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Bridge to a reef break in Taiwan.

| posted on April 16, 2014
Taiwan. Photo: Gilley

Taiwan. Photo: Gilley

Photographer: Rob Gilley

Subject: The Bridge to Somewhere

Location: Taiwan

Image Specs: Canon EOS 1V, Kodak 100 VS, 20mm f4.0, 1/1000th at f6.3

Notes: “Possibly the most useful—and under-rated—lens in photography is a low-distortion, super wide angle (not a fisheye!). If you want to capture foreground, reveal layers, add visual tension, and exploit depth, this is the type of lens to do it with.”

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  • john

    I recently got a Canon 40mm 2.8 to be a short term replacement for my 50mm 1.4. Genuinely my favourite lens I’ve ever owned now, absolutely love it and no plan to get a new 50mm. I think there’s so much potential in these varied focal primes, I’ll have to try the 20mm, but I imagine there’s a lot of similarities between that and the 40, mainly giving you a lot of space to work with and forcing you to get in closer for your shoots.