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The Wedge, California

| posted on July 02, 2014
The Wedge. Photo: Gilley

The Wedge. Photo: Gilley

Photographer: Rob Gilley

Location: The Wedge

Specs: Canon EOS 50D; 400mm 5.6L; ISO 200; 1/1000th at f5.6

Comments: “Even with super-telephoto lenses, foreground or background can really help a photograph. Like surfing, correct positioning is the key to success.”

  • Pat Kelly

    where’s waldo?

  • altoon

    now that you point out where’s waldo it really makes the photograph much more interesting. he couldn’t give a rats ass what’s happening behind him.

  • Guacman

    Nasty shorebreak

  • Dennisph47

    This photo doesn’t look like The Wedge. The Newport Beach Wedge has a sandy beach and a left to right break.

  • Dennisph47

    The photo doesn’t look like “The Newport Wedge”. The Wedge has a sandy beach and a left to right break.

  • nutshell

    who said wedge is a left

  • Kevin

    Looks like photo taken from Corona Del Mar ( opposite side of harbor entrance ) . The wedge is just that , a wedge . Wave breaks of jetty , but there is also a right break that meets the left break to create the wedge .