Dear Creed McTaggart

Please stay in the damn water. It’s the only place you’re safe.

| posted on July 09, 2013

Creed McTaggart, claiming asylum on a West Oz ramp. Photo: Shield

Creed McTaggart. A fresh-face out of West Oz, a laid-back bloke who listens to The Velvet Underground and has long hair and has for the last six months been perpetual putty for the hippest in surf. He’s been paraded as a cultural magnate, photographed more out of the surf than in it, earning such editorial praise as, “he isn’t afraid to publicly puff a ciggy when he feels the need.” He’s been molded into the embodiment of the paradigm hipster-shift within the industry.

I have no problem with Creed, I’m actually a huge fan. He’s humble in person and loud in the water. Style for days and a versatile bag of tricks. His short-form film Abyss was great. I’m just disappointed that I’ve seen him on two magazine covers in the past month without a surfboard in sight. Puffing ciggies and chugging fishbowls or some other form of posturing that is so far from surfing it’s obscene. He’s better known for his signature sunglasses than his aerial repertoire, and that’s a road of faux surf celebrity that fades fast. Creed deserves to be on covers of magazines, but he deserves to be there on a surfboard, on or above a wave. (Like this, minus the cover blurb.)

Creed, before they make you cut your hair, and film it, and run a full feature about the experience, heed this advice: Stay in the damn water. It’s the only place you’re safe.

Here’s to Creed someday getting the Page 1 he deserves;
enjoy five reasons Creed should just keep surfing:


Innersection 2011

Blow Up (5:13)

Hit List

The 2013 Hot 100 Movie (7:50)

  • TimC

    I had never heard of this guy until reading this piece. Having watched a couple of the clips above I can see that he is obviousley a guy with heaps of talent and style. Why the heck would he want to swap that for some superficial, bullshit image that was probably devised by some ‘stylist’ to get the cover shots and raise the profile of a flagging company that lost its true surfing roots many years ago?

    My advice would be to grow up (just a little bit), stick with the surfing, you’re pretty good at it. And how about dropping a sponsor or two? You will doubtlessly pick up new ones. I am sure that there are companies still out there who are all about the surfing and its true lifestyle, more so than the ridiculous ‘youth in revolt’ path that you are being pushed down. It’s not even original and I am sure that you will look at these shots and cringe with embarassment in the not too distant future.

    Oh and one last thing, give up the cigarettes, they ain’t cool and smoking tends to end one way, and it ain’t pretty.

    I make no aplogies for this rant, it makes me sick when I see people throw away so much just to have a bit of notoriety.

    Great article.

  • Asa

    You only get one shot at fame and fortune, and if Creed’s dryland escapades are his ticket, then so be it. Not everyone strives to be the next Julian, Jordy, Parko or Taj. Don’t put him in a box; at least not a box built in a different era, by a different type of surfer.

  • eric

    so you’re criticizing this fellow for exploiting his image by writing an article about how you disagree with his publicity? huh?

  • Charles

    Come on don’t be some harsh on this kid. He’s just trying to find his bearings and luckily to him his surfing exposure is giving him some side-career bonuses (as is normal for all major names in any kind of sport).

    Josh Saunders I understand (and agree with) the argument in your article, but I think using him as example is too easy. If you want to be a tough journalist go after the bigger names in the industry.

  • http://none Benito Larrain

    Surf it´s important but what is riding the waves is a person. You have to look into it´s mind, see what he thinks, I think that every surfer is a person, and a surfboard on your feet does not define that .

  • scum bag steve

    Read his interview in the last transworld… Big ups for the honesty and courage. Not by any means bland or robotic like the other kids his age. Talking about the heavy shit he went though with his chick… That is about as real as it gets. Keep doing your thing kid.

  • jeebus

    ha!!.. TimC you´re a…nahhh…you´ve done enough labelling of someone you´ve probably never met…Creeds gold!!…down to earth kinda soul, and who cares if some silly magazines wanna put photos of him smoking on the cover…beats the pro surfers who try and hide it!!…and theres many more out there than Creed thats for sure…who the hell are you to tell anyone to grow up??..surfings always been about the youth…to the *journalist – Josh* wow you musta been on a pretty late deadline there buddy, or is a coupla hundred words and copying/pasting some vids paying your way through life – i´m seriously in the wrong game – dropping a sponsor??? TimC!!!…you you you…heard of the GFC buddy?

  • Fanny Alger

    It’s really a travesty to see such a talented young man galavanting around without a tail pad. Think of how many kids will be influenced by his recklessness. What’s next??