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Jeff Clark ups the ante at Mavericks

| posted on September 18, 2013
Jeff Clark, stepping up to the challenge with his left foot forward. Photo: Gilley

Jeff Clark, stepping up to the challenge with his left foot forward. Photo: Gilley

Not long after Jeff Clark let the cat out of the bag, a beautiful Indian summer day came to Central California. The buoy heights had gone down, and no one was really thinking about Mavericks. The swell interval was still healthy and the tide was dropping though, so Jeff knew it was worth a look. So we grabbed the Zodiac, and motored out of the harbor and waited.

And waited.

Then, after close to half an hour, a beautiful two wave, 15-foot set rose from a sheet glass Pacific. Jeff smiled at us, waxed up, paddled out to an empty lineup, and dropped into a handful of flawless deep blue walls…switch foot.

Long live the king.

  • Tee Larkin

    JC is a legend and this is one of the reasons why!

  • soul

    King of what? King of sell-outs you mean. He’s not even the first guy to surf there. Just the first guy to sell the spot out. LAME LIVE JEFF CLARK!

    • Laid Back Matt Murphy

      Somebody had to do it, might as well be a local who cares about the spot and not some money grubbing outsider. Jeff has not made a fortune but he is rightfully associated with the name and the break. He surfed alone for years because nobody believed him. He turned all the Santa Cruz tribe on to the wave and the rest is history

  • dumpy

    15 feet?! hell his board is probably 9’0

    • haolegohome

      15′, hawaiian-style.

  • jimmy bean

    soul you are so unsoulfully lame!!

  • dp

    @ soul; dude what are you smoking? 1/jeff clark was the pioneer of the spot 2/ “lame live” is just piss poor english dude

  • kevin hale

    congratulations “soul” for establishing a new mark for uninformed, poorly-worded hatred.

  • Seth

    Jeff’s a CHARGER…..Soul’s not!!

  • surfcat50

    As if being riding it backside first wasn’t enough!

  • Captain Peace

    I met JC at his new shop (I miss the old one tho!) and he is just one hell of a nice guy on top of everything else… He’ll be showing his film with the Mermen 9/28 at Slim’s in SF. Maybe we’ll see you there soul?

  • In the know

    right on soul. You hit the nail on the head. Guy is a first class sell out. The whole coast in that area has completely blown up. Thanks Jeff. Guess you got a little larger balance in your check book. Oh, hey Jeff, remember the rocks you used to throw at outsiders at Ano. Didn’t know you were messing with the Power Squadron. Stay in Half Moon Bay with the little butt wigglers and your fellow SUP transplants to the area. Where’s Kinger when we need him. We all know Gilley is a kook.

  • Little

    I don’t really care who did what but watching the Santa cruz guys do whats been done there and now shane dorian, shawn dollar, and others change the way we look at big waves is pretty cool. 12ft really isn’t big anymore.

  • Richard Davies

    Freak of nature