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SURFER photographers on some of their favorite travel moments

| posted on April 20, 2014
Andy Irons, putting his boxer shorts through their paces. Photo: Childs

Andy Irons, putting his boxer shorts through their paces. Photo: Childs

Jason Childs

“This was the best day I have ever seen and ever shot at Keramas. I got there early in the morning on a low-ish tide and watched from the channel as an empty lineup pumped with fun, hollow waves. As the tide filled in it started to get bigger and better. Andy Irons turned up solo for a Billabong shoot, but the rest of the team was at another location, getting in an early surf, and—bummer for Andy—they had all the boardshorts for the boys to surf in. After a while, Andy couldn’t stand watching the waves pumping without a soul in the lineup any longer. So he paddled out in his black boxer shorts and tore the place apart (reminded me of Martin Potter back in his world title year surfing in the wetsuit shorts that were all the rage). Finally the Billabong crew turned up and one of the crew paddled out a pair of boardies for Andy. I scored a cover of Australia’s Surfing Life and spreads in SURFER and other mags of Andy ripping in his boxers!”

One of many plane rides to...wherever they were going. Photo: Glaser

One of many plane rides to…wherever they were going. Photo: Glaser

Todd Glaser

“The most recent trip I went on was a very memorable one. Kelly invited me last minute to come chase a swell at a place I knew nothing about. It was a super small crew: Kelly, Shane Dorian, and myself. It took us two days of traveling to get where we were going. Planes, boats, more planes and more boats. When we arrived, it was onshore and raining and the swell hadn’t really shown up yet. We woke the next morning and took a long boat ride to check another spot. When we got there, the wind was a bit too sideshore, the swell had a lump in it, and the tide was too high. Another couple of hours in a small skiff to the next spot had made us pretty tired and lowered morale a bit. But when we got to the next spot, we saw one set, then another, then another. The sun came out, the swell filled in, and the wind went from side-offshore to straight offshore. Kelly and Shane surfed a perfect right by themselves for six hours. There wasn’t another surfer around for miles. I was jumping up and down on the boat dancing and giggling like a school girl. The two of them put on a tuberiding clinic, pushing each other deeper and deeper. Kelly would get a wave, get two or three barrels, come out, then sit in the channel while Shane got the next one. It was a special day and one I will never forget.”

Welcome to the gun show. Photo: Burkard

Welcome to the gun show. Photo: Burkard

Chris Burkard

“After three years of planning a trip to the Kamchatka coast (Eastern shore of Russia) I found myself lying in my tent on a black sand beach. The beach was far from the city and the first few days we saw only a handful of local fisherman. Little did we know, this beach was a local destination on the weekend. One night we saw the first influx of locals hit the beach. In the distance, Euro techno music started as a muffle, but soon seemed closer, getting louder and louder. As a 4×4 SUV made its way over the dunes, I peeked out my tent just hoping not to be run over. No one wanted to leave their tent so we decided to do our best to fall asleep with all the commotion outside. I can only imagine the scene that took place that night, but we heard clanging bottles, gun shots, and techno music early into the morning. When we awoke, the beach was teeming with half-clothed local townspeople taking in the uncharacteristically warm weather. I walked to the top of the dune to check the surf only to see a family teaching their daughter how to fire a hand gun. The dad handling the ammo, the mom in her bra and panties firing rounds into the dunes, and the daughter patiently waiting her turn. I rarely go into a country expecting to see any preconceived stereotypes, but this scene was something I could only see happening in Russia. We decided to wait out the crowds that morning since the peak that we had been surfing the previous day was just beyond the dune being fired upon.”

  • whatevermaaan

    Chris Burkard are you whining?

    • Relax max

      ahh teaching a young child how to use a lethal weapon (intended to kill other people) at the beach…. is a bizarre scene, that’s the point. Quit whining maaan

  • whatevermaaan

    Good for them to teach their little girl how to defend herself.

    • Carl

      Defend her from what? Aliens? Thieves? In Europe, there are no guns allowed among regular citizens, and the homicide rates are very low as a result. Nothing compared to what is happening every day in America. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

      • BAllsack

        Russia is in Asia you tool

        • Carl

          No… really???

        • oharvey

          Actually only 3/4 is, the rest is geographically in.Europe. Carl has a point about gun ownership, just the USA is in denial about the facts!

        • Carl

          I don’t know what’s worst. You insinuating that I ignored the fact that Russia is on the Eurasian continent (of course it is, that’s not the issue!!!), or your other misinterpretation, insinuating that I actually think that Russia is in America…Who said that? Wasn’t it obvious that I was talking about the 2nd amendment? You haven’t read my post and didn’t get the issue raised here.

        • bibo

          and also North Europe you fool…

        • mayo

          I agree with Carl, & yes, russia is in Asia, but thats besides the point, thanks for the useless fact ‘ballsack’

      • Gardien

        you’re all right man… I completely AGREE…

    • Sancho Panzer

      A three year-old is more likely to kill her parents or herself with a gun than defend anything.

      • Ariel Martz

        Maybe not to defend herself but to but responsable with a weapon.

      • rwason

        She is clearly not 3


        Nice rant….do you have any stats on how many 3 yr. olds living with their parents, shoot them?

    • Pavlo

      No. At that age a little girl is not going to learn how to defend herself with a gun. She will only learn how to have nasty accidents at home or away with firearms.

    • cleanSooke

      Not sure about the “defending” part, but hopefully the parents are teaching her proper and safe gun handling. My dad had guns, and I was glad (when I became an adult) that he showed me how to use them, store them and safely handle them. I served in the military, and I have never owned a gun. BUT, my dad did and I knew how dangerous they were and learned to have respect for them at an early age.

      Pro/anti gun…w/e I say if you have them teach your kids to respect them.

  • Xa du 971

    It’s really stupid to learn to kill…. really typically US attitude…. always negative thing will be back in ur face, what…. !

    • reality

      They are in ruasia you idiot! Haha. What a racist cunt you are!!

  • Pacifics Edge

    True, we have a higher gun violence level, but overall, muggings, stabbing, deaths — those men raped that woman to India to death with an iron rod 4 feet long. You can’t ban the iron rods. The guns, the iron rods, Piers, didn’t do it, the tyrants did it. Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns, Fidel Castro took the guns, Hugo Chavez took the guns, and I’m here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! It doesn’t matter how many lemmings you get out there in the street begging for them to have their guns taken. We will not relinquish them. Do you understand?

    – Alex Jones on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, 1/7/13

    • Halver

      are you comparing India society with USA? wow… I thought you were the country of freedom !! I tell you Hitler use the guns, Stalin use the guns, Mao use the guns, Fidel use the guns, Chavez use the guns… and is for this a lot of people died. Keep your firearms if you want man but read a book sometimes ..

  • Dr. Ebongmann

    She clearly is older than three years old. The best way to instill responsible gun use is expose children to guns and their seriousness early. There are so many people that that see no point in a gun for their own life and therefore see no value in others owning a gun. While this is irresponsible to shoot guns around other people in a non confined setting, exposing a child to a weapon and how to properly use one is NOT a mistake

  • Maria de Lourdes

    You said you planned this trip for 3 years and you didn’t know what was going on in that place? Apart from that, I’m sure this can also happen somewhere else, not only in Russia as you stated. (the mom seems to be in her bikini…). Next time, check first, get informed and stay away from danger…

  • vince

    that is just crazy, a little girl with a gun, you shouldn’t be able to see that anywhere on the planet. Hope one day she gets crazy and shoot her parents, that’s all they deserve, assholes… Seen from france, it looks like a movie, it is just impossible…

    • Chase

      So because they’re teaching their daughter to shoot a gun responsibly you hope that she kills them… You’re severely fucked up in the head.

  • fishmastaflex

    Wow look at all these surfers and their opinions on gun control! Preach it surfer boy! You tell us your feelings over the internet, everyone will love your comments and change their own opinions because of the two sentences you just wrote.

  • Conan

    Never expected so many supposed surfers to be hoplophobes. Look it up, brainiac. It’s a tool, and learning to use tools is what separates humans from the beasties. Who, by the way, will be happy to take your lunch money and all your pretty toys if you don’t man up.

  • João Silva

    Jesus! Stop talking about the lady and the gun, I know it’s disturbing, but you look like sheeps saying “meeee” one after another. Just put a thumbs up on a comment that you agree and say something that, actually, is a bit different. You have an awesome pic on the top, comment about that, at least is a bit more positive.

  • babor

    defend? in Kamtchatka? you don’t really know where it is … this family is like all these american idiots using guns and defending its use and going to church every sunday… pathetic

  • JonDenise DillonRanta

    That is a cool story , Loved it ! and it sounds as if they did too!

  • JonDenise DillonRanta

    Reguarding , Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian “s Surfing trip …

  • Assman

    Big old ass right there