Celebrate the Cinco

On Cinco de Mayo, here are five reasons to celebrate Mexico

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| posted on May 05, 2014

It’s not Mexico’s actual independence day, but there’s still reason to celebrate.

  • Steve Willie

    Mexico sucks, go to Hawaii.

    • Bernhard

      how can you say that???

    • emma

      wo wo wo.. calm down dude!

    • serengueti

      we don’t need alien people!
      La Maña Mexicana

    • Paul

      go better to hell fellow human and surf and suck your own asshole man, you are not wellcome until you change your attitude.

    • JM101

      Its a trick… Well played Steve Willie.

  • Cristian Gorrino

    right Mexico “sucks” go to Hawaii please!

  • starvin4waves

    Hawai’i no ka oi…but Mexico doesn’t suck…

  • arturo salgado

    Yeah, go to hawaii puto baboso

  • Seb

    Mexico its not crowded on a good day….

  • Adelberto’s Taco Shop

    this is a kook article
    take this off the web you juevos

  • Ricky Shafer

    Quit tooting the Mex horn
    Stick to San Clemente

  • Last Great Americana movement

    Mexico is not the place to take kindly to exploitation. If you continue to tread in these waters be not surprised to find your skin breaking out in boils or your stomach acids beginning to wear through their membranes. Such is often the case for those to disregard the warnings laid out long ago by the ANCIENT aztec Queen. Sometimes you need to ask yourselves WWSGND? That stands for What Would Sam George Not Do? and do just that! It takes a lot of resolve for a magazine to not exploit the last uncrowded gems of this world but by all means don’t do it. Last thing we need is Brendan Buckley writing a fairy poem about souwking Dane Reynold’s 9 in Mex

  • Mexi”Can” Hawaii “no can”

    hawaii sucks, mexico is way better. There are no waves in HI

    • maddog

      Come on people I thought real surfers share in the stoke of wave riding., we suppose to be brothers of the ocean. It takes everyone to take care of the oceans on this planet so we need to work together and share the awesome breaks all over the world. Wish everyone that surfs are what ever they do in the these awesome oceans to dig the stoke and may there be peace among us…I know alot of you guys have friends all around the world , so how do you think it got like that ; by sharing and offering friendship…..come on guys lets all surf and enjoy the benefits of the ocean….GET STOKED…

  • Roberto Estrada

    Steve, go to Hawaii, take your ignorant ass anywhere but México, we dont need no corhole surfers in here.

  • Halikonu

    To most of the commenters … no, don’t come to Hawaii .. don’t need anymore of you mainlanders crowding up the surf here.

  • ZEUS

    1. tacos
    2. cervezas
    3. mota
    4. coca
    5. senioritas

  • Laches DeTerminator

    Previously, from decades ago, I remembered a conversation which included things directly relevent to going surfing today. Then it occurred to me, I wasn’t actually remembering that conversation because it pertained to specific details of the matter that day, merely it was only that I was in fact going surfing and that conversation directly related to just that day. For whatever reason I remembered that conversation, it made no difference yet only important to actually going surfing today. Thank goodness I am not going surfing in Mexico today because I am not actually in Mexico to go surfing. Carry on.

  • Neto

    Don’t understand how this got into a Hawaii vs Mexico thing? I think Surfer magazine was just reminding everyone of the stoke in Mexico. Go get get stoked where ever you like…but get stoked. All you haters probably need it.

  • Sanguine Onborntenaine

    Anything spared to see, I saw the man. Anything canned for me, I borned the man. Provisions weren’t there for me. I born the man. I borne these men for thought I’ve given thee. The borne the man, can’t seeith me. There borne the man wantith not forgiveth me. I borne the man. I borne the man. What giveth me? I couldn’t remember her, she never giveth me.

  • charles anthony gilmore

    Awesome pics gotta make $$&time for a few weeks of awesome waves bein a Fla surfer waves are pretty tough for mother nature to deliver but we did get some nice head high fair form fun longboard waves@da tables in cocoa beach better than flat. Surf more work less…B-)

  • Sojourner Truth

    I thought this was a surfer site. Where did the bushwhackers from below come from?