Jordy’s 10*

Or was it a 9.93? What did you think?

| posted on April 23, 2014

Most of the residual hype from the final day at the Rip Curl Pro surrounds the Round 5 heat between Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith. Needing a 9.97 to beat Julian (who’d just dropped a solid 9.13), Jordy took off on a wave with 40 seconds to go and surfed it as perfectly as many imagined he could have. The panel was split. Three judges gave him a 10 and the other two did not. It came in at a 9.93, and Julian won the heat. Have a look for yourself:

CLICK PLAY: Was it a 9.93?

From Sean Doherty’s Final Day Recap:

“With 40 seconds left Jordy took off needing a 9.97, a miracle, but as he took off you felt in your bones that he just might go and get it. The cage door swung open and off he ran.”

“No wave will be ridden better this year. It was platinum. It was beautiful and barbaric and it was a 10…except that it wasn’t. The look on Jordy’s face as he climbed the stairs said it all. It may have been the only time in surfing history anyone has surfed a wave and expected a 10 to drop, but when the beach announcers read out that he’d scored a mere 9.93, a derisive smile swept his face and he walked up to take his medicine. For the second year running a contest that was his suddenly wasn’t. The rest of the draw breathed a sigh of relief, while the contest site buzzed with talk about how Jordy had been robbed. I quizzed six past Bells winners’ opinions on the subject and their reactions ranged from, “He clearly should have won” to “It’s bullshit.” Jordy took his chops and leaves Bells with a moral victory, if not an actual one.”

And some more opinions:

What’d you think? Embrace those first amendment rights and let us know in the comments below.

  • Rob Farrow

    No doubt he killed that wave and Jordy is one of the best. But lets be honest, he is lucky he got what he got, 2 bobbles, modest fat mid section, sloppy air at the end, based on the criteria, that was maybe a 9.5 but more than likely a 9.2, the range from the judges created the drama …If it was all about his first turn, 10 all the way, but it wasn’t and we need to stop judging these guys on one move and one wave. You gotta put it all together to get 10’s….Great surfing by both these guys, definitely taking it to another level and fun to watch.

    • frothdog

      he did put it all together = 10.. and his first turn was a 10???

    • Jacque

      Spot on Rob, I fully agree with you.

    • Mike

      Spot on… You should be the head judge… Look at the Medina/Durbidge heat then the next heat with Kerr, the judging was all over the place 8.2 air and 5.8 air, both similar… It amazes me that these guys can’t figure out 4 numbers…

  • John Sparrow

    Rob Farrow. That certainly wasn’t one move. His first rail turn (which was amazing) was a mere setup for the above the lip tailblow a second or so later. Rail to rail transition at it’s finest, most brutal, and linking together major manouvres with speed, power, flow, innovation. 10 all day // just not that day.

    • Seabass120

      Absolutely. Look at the transition from the first giant turn – perfect bottom turn into a near-perfect power tailblow. That was clutch surfing and he was robbed.

      • Jason Harley

        Exactly. That was by far the best wave of the event (let alone the heat). To me, Jordy won the event right there with that wave.

  • da3m0n

    Had his name been Parkinson or Fanning would’ve only needed half that ride for a 10!

    • Zorro

      seriously, all they do is over score them. They’ve been doing it for the past couple of years and it makes me really less excited to watch the ASP.

  • dontneednochokebrain

    No other surfer in the world could have surfed that wave like that. If you look at the last 20 perfect 10s awarded, only Slater’s waves at Pipe and Cloudbreak compare. Fully robbed, in every sense of the word.

    • Jam

      Daner is the only guy that could match the power and variation of that wave

    • Jeff M

      Dane, brah. Dane.

      No one else tho! Those two are on another level. JJ is a freak, but his turns aren’t as burly. Top 5 in no particular order: Medina, Slater, Dane, JJF, Jordy

      • Bond Summers


  • Yoda

    The problem with the scoring was NOT Jordy’s last wave, which looked to be scored correctly. The problem with that heat was the score they gave Julian for his highest scoring wave, the 9.1. Way too high. That ride was a mid 8 at best. If Julian’s wave had been scored properly, Jordy would have won with his last wave, as he should have. That’s been my biggest beef with the ASP judging the past couple of years. They give out 9’s & higher way too easily. They completely blow the scale every heat.

  • Ian

    Why don’t you show it next to Julian’s 9.1 so we can see if it’s worth the extra point? In my mind it was damn good effort, deserved of a 9.93, but not quite a 10.

    • Ryan

      What about a 9.97?

  • David Hettel

    Had it been a big set wave there would be no question. The smaller size of the wave decreased the margin for error, thus making the spectacular surfing a notch less spectacular. Just saying……

  • jordy fan

    Yeah but it was easily a point better than Julians 9.13. In fact if Julians was a 9, Jordys wave was a 12

  • ben franklin

    you can wax ad naseum about scalability and building a house and objective bullshit, but every surfer worth his salt knows in their heart that was a 10.

  • reefhead

    It was a 10. simple as that, judges either have other motives (sponsorship deals) or they were also judging based on looks.

    • whamo

      I watch a lot of the professional events, and I’m stoked to see what surfers do these days. I do not get the scoring at all. Adriano’s surfing at the bowl was so heavy. He was like Reno at his best, with a powerful buried rail twist. And there were at least a half-dozen other guys that were killing it.

  • Mik

    The ASP/WCT should change it’s name to the KKK/Oz-CT

    I know. That’s kinda over the top.

    But so is the weird judging that is freaking us all out.

    I compared Jordy’s 9.3 to Julian’s 9.1 repeatedly and not only were Jordy’s first two turns more intense, but Jordy closing with a small air is definitely far harder than Julian just pulling out…

    That’s one issue.

    The other is how does Mick Fanning’s surfing somehow best Jordy, Julian, Taj, Kelly, JJ, on out?

    I’m sorry, but as good as Mick is, he is not in the same realm as any of the above, except his waves are scored higher by default, because?

    Because KKK/Oz-CT

    Ultranationalist Aussie judges outnumbering the panel.

    That’s why.

    • Dirt

      @Mik, What a stupid comment.

      Jordy pushed his first turn too hard, he came out of it wrong.
      Go back and look at julians 9.1, he surfed it flawlessly, but yes a super close heat.
      And as for the Mick dissin, I too would have preferred Jordy, Taj, or Julian to win the event. I too find Mick a bit boring at times, because he is so precise. But he deserved to win, he chose the best waves and surfed them fast and flawlessly.
      But your right about 1 thing, Mick IS in a another realm to those others, He’s faster, cleaner, smarter in a jersey! .. He will never get the last part in a Taylor Steele film but he will be the last man standing in a comp.
      Btw, Your KKK Aussie comment was crap.

  • Fire85

    Jordy got robbed !!! If Fanning’s first wave on the final was an 8.83, then this wave of Jordy was a near 12-point ride !!! And as usual, Julian Wilson gets favored and moves on…

  • Iturnthecommentaryoff

    yoda said it. the judges blow the scale every heat. same thing happened with julian. Pro surfing will never look legit with judging the way it’s been

  • Ryan

    Yeah i thought he should have got it

  • Kevro

    Best surfed wave of the contest.

  • ivan

    It doesn’t matter if his wave was a ten or not. Only matters how much higher than Julian’s it was. Nothing more. More than a point guys. Go back to the basics. My 9-year old said there was no match between the two waves. So, ouch. Sorry Jordy.

  • Areukiddingme

    That was totally a freaking 10!!

  • BP11

    He surfed that one about as good as anyone could have, one flaw being that it wasn’t a set wave. This automatically reduces how critical the maneuvers performed on the wave were. Although he absolutely tore that wave a new one on his first turn, his third turn was nearly incomplete and one of his roundhouses on the inside was almost the same. His closing air reverse on the inside section wasn’t “clean” like the announcer said (guess that’s why he is an announcer and not a judge). If one didn’t spend time scrutinizing the replay, they might not be able to pick out these flaws and only remember his big first hack to second blow tail combo. He definitely killed that wave, glad I am not an ASP judge.

  • Perry

    Jordy was well and truly beaten in that heat.. but by inconsistent and/or biased judges, not by Julian Wilson.

  • Jason Harley

    Compared to Julian’s 9.93 he got in a previous heat, Jordy’s wave was a 15. The judges really put themselves in a situation where they really had to give Jordy a ten, because it was simply the best wave of the competition ( let alone the heat), and certainly at least a point higher than Julian’s 9.13. I don’t necessarily agree with the scale that the judges set, I think they started way to high with Julian’s score which messed up the heat completely, but Jordys wave just simply was a ten – no matter what bullshit scale the judges set. I agree they are throwing out 10s way to often, espescially this year. For example john johns ten (?!), a inverted air 360 to a little layback, with only bouncing and pumping in between? How can that get a ten compared to 2 massive, seamless hacks, stringed together perfectly, one with a powerful and controlled tail blow, followed by several powerful cutbacks and a fun little rotator at the end ? It absolutely blows my mind.
    I hope Jordy knows that everyone besides those two bullshitting judges know that he really won that heat. What stinks me is that he was looking really good to win that event, and after the surfing he did in that heat he deserved at least a chance. Although he didn’t ring that bell, to me he won the event with that wave.

  • Isa

    It was definitely a 10!!!!!

  • Bendindin

    The biggest issue here is the context of scoring. IN their naivety, the judges awarded Julian a 9.12. That score only allowed for 0.88 of an improvement by either surfer going forward. Less than 1 point! And so, when Jordy absolutely destroyed that last wave, and even though it was clearly obvious to all that his ride was at least 1-2 points higher than Julian’s, the judges could only score him 0.88 higher (which would have been a perfect ten).
    Alas, by over-scoring Julian on that 9.12, the judges incorrectly set the scale far higher than reality and in so doing indirectly compromised Jordy’s ability to get the score, which he should have got by a country mile. Had Julian been given the deserved mid 8 for his wave, Jordy’s 9.93 would have made sense and won him the heat. And so it stands as one of
    the gravest sporting travesties that although Jordy’s surfing was unequivocally better than Julian’s, he loses the heat because of blatantly incompetent Judging and scale-setting. Shame on you Richie Porter.

    • Norcal

      Spot on, and in fact, Julian’s first wave was the real issue. Judges backed their criteria in a corner. Julian was awarded 2.5 points that were not deserved according to their own criteria, because, in fact, Jordy’s wave was a 9.7-9.8 at best! Absolutely clutch and best 9.8 ever…

      On the other hand, I’m wondering if Julian’s rail is buried somewhere is Brazil…

  • kingkook

    That was a ten. In Round 1, with Kelly, Kolohe and Wilcox, Kelly should not have gotten that 3.77. But it’s Kelly right, more views on the webcast. Fanning got scored the whole contest through to high, where does the repertoire come in?! Fanning against Julian is a good example. I guess the trick to winning a world title nowadays is learning how to do a the Mick carve/cutback turn thing perfectly and do it on ever single wave and that’s all you need.

  • rascal

    Whats up with the judging? Its should have been a 10 across the board. What do the judges see or not see that warrants Jordy losing out by 0.04? he surfed the living crap out that wave! So what does one have to do to get that 0.04 or score a perfect ride? Wink at the judges when finishing of the ride, do a small hand jive? I just don’t get it. Majority should rule. If three give a 10 then it should override the others who gave a lower score. I am not taking anything away from Julian. He ripped right through the whole contest. Was Mick pushed through again this year at another Rip Curl contest? The man also went off but there were a few waves that I though he my have been over scored as well.

  • Jacque

    To say this wave was a 10 is missing the point of the whole heat. Jordys 7.33 (first scoring wave) ended up being his downfall wave – his body language at the end of that wave cost him dearly, he lost the flow of that wave. I’ve spent a good hour going through the heat analyzer watching every wave, and also watching it as a whole heat and not just as single wave like this. Julian was on the better waves plain and simple, he surfed them with incredible rail work and energy and that’s why he won.

  • surferreader

    I am Australian. The bias by ASP judges in favor of Australians is shocking. Another example of this is the famous Medina-Wilson final in Portugal two or three years ago.


    its been a long time that the Aussies is geting overscored!!!!! Lame!!!!

  • Thomas Magnum

    Jordy should have won. The problem is the heat to heat sliding scale. Look, if they’re going to compete in mediocre waves, there should only be mediocre scores. The judging criteria should be event to event, not heat to heat. And it should be published in advance so everyone knows. If you’re Kelly Slater doing the impossible at 3XOH Cloudbreak, or JJF jamming six turns and a mind-blowing air at OH Lowers, or G. Medina getting barreled and landing a massive rotating air at some crunchy Brazilian beach break- 10s. But you don’t get a 9.1 for 3 good turns and end of the wave punt on chest high, slopey waves, forcing a needed 10 so the next guy can win his heat with his 3 better turns and a slightly higher punt.

    10s should be reserved for A+ surfing in A+ waves, otherwise it is meaningless.

    Julian should have got a 6 and Jordy a 7.

  • cod

    maybe he should have done better on his other high score and he still would have won wih a 9.93

  • Gattingham

    ASP!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE THE RULES SO YOU LOOK AT 3RD BEST WAVE WHEN THE SCORES ARE SO CLOSE, SAY WITHIN 0.5 POINTS! This was basically a coin-toss, but if you go to the next wave Julian has a 0.73 when he fell on his first turn, whereas Jordy has a 5.00 for 3 nice maneuvers. So in my opinion Jordy should win that heat if you can’t make a decision on the first 2 waves. Anytime scores are within 0.5 points I check this, and it would break the tie most of the time. This would also cause the guys (and gals) to catch a few more waves which would make things a bit more exciting too!

    • Thomas Magnum

      Or, I like the suggestion I’ve heard of a one wave scoring criteria. Best wave wins. None of this half-ass back up wave crap- to much strategery, not enough surfing.

  • Thorney79

    Why is there such a lovin with Mick and Parko by the judgets – It brings the whole ASP in to question!!? They seem to make heats time and time again and don’t get me wrong surf amazingly well, however when was the last time they blew you away with a progressive maneuver and not just the standed wrap around, top turn! Genuinely get a little bored of the repetitive, predictable results we see on the tour. The new crew which are pushing the sports
    development don’t appear to have a chance of winning a contents let alone world
    title. How much longer are the younger generation going to keep watching…..

  • cheyne

    the air revo at the end wasn’t clean enough and the inside was too gutless to score a 10. none the less julians wave should not have been a 9.13..so yes jordy should have won but it was no 10 by any stretch of the imagination. Judges blew the scale big time.

  • dylan

    that should have been a straight 10 , bias judges

  • neil

    I thought the judges really lost the plot on a number of waves from the quarters through to the finals. There were 9s going down left right and center for some really boring surfing. Any time you have Mic against Taj in the final you surely have to ask questions about the judging that go them there. Those guys are dull and dull isn’t what surfing is, so the wrong thing is getting rewarded. As someone said, Mic surfs every wave the same. Sure he does it pretty well and he doesn’t fall much, but wake me up when he’s finished please. What we need is some judges with credibility that know what they are talking about, that people won’t argue with, not a bunch of faceless dudes who you don’t even know for sure can actually surf..

    on topic…. Was Jordy’s wave a 10? Who cares, but it sure was way more exciting, beautiful, interesting etc. to watch, by a long margin, than most of Mic’s 9s. Ultimately Jordy should not have put himself in that situation though. There ain’t much difference objectively between a 9.93 and a 10 and to argue so is to split hairs. The big question is whether the other waves surfed in the heat deserved the scores they got.

    • Jay

      Me thinks I smell a rat in this asp. Come on Kelly, bring your magic and bring surfing back to surfers, not $….

  • JM101

    I posted this in another forum, so sorry for the lack of originality BUT this is pretty telling: Watch the heat review. Ross Williams, so convinced of Jordy’s way better first keeper wave, announces AFTER HEARING the scores (and who they belong to) that Jordy dominated because of his better turns and progressive surfing, and quoted Julian’s score as being Jordy’s. You can tell Donut Parnell is sitting there wondering what the hell he’s talking about. Ross Williams literally had to take the judge’s bullshit and re-arrange it in his head before he said anything, otherwise his brain would have exploded. This initial score fixing tells the tale for the rest of the heat. Congrats Porta; you loaded it up Aussie heavy enough to keep the Bell at home, and you almost made Ross Williams’ brain explode.

  • tony ty carson big island

    The best waves ever ridden on the planet, by a so called pro or anyone, will always be the waves you “catch and ride yourself”, whether it 2 feet or twenty. If Miki Dora, (DA CAT), was still around, he would have probably glided by on a wave in the finals, pulled, (well, you guys know the rest)……

  • nabanabok


  • Interpol Representative Human

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  • Interpol Representative Human

    Trench Mouth says: Nooooooooooooo slow motion surfing in ASP WCT performances. Transcription database broadcaste in VHF radio (television station transmission) located on roadmap tower *Cougarand 121.7 Mhz after 0600 zulu Saturday; locate hyperbolic naked African tribesman stand down as representative of world delegation to Africa World Court – tribunal docketed on date specified in preceedings addendum 43-709B (c). Proceed to corner steet pub and await further contact by lighter-than-air (hot-air baloon) trailing message.

  • tony ty carson

    The best waves ever ridden on the planet, by a so called pro or anyone, will always be the waves you “catch and ride yourself”, whether it’s 2 feet or twenty. If Miki Dora, (DA CAT), was still around, he would have probably glided by on a wave in the finals, dropped his trunks and, (well, you know the rest)……….

  • ola_dunk_nordmann

    Was there really a perfect 10 turn there? Really? Noone have the imagination to picture a better turn? The problem is that the other waves are scored too high, leaving a too narrow margin for better scores. Personally I think you should have to do something redefining the sport of surfing to score a perfect 10. I know it’s not how it works, but that’s what I want to see.
    With less then a minute left and needing a perfect 10 to win, you don’t deserve the win.

  • illan urkia

    thats more than a 10….first hugesnap followed by a fins out big snap.there you has a 6..them cut back and a 360 air….what more do they need??but im also agree what yoda says uin the coment before mine….any way you are so big jordy so carry on that way!!!

  • sharko

    Look at the last 4 ASP CT events (snapper, margies, bells and last years pipeline pro). The sheer number of controversial calls made by the Judges which are widely criticised by the audience and surfing communtiy as a whole is huge. It is just so disappointing! I love the world tour but it has become so blatantly biased

  • KB/NSB

    Pro surfing is such a joke!

  • Zane O’Donnell

    10 ….. he was ripped again

  • Pacifico

    It was a 10, and with the 10 Jordy would have gone on to win the event!

  • shwebell

    Hmm. Not that the wave was cooperating much but I guess if this was on a 12-point scale that’s a 10. Degree of difficulty. I wonder what the call would have been if Julian jumped to his feet?

  • aspwedge.com

    To the scale of the heat, it was a 12.

  • dbonepickins

    Jordys’ first scoring wave was scored a 7.33. It was underscored. He did 8 maneuvers to the rocks! Julians next wave he only did 5 maneuvers and then fell 8.17?
    His first move he dug a rail on. Jordys’ final scoring wave was reminiscent of the video clip of him years ago when he did that backside 360 barrell roll thing a ma jiggy in Indo. He was the best and the future in that moment and we all just witnessed the bar being raised again. Thank you Jordy .

  • Surf Mom

    Jordy was robbed

  • Coach K

    Stoned, Scared and Stupid…sums up corporate, in the pocket pro surfing!

  • mattincabo

    How about that 10 that Parko got a few years ago at J-Bay that he kicked out on two thirds of the wave through? No one seems to be pleased with the current scoring system with the exception of Fanning and maybe, Parko. Jordy’s wave wasn’t a 10 in the truest sense but was definitely a 9.97 within context of the heat.

  • Alex Sombra

    there were more jugding mistakes at bells , not just jordy’s heat against jullian … I am starting to think it is rigged !!! specialy now that you can bet money on the results…somebody is making a ton of money…. lets see what will happen on the other events…

  • Jergen

    Tom curren and Rob machado needs to teach Jordy the head/hair snap in smaller surf. You know add some visual excitement. Worked for them!

  • Jmase

    The primary responsibility of the judges is to ensure that the right person wins the heat as a measure of their comparative two best waves. Scores aside, they failed in this regard. They did however succeed in making sure the person they wanted to get through, made it through… and not just on this occasion, but in many others. Take the TB vs JJF semi, they were always going to give the nod to TB if given the chance. Worse yet, this is what they did in giving MF the world title last year. What a joke that was! Typical BS from the ASP judging panel.

  • SuperSharky

    Brilliant, wave, competition & excitement. Jordy’s not the first or last to get ‘apparently’ robbed. I still can’t get ASP 1987 world title race out of my head. Shaun Tomson was clearly robbed. I’ll have to agree with Yoda that 9’s & higher are given way too easily by the judges. I also felt Jordy should have won and that Julian’s points were a bit too high.

  • Axel Diaz

    he had 10 for my perspective

  • dreamboat

    I was on the beach, it was a small wave, not a 10 but a high 9 and a heat win. Not giving it a 10 wasn’t the problem, giving it a score just below the required to win the heat, that’s the real issue. I’m an Aussie and usually biased but its fair to say that Jordy easily won the heat.

  • Otto Flores

    Plain and simple the wave was surfed beyond its potencial. That should not affect the score it should help it.

    He landed the last maneuver and there was a variety of turns on the hole ride. That first turn was arguably the best rail turn done in comp. Jordy deserved that score. He defiantly raised the bar and while under pressure.

    I agree with what has been said, If Julians wave had not been scored so high in the first place. There would be no question Jordy would have come out on top as he should have.