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The Knucklehead

A look at Clark Little's penchant for shore break abuse

| posted on September 10, 2013
Clark Little, the knucklehead in question. Photo: Gilley

Clark Little, the knucklehead in question. Photo: Gilley

Surfing compliments can be curious. There’s the old “that-dude’s-got-a-screw-loose”, which we use to compliment brave surfers, but under analysis, puts one’s mental health in question.

And then there’s my personal favorite, “knucklehead”, which would normally be used to put one’s intellect up for debate.

So please understand that when I refer to Clark Little as a complete knucklehead, I do so with high praise indeed. As many people know, shallow water and shore pound present the biggest threat to a surfer’s health, and no one on Earth puts their spinal column at more consistent risk than the daring Mr. Little. As this photo will attest, even before he was a celebrated shorebreak lens man, Clark was a knucklehead extraordinaire.

  • Liak

    Boogies always burning on the shoulder

    • Stooge

      Yeah, cause Clark Little’s position is totally makeable…

  • Tarek Abd El Rahman

    Hard day to surf

  • Tee Larkin

    Clark like Brock,, no fear bro..thats sum serious shorepound.

  • Pacifico

    I would’ve gone left.