing. What is he supposed to do, sit on the couch and weep all day?

    • EDK

      Bra, try getting worked on an overhead wave but not being able to use your arms or your legs to kick back to the surface…pretty scetchy I’d say. Lots of injured people do just give up…man even people with no excuse give up and sit on the couch and eat and slowly die. So for a guy to be charging at life when he can’t even move his limbs is pretty inspirational to me. You don’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it anymore.

  • Seth

    His courage and ability is truly inspirational!! We should all remember this the next time something insignificant ruins our day!!

  • Seth

    TO CB,
    I understand where you are coming from with your comment, but to clarify it’s considered courageous or heroic because it might be influential to someone else in his condition.

  • Michael Cornish

    So how does he get back to the surface on a decent wipeout?