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Orange County, CA

| posted on September 02, 2014
Nate Zoller. Photo: Gilley

Nate Zoller. Photo: Gilley

Photographer: Rob Gilley

Subject: Nate Zoller

Location: Orange County, CA

Specs: Canon 5D Mark II; 400mm 5.6L; ISO 400; 1/1000th at f11

Comments: “They say luck is preparation meeting opportunity, but that can work both ways in photography. In this case, I set up for the most compelling land angle I could find, but then the elements had their way. A good turn and an unexpected foam explosion was countered by a spray-covered face, and a distracting water photographer. There’s only so much under your control.”

  • Rich Clark Images

    I can’t do anything with the spray but I can say adios to the water photographer for you 😉

  • Kevin

    The composition still looks good to me. Whether, you follow the surfer paddling out, then to the surf photographer and onto the Surfer shredding. Sweet shot!

  • AmericanX

    All things being equal; It helps to have the right equipment, subject, setting(s) and conditions. My challenge is getting the pics “crisp” in these scenarios. Thanks for the tips…
    Specs: Canon 5D Mark II; 400mm 5.6L; ISO 400; 1/1000th at f11

  • whamo

    That’s a great shot of that old trailer park spot.

    • Robbie

      El Morrow?

  • Rick

    I can fix that photographer. I went to the wedge that morning and was planning to go to this spot on the way back south, but had to rush to work. My losss!!!!! Great shot!