All Sexy, No Surfing

The Roxy Pro Biarritz trailer takes "women's surfing" to a new level

| posted on July 02, 2013

It’s nothing new. The camera panning the body, the gratuitous tracing of the bikini line, lingering a moment too long. Watch Surf House, check out Stab’s Hotter Than Fish Grease section, follow Alana Blanchard on Instagram. It’s become a staple of our era.

So I wasn’t surprised by Roxy’s attempt to market their upcoming competition in Biarritz with this video; I was, however, bewildered by it. This is a trailer for a surf contest. And not just any surf contest, a World Tour event, which just might decide the 2013 World Champion.

Usually, I’m of the opinion that if a girl (surfer or otherwise) is comfortable with herself and wants to pose for a racy photo or video shoot, and people want to pay her money for it, more power to her. But this isn’t a sexy editorial video or a promotion for a brand’s clothing line, it’s the vessel for sharing with the world what women’s competitive surfing is all about. And yet not a single wave is ridden.

On the far end of the spectrum, angry web-dwellers have lashed out at Roxy, calling for a boycott, but even our male staffers (who are generally unopposed to the oft-produced soft-core porn posing as surf content) were confused by this one. So if the target audience isn’t them, and it’s not me (a fan of female surfing), whom is this intended to appeal to? Young girls with aspirations for topless greatness? Those in search of a new source for partial nudity? (The Internet doesn’t have enough of that.) This appears to be aimed at the lowest-common-denominator, a last-ditch effort to get consumers interested in something that the producers don’t believe can stand on its own merit.

The question of how to rally interest in the Women’s World Tour—to get people to care about female surfing at all—is the as-yet unsolvable riddle that’s plagued women’s surfing since its inception. They’ve moved events to better locales, improved the webcasts, garnered non-endemic sponsors to reach new audiences. So far, it’s barely moved the needle. And yet, we’re told over and over how women’s surfing is better than it’s ever been, how the surfers on Tour are interesting and beautiful and talented. Women’s surfing has never been sexier, they say. So this trailer discards subtlety altogether, putting on display what the surf world has secretly (or not so secretly) believed would be the answer to increasing the appeal of the Women’s World Tour: outright sex appeal. And look, some would argue, it worked: we’re talking about it. Whether that will translate to more eyeballs on the webcast we’ve yet to see. But the simple fact that brands and the World Tour are utilizing the part of female surfing most removed from competition to promote competition is indicative that the problems that women’s surfing faces may be bigger than this video.

  • Jack

    So, she put on a shirt to walk to the shower?
    And if it’s in Biarritz they could have just had her surf topless, best of both worlds.
    They did a solid job with the product placement though, no surf session is complete without an HTC windows phone and zune

  • onshore

    I remember that a decade or so ago female surfers had the reputation of being manlike lesbians and ugly.
    Now they are super hot models in g-strings, who point their butt in every camera.
    This or that way: what really sucks is, that it’s never just about the surfing!

  • Amanda Mascia

    This ad, and the state of women’s surf advertising and sponsorship is deplorable.
    You want to know why people don’t watch women’s events? Because women surfers are sick and tired of being talked down to, of looking at Alana Blanchard’s ass all day. I want to see women surf. Scratch that. I want to see the BEST women surf. Not in thongs. Not with up-close butt shots. I want to see them surf the best waves, in whatever clothing they can best surf in. I want sponsorship given on merit and skill, ONLY. I don’t want to hear “She rips AND she’s HOT!” It’s ridiculous that you have to care about looks when you are supposed to be an athlete. Save the “hot cam” for John-John’s mom.

    Call me when a surf contest truly has the best women surfers in it. THEN, I’ll watch.

    Until then, I’m blacking out the Roxy logo on my wetsuit with a sharpie and I’m burning all my other gear that I have from them.

    Keep your misogynistic propaganda outta my lineup.

    We women, came here to surf.

  • http://www.jettygirl.com/blog Chris Grant

    Thank you for expanding the conversation Janna!

  • http://none Steve Briggs

    Have you noticed that some women seem to have a surf career with income based on how they look? Does Erica “the hoax” Hosseini ring a bell? How often do you see a photo of her surfing? Next to never. Have you seen her surf? Don’t go out of your way for that you will be disappointed. How about Anatasia Ashley? Most of her photos she is looking sexy over her shoulder while the photo shows her main asset. How in the world did Alana Blanchard finish 2nd in the World at Surfer Poll? She beat World Champ Carissa Moore! Who voted there? Men? Instagram is littered with Mia Irons pouty lips photos and does she even surf? Sex sells and Quiksilver went the easy route. Will it draw more viewers on the web or the beach? Who knows. At the end of the day “some” of the women on their Tour kill it. Maybe 10 at the most. Tune in and watch a contest and some of the heats are a challenge to watch. Dave Parmenter once had a great quote about womens surfing. How would he improve womens surfing he was asked? He advised them to all surf naked. With the Roxy Ad they are not far from it.

  • http://chrisdixonreports.com Chris Dixon

    Softcore porn. What a great way to promote professional surfing to my eight year old daughter. Yet another in a long line of great moral firsts for the surfing industry. Not quite up there with the Black Flys ASR ‘service booths’ of yore, but not a bad try for Roxy.

  • zombie*surf

    Kudos to Roxy, they produced an event trailer that didn’t come from the same cookie-cutter batch as we’re used to. I know I’m a brutal, misogynistic monster for saying this, but I stopped what I was doing, turned up my speakers and actually enjoyed this little clip for what I saw; a beautiful lady, groovy music and clean editing. I know I should look deeper into the meaning of it all and try my hardest to align this with the most upsetting personal problems in my own life…..but I really just don’t care enough. For those of you who think you are speaking on behalf of women’s professional surfing, I’d check in with the athletes themselves. I’d be surprised if any of the gals on tour are offended by this. As Janna pointed out, “we’re talking about it”, which is more than I was doing for women’s surfing an hour ago. Then onshore followed up with “a decade or so ago female surfers had the reputation of being manlike lesbians and ugly”, which I wholly agree with. Am I a bad person for thinking that (competitively) the best female ripper should win and outside of that, I can certainly appreciate fine females in the water?

  • https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/p480x480/555320_404343252992307_1000361131_n.jpg snori annaj

    Men’s companies make money from selling boardshorts and tshirts. This gives them money to sponsor surfers and host events. Women’s companies make money from selling bikinis. This gives them money to sponsor women and events.

    While some would much rather see the event trailer featuring Paige Hareb and Bec Woods waxing their boards and then surfing 1 foot shithouse summertime Biarritz, others might realize…. sex sells.

  • Ryan

    Looks like a great HTC and Microsoft Surface Ad. Def not a surf contest promo. Enever all the way!

  • Sean Gunn

    Women are consumers just as are men. The gender ratio is roughly 1:1 across Earth. That is, there are about as many women on the planet as there are men. Either there are not enough women interested in surfing to drive sales demographics without sex appeal, or it is what is demanded by the demographic whether male or female. In other words, if a large number of women bought the products without sexy ads, they would probably make other types of ads.

    My question is who does this really appeal to, is it men, or both men and women? There are some women who are appalled by a headless, faceless body used to sell surfing and surfing products. Yet, I see other women go out of their way to hang it all out even when not on the beach or in the surf. For society to see more in women than sex objects, I think the vast majority of women must see themselves that way and act accordingly. Men will always love women’s sexy bodies. That is part of our nature.

  • http://Intelatin.com Sergio C. Muñoz (@Intelatin)

    Roxy is following in the same tradition as Reef which was mostly promoted by the surfing magazines and mostly appreciated by the mostly male readership. Whilst it is entirely negative for women to be reduced down to T&A, it does provide surfing with a sex quotient that is not found in most any other sport. It might be argued that everytime you see Kelly Slater, he is equally in the nude so who is to complain but what is also troubling is how “luxury” it all has become. Surfers think they are so Hollywood now, from red carpets, to range rovers to crystal clear smart phones in lingerie ads posing as promotions for surf contests. When did Madison Ave take over T Street?

  • Montana

    Something like this wouldn’t work for the WNBA.

  • Zach Plopper

    Tell me if im wrong but I bet the majority of webcast watchers of women events are men, the majority of fantasy surfer players that have a women team are men and the majority of those who could name every female surfer on the top ten are men. Why? Because they are A) ripping and B) hot. This is the first time these two components have intersected save for Lisa Anderson (which landed her on a Surfer cover). The demand is there. Its the supply that is lacking. With a July season culmination in marginal beach break surf fans are left nothing else to watch of the women’s side. Id be thrilled with women pro surfing between the men events. Bring back a full year, put them out at Pipe, and we got a sport. Until then I will be moderately amused at sexy meaningless web clips like the one we are bantering about.

    And Amanda, no one is telling Alana to wear a thong.

  • sam

    last-ditch effort to get someone, anyone, to care about the women’s tour. Men are at Cloudbreak and the women keep getting pushed to cr@p beach breaks with a tour so short it’s almost over before they leave Australia. Let’s be honest here – the tour itself is a waste, of both time and money. Focusing on selling bikinis to 13-year-olds is a hard job – no sense in wasting time with the rest.

  • Chantelle Matutini

    Does anyone else find it strange that her face is never shown? It makes her purely an object in which to gaze at and it removes the fact that she is a person.
    It’s a real shame that Roxy have taken this approach to promote their event, they spend all this time on campaigns and competitions about ‘daring’ and ‘dreaming’ and ‘doing’ and then highlight it with this video that screams ‘Girls, all you need to do is look hot. Just hold that surfboard, you don’t really need to ride it, the boys can do that’.

  • http://no Derek

    The whole problem with female surfing is its just too darn fashionable, “surfing no longer means just surfing” not to the media and fashion labels, its the last sentence in your blog that states the truth!

  • Pete

    It’s all about the money. It’s the same in every sport.

  • Sean Gunn

    You cannot even tell if she is a surfer unless you have the bodies of surf women memorized. They never show her face. This could be any model. Paddling does not a surfer make.

  • James

    The thing with surfing is (good and bad) that so many things are products and advertisements. This is great in some respects, but this video just seems to portray women as products to be advertised. You would think that Roxy would be focusing on the great things about the womens tour, especially the way in which it has become increasingly competitive and not dissimilar to the male tour. I just think it gives the wrong message, particularly to those that don’t already hold an interest in or knowledge of the female tour, is this really the image that the surfing world want to instill upon them?

  • Tele

    Love it! Women surfing !!!

  • Bob

    I was just thinking that the women in surfing are much more attractive than they were when i was a grom, it made me think that the surf companies might instead want to sign the more attractive girl rather than the best surfer. It made me think of how in men’s surfing, they are looking for really young guys like the next Evan Geiselman or John John Florence and an older surfer may not get a shot because he didn’t develop till latter on. With that being said i liked the song, they picked for the video.

  • http://na Lyle

    There aren’t any waves surfed in this clip because it leads up to the pro event. I get what you’re saying and I agree that it doesn’t adequately portray the event as inherently exciting; it doesn’t give us hope that the live surfing itself will be enough to attract viewers. But in terms of the timeline and idea of the advert, it goes from hot girl in real life, glitz and glamour offstage behind the scenes, to the venue, to the jersey-donning, to the water and it ends with the girl paddling out into the lineup. It basically brings you to the beginning of the event, to the live action that is supposed to take place on the webcast. How is that bewildering? They are just trying to rev up hype for the surfing itself.

  • Chris Fauxte

    Silly Mr. Plopper. The demand’s just not there, no matter how pretty they make women’s surfing, hence the reduced supply. As for the rest of that nonsense, please take your sexist opinion and jump back over the border where a little machismo is appreciated. YEW!

  • James

    Women’s surfing shouldn’t need to create ads like this in order to gain attention. Surfing should be about Surfing and not teasing the viewers with attractive women. Personally i feel that women’s surfing is lacking the same level of entertainment as mens however this has been changing rapidly through this year so why not showcase some of the next level stuff the girls are doing at the moment rather than Steph Gilmore in her underwear. I feel that this is a step back for the women’s surfing industry and lessons should be learnt from this attempted marketing campaign

  • Andre

    Sex sells. …when you are desperate.
    And girls surfing 2 foot slop is pretty boring.
    Viewers want to see people in challenges. But then again, which of the top girls wants to surf Pipe or Teahupoo ?

  • http://surfintoyoga.com Rochelle Ballard

    I am so happy Janna that you are pointing this out as a journalist and avid surfer. It gets my heart racing and so outraged, I have to take some deep breathes and hope that one day the top women of the sport take there stand for what has always rightfully been there’s, just as my generation did and not allow the event’s and surf industry to continue using and abusing such an amazing beautiful sport that came from King’s and Queen’s. Men surfing has all that balance it needs and does it well, maybe its time for the same in women’s surfing to be treated with all that it is- strong, powerful, beautiful, and graceful. Not this idea of how to make more money from women’s apparel by looking like victoria secret. If anything, at the end of that add, they should have had her slicing the top of the lip off the wave, throwing sticking an air and winking into the camera saying, “you can’t touch this!”

  • zombie*surf

    ….or are the whistle-blowers the ones holding women’s surfing back from an evolutionary step? Demanding that the viewership of professional surfing appreciate men’s and women’s surfing on the same level is ridiculous. Women’s surfing has been evolving and kicking a$$, but the upper-echelon of men are absolutely blowing minds. The men get dream destinations, while the women are often scheduled into less-than-inspiring waves. Judging by the social media and mag/web content surrounding these ladies, I would risk a guess that they’re pretty stoked to travel the globe, be treated like supermodels and get paid to shred. Maybe there is something to this formula. Maybe appreciating someone else’s jet-setting lifestyle and wanting to be a part of it is what women’s surfing is all about (and like I said before, the best surfer should still be winning, that’s what competition is for!). If said jet-setter happens to be attractive, that can’t be a bad thing, we expect the same from our movie stars.

  • Shannon

    I’ve never put on a shirt before showering, nor showered before surfing…

  • Momo

    I don’t know what to tell people about women’s pro surfing. I don’t really know why it isn’t that popular. The women are just as good … maybe there aren’t enough women surfers? Matt Warshaw, in his 2008 New York Times article “Surfing: a History” estimates that there are about five million people in the world who surf, and ten to fifteen percent of them are women. There’s millions of women golfers and the LPGA is solid.

    I have noticed we haven’t seen any women in the big surf, like Teahupoo or Peahi so maybe women aren’t getting enough exposure. Men’s pro surfing has always been both macho and looked upon with a fascinating disdain among many surfers. On the one hand, it’s exciting to see the best; on the other, the pro scene does nothing for the local surfer and often it commercializes our sport, a sport we often like to think is more of a way of life then an arena game.

    But I suspect women will have to support women’s surfing. Men aren’t going to cross over and watch women’s prop surfing until the event is big enough and making sexy ads won’t work (we’re exposed to sex all day in advertising now, this is nothing new). So I think the demand for women’s surfing isn’t there yet. I’m curious as to why women don’t try to break into the men’s league? I remember at the Triple Crown last year a woman tried. She did okay and then got cut. That might be the route.

    Mostly, more women need to surf.

  • Dan

    While it will garner attention, unfortunately it sends the message that if you don’t LOOK the part, you won’t be on the tour. Don’t worry girls, if you have a good ass, and great smile to match, we can MAKE you a better surfer? What a joke that will make the women’s tour out to be, and discouraging the girls who want to surf the most, and do surf the most to not get involved with the sport. For someone who fought it so much in her era, who swore that all the girls on tour were talentless and on tour for the wrong reasons, I cannot believe Lisa Anderson would allow this, or condone it. Women’s surfing doesn’t need it. What it needs it the locations it USE to have, Tahiti, Hawaii…hell let em surf Keramas, did you see what Carissa did out there and what Lakey and Alana did to the waves in the Mentawais? Or how Courtney Conlogue was a beast in Margie’s when it was overhead and crashing down, or lets not forget Tyler’s epic P-Pass shots and footage? The girls tour should demand the best ALL-AROUND surfers. Airs, big barrels, mushy small waves, strong classic surfing, lefts and rights…thats inspiring….thats entertaining. Who doesn’t want to watch beautiful women, in small suits get smashed by huge waves and come out with battle wounds? They may be women, but they aren’t delicate roses, and if they are, then those ladies should stay on the QS’, become freesurfers, or surf for better causes. Right? We want women to be taken seriously, then they need to be given serious waves and conditions and fair windows for the events. Make the tour a little longer, keep the purses decent, and demand more from the women as ATHLETES instead of pieces of eye candy being treated like bathroom reading….its sick and needs to change.

  • Rory Parker

    Great article, great points. I think the key to creating an actually functional women’s tour will require running it separately from the men’s. The female side of the ‘CT is trapped in the early 90s, run in the wrong tide, in onshore slop, so they won’t get in the way of the men.

    I’ve been lucky enough to see some of these women surf in Hawaii, in real waves, and I can say their ability level is far beyond what most see via webcast.

    Unfortunately, I know it won’t happen, and the ladies will be forced to pursue careers as surfing models, rather than the amazing athletes that they are.

  • larkstan

    OK, ladies: 2 guys, both equally good surfers, getting ready to surf, then paddling out. One is Dane or Kelly or John or Sunny; the other is a John Candy look-alike. Who are you going to watch; who is going to be in the commercial?
    Now: 2 girls, both equally good surfers, getting ready to surf, then paddling out. One is Alana or Carissa or Steph or Coco; the other is Rosanne Barr. Who do you think guys are going to watch…?

  • robin canniford

    So nothing’s changed since Pauline Menczer’s trials…. if anything it’s worse. Here’s an advert without a face, that vital medium of human communication and persona… Sure, it’s a lovely bottom, but what are Roxy’s brand managers thinking here? ‘Our market research shows that tits and arse is where it’s at, yea that’ll do nicely. Run the ad guys”.
    How to solve it? It’s not just about the locations. What would happen if the girl groms competed with the boy groms from an early age? Is there any good reason why women athletes can’t match up to male athletes who rarely exceed 6ft? It works in equestrian sports.

  • David

    Wow what a shitty video. If I wanna watch skin, I’ll watch free porn. If I wanna watch women ripping, I freakin can’t cuz every damn photog just goes for the same ones’ butt, crotch, boobs. I feel sorry for the girl groms seeing all of this and probably wondering where the DIGNITY lies in this industry.

  • larkstan

    We all know where to go to see excellent women surfers tearing it up. Sites abound. We all appreciate wonderful surfing when we see it. I, for one, never find myself saying “wow! great wave. Too bad she’s not prettier; and, what are those lumberjack pants she’s wearing”. But, think about why Roxy is running that ad: what do 90% of women surfers wear when surfing in warm water? What do they wear when there are no cameras around? Same thing. I’m not going to presume to know WHY they are wearing skimpy bathing suits; but, I’l bet they purchase them based upon what they see advertised and what they see many of the pro women wearing. If your clothing business requires a profit to survive, what kind of clothing and images do you think you would use to promote your product. Typically, the industry offers what the users are demanding; the industry couldn’t sell a turd for a nickel, no matter how sexily wrapped and scented it were.

  • cjf

    Wow! yeah I couldn’t agree more, very challenging to see a cheap and tasteless video like this being used to market, represent and attract people to the art of surfing. It is degrading in my opinion to the professional women on tour and to female surfers at large. To me it is clear that the ‘they’ who participate, created and produce this sort of media are limited in their understanding of what surfing is and can be. Instead of a spiritual, extreme, athletic experience it has been reduced to as you so aptly put it the’ lowest-common-denominator’ which ultimately piece off (in the male gaze) the dignity of competitive women’s surfing and the world tour. Only the sponsors phone manages to get a full shot body and face shot in. Thank you Janna Irons for your insight, for challenging the status quo and for bringing important issues like this to the table for discussion.

  • ignacio

    so what will happen to the not-so-attractive woman in the surf world? do they suddenly become futile regardless of how well they surf? this sh*t is embarrasing. my two cents: stop trying to get men to watch woman’s CT events, that will happen by itself (if it ever does). focus on getting woman to watch the events (and they don’t give a sh*t about alana’s ass btw). ROXY: get a group of teenage girls together in a focus group and ask them: “WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN A WOMAN’S WORLD TOUR EVENT?”. peace out

  • female surfer aged 25

    Being a mid 20’s female surfer, a lover of fashion and pop culture, a lover of the beach and healthy lifestyle with high morals and professional education (yes they can all sit together in this modern day of equality), I feel nothing but admiration for a clip like this. I think this article is a very old way of thinking. As previously mentioned in these comments, i agree every girl on the current tour would understand and enjoy this clip. A few super important things to consider here….
    1) please watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrUvu1mlWco (miley cyrus, 20 years old, released last week, almost 50 million views, targeted at the exact same (actually broader) audience as what ROXY sell to, and the same audience that are looking at female surfers competing in events like this). This is POP culture in 2013. Dinosaurs please redneckonize.
    2) I have been around surfers prior to events, and whilst this is exaggerated and played up for the cameras (what isn’t these days, in fact i admire the production value and $$ finally put to something), this is a pretty relatable sequence of events prior to a heat. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast., drive to beach, check in, rash vest on, paddle out. No waves, but hell the females have surfed in worst (thanks luke egan).
    3) And lastly, it’s such a shame that a female journalist working for a heavily male dominated surf magazine feels the need to pull down an ‘out of the box’ clip, something different to the regular cookie cutter event clip, something making a female athlete look insane (yes slightly sexualized but glamourous more than sexual) … rather than embracing and highlighting the great points of something like this. People wonder why the girls find it harder than the men in this world of surfing – we are our own worst enemy. If SURFER (and other magazines) bothered to add quality female content on the reg it would out weigh the minor negative side to a clip like this. Instead they highlight the minor social grudges and go to town on it. Embrace the movement, it’s not every time or every part of female surfing, it’s just one great clip amongst an overload of information that is the internet.
    One more pont – try placing the word glamour to this rather than sex, and you might find it to delight you rather than offend. The answer to your apparently difficult question of ‘who is this aimed at?’ is simple – All of us that are interested to watch, with a specific aim towards the same female and male youths receiving & idolizing films, instagrams, music video clips, tweet pics etc from these below…. just think about that….
    With love from Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Harry Styles, Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, Lindsey Lohan, Madonna, the Kardashian Clan, Maria Sharipova, Serena Williams, Danika Patrick, The makers of The Hangover, the makers of Spring Breakers etc etc etc etc.

  • http://stabmag.com Ryan Rich

    Stop tripping you bored kooks. That was an artfully done + a beautiful advertisement. Someone needs to fill their job quoto as a wack writer above^ meaning whoever wrote moral dilemma. Not worth multi paragraphs and a 1000 + words of examination. The girls are hype right now don’t go all Pauline Menzcer on us.

  • Jochen

    Yes it’s a shame, but girls themselves should fight against this. It’s not the case.
    When I watch the pics most of thm are sending, I’m sorry to see that a lot of them are playing stars and models, instead of surfing. I don’t remember seeing a pic of Alana Blanchard, Laura Enever, Coco Ho, Sage Erikson, Nage Melamed or Sally Fitzgibons on a real board for a loooong time. Those girls are always advertizing themselves by sending pics of their clothes, shoes, cars, amazing evenings or beautiful days, but surfing?
    Those girls want to be stars, even of the small surfing world, but being a star while surfing is tough, while sending pics of yourself dones not require a lot of skills.

    Surfing medias are owned by advertizing. Only the girl themselves can change things, don’t expect the so-called “surfing press” to move.

  • Harry

    I thought it was an add for a HTC phone.

  • https://www.facebook.com/IrishSurfingMums Nicola Creedon

    I think it was playing on the topless theme being the France event which is notorious for the toplessness there!! Think it was meant to be artsy and cool and get all the sponsors in there. Never know just might drum up some more viewers, its worked for getting people talking about it anyway. Prob coulda had one wave surfed in there but maybe adding to the build up of it all 😉

  • wizkid

    In all honesty, who cares about female professional surfing? The arcticle already answers this question, albeit calling it an “unsolvable riddle” (which actually, it isn’t): a clear “no”. You want to know why? Because people who want to see the best possible (power) surfing out there, will always look at the male circuit any given day of the week (same holds true for tennis, golf, snowboarding etc; alana blanchard is just the anna kournikova of surfing). For me personally, if I see an old video of AI (RIP) doing a huge cutback or whatever, I think wow look at that power combined with finesse, look at the spray. When you see a (fit) woman do a cutback, it will never have the same effect from a pure surfquality point of view, so instead of thinking look at that spray, you just think “look at dat ass”. That’s why I think it is good that they make a video like this, because from a professional surfing point of view, women surfing is unlikely to ever surpass male surfing and why not embrace these facts of life? The harder you try to convince the world that good female surfers are out there and that female surfing is better than ever (which I am sure are both true) the more of an anti-reaction you will get as nobody cares about this aspect of female surfing (you can leave your complaints about human nature at the door). Yes it is a world tour event, but it also has the word roxy in front of it (meaning that literally and figuratively speaking, the roxy part comes first), and roxy being in the surfing/advertising industry, has long solved the “unsolvable riddle”, knowing damn well what exactly the appeal of female surfing is, and what isn’t. So imo they should only have warm water spots on the female tour, because nobody wants to see female surfers in wetsuits, unless they (surfers/wetsuits) look like the ones alana blanchard wears (the cut out ones, no leggs, all ass showing). Nuf said.

  • http://thislifeissouth.tumblr.com tlis

    I completely agree with the comment by female surfer aged 25. It’s hard to understand how this can ever be even remotely or loosely compared to soft porn. People who see only sex or tastelessness in this or are somehow offended by a clip of this nature have serious issues to be addressed. This is a beautiful piece of work, shows how strong and gracious a surfer woman or girl can be. A surfer woman and girl can be sensual and feminine. Doesn’t have to be a muscled-up truck driver hacking through a wave. And the fact that it’s for an event in Biarritz just makes more sense, because as an expat living in Europe for a few years now, I can tell you that europeans are way more open-minded, sophisticated, and forward thinking than americans. Generally speaking of course. And by reading into your article and by the look of most of the comments, you’re hardly proving me wrong. Free your mind.

  • RH

    It’s just a misguided video all around. Cuz those particular denim shorts are sending sexy away… big time. And who sleeps in her panties? But pull your heads out, people… it’s not about what the move is… it’s about how well it is done. Hell, ol’ KP showed that even the much-reviled double grab can be done well, and have superior flow. Though I thought that the whole Kerama’s comp was near as lame as this video… and even that that wave sucks compared to Majestics or some place that would get ripped – and rip – harder, and could produce superior blood and circus (if it got swell). But good on Janna; we do need to let Zoozee et al know that ham-handed flailing is going to lose the base, without even titillating it.

  • RH

    Oh but Janna, I gotta say, a woman’s place is in The Week In Review. It seems like it is increasingly losing your bemused touch, and going the way of this video… either because it’s being mailed in or farmed out.

  • jenny steen

    stop promoting alanas arse and promote surfing ! when i was on the tour many moons ago ! Pauline menzer won the world tittle without sponsorship on her surfing ability she was refused sponsorship because she wasn’t pretty and blonde ! promote the surfing ability of women surfers ! i was recently at a function where alana was present and 2 up and coming young hot surfers coach told me that they had missed out on sponsorship deals because they wouldn’t show there arses like alana ..they had the results just not the look…what chance have they got ! the tour is a hard slog when you have to struggle for sponsorship believe me i know ! this is crap ! this is a mans world mentality ..stop flaunting yourself Alana your embarrassing ! go to playboy where you belong !

  • Kenadio

    Right, but you didn’t see the teaser for the Quik Pro yet…We know how to be glam in France.


  • David

    So Roxy, in their infinite wisdom – the one’s who suppossedly champion the female active lifestyle – decide to market a surf competition with a soft core porn advertisement. My issue is less about the video itself (although it is degrading to women to be sure) but its use. This is a commercial for Roxy, not a promotion for a surf competition. What the hell that has to do with surfing is beyond me. Its surf related because there is a singlet and a surfboard? Please.

    After Bells, we were all talking about how great it was that the women were finally able to show off their surfing ability in waves of real consequence. Even the men were marveling about how far women’s surfing had come. And Roxy destroyed that in under 2 minutes.

    What is worse is that this is the 5 time world champ, not one of the fringe models who happen to surf. One of the few women who could actually compete with the men and surfs better than probably 95% of the male surfers period. This is what Roxy reduced her to? An ass model. Some say it isn’t her, but everything points to her – the board make, the guitar, the email from her sister.

    I have a young daughter who likes surfing and looks up to Steph and Sally and I think they are great girls, I really do. They are great athletes, always polite and friendly, do good things for the community. But the lesson here is – if you ain’t got the looks, you ain’t going nowhere. I’m lucky that my daughter is smart, pretty and caring and I tell her how smart she is more often then I tell her how pretty she is. She is also smart enough that if she were to see this video, to understand the differnce between advertising and reality. But I could also picture the look on her face if she were to watch one of her favorite surfers ass for 2 minutes.

    #WhoAmIJustGuess No longer a customer of Roxy, that is for sure.

  • Tidbit

    Don’t you find it strange that men don’t spend all of their time worrying about how they are being portrayed? In what must be the irony of all ironies, women spend all of their time gazing at themselves in the media mirror, checking all angles, wondering if they look good! This is just rich. Listen, men understand that the seat of their power and influence is testosterone laden competitive drive. The seat of a woman’s power is…you guessed it…her sexuality. You’ll never hear a guy complain of being portrayed as too masculine or too competitive (unless he’s, well, never mind). Yet women constantly complain, while ‘organizers’ and ‘activists’ do their best to kill the very thing that gives them the influence and power they are naturally born to use.

  • dgb

    Does anyone know and following tennis? I don’t, so I might be wrong, I’m judging just from what I see in the sports news, but guessing that women’s surfing is decades behind men’s surfing. If you seeded Serena Williams into a mens event, I’m guessing some top pros would get an embarrassing lesson in speed, skill and power. Can we say the same about women’s surfing number one…who ever that is.

  • Denise

    Let’s ask Dusty Payne what he thinks about it?

  • http://cetosurf.com SurferGirlwithHead

    This about sums it up … who knew guy surfers take showers before they surf too!?!

  • http://davidcarsondesign.com david carson

    just kurious: why are there no woman shapers? (that get any mention anyway)

  • Tmhan

    Why are you “bewildered by it?” The video simply acknowledges that no one is interested in powder-puff surfing but sex ALWAYS sells. Nothing edgy or bewildering about it.

  • Esther

    what does the commercial have to do with surfing except for that minute where the lady goes to the beach, puts on the jersey and paddles out

  • T
  • ivan

    The vast majority of girls and women watching this (or anything) will never look like the hottie in the video or surf like any of the girl pros. So thousands of girls are watching perhaps dreaming that their bodies will somehow look that good one day or that they will surf at the pro level. Neither will ever come true in the real world. But who doesn’t like to envision themselves in something they can’t have? Girls watch, Roxy sells and make money. Marketing department was hired to make money (and so is everyone at Roxy). Everyone commentating watched right? The name Roxy is further stamped into our brains. All of us. They know what they are doing. We fall right into the trap otherwise Roxy wouldn’t be Roxy.

  • Waggy

    Is this a joke? Surfer magazine has been using women’s bodies to peddle surfing merchandise for as long as it’s been around. And now you’d like us to believe that you are morally concerned? You really must think your readers are stupid.

  • gotcha

    Roxy is all about bubblegum and the almighty dollar. They go after what sells. They are sellouts in the surfing industry, plain and simple. They are the whores of the surf world. Why should we even expect anything better from them anymore? The have already proven time and time again who they are!

    Ladies, just look at who they sponsor in the surf industry and you will have your answer!

    Don’t buy their stuff if you don’t like what they represent. I know I never have and never will, and I am tall and blonde, and I surf.

  • stan



    This article juxtaposes nicely from the masthead girls in every issue.

  • David

    Female Surfer Aged 25 – you make some solid points no doubt.

    1 – The video was professionally done – no doubt and was artistic. And yes it was enjoyable to watch and not in a creepy way. My issue is the fact that it is being used to promote a surf competition, not a Roxy ad.

    2 – Roxy was one of the better surf companies at showcasing the female athletes as such. This promo was unusual in the sense that Roxy hasn’t marketed like this before.

    3 – No doubt the women get the short end of the stick from the ASP. They don’t get the waves the tour is too short, they are forced to surf the crap when at the same event with the men. When the men screwed up at Bells and let the women have at it on a good day, they showed what they can do as surfers.

    I happen to enjoy watching the women surf more than the men – I think there is more style and grace to the professional surf style. I also happen to think the women embrace more of what surfing is about and I also find them more interesting as people. The ASP doesn’t know how to market the women surfers because if they did, they would realize that the women’s tour could be more popular than the men’s tour – just my opinion, of course. However I know who I would approach about funding and how I would go about marketing it. I also happen to know the people who could make it happen.

    Lastly, Female Surfer Age 25 – your response sounds like you are the surfer that was featured in the ad.

    So Steph, get Surfer to give you my email address (you have my permission) and let’s talk. We’ll blow the boys outta the water.

  • Kat

    Honestly, quit bitching. It reminded me of get ready for a huge race day — everything moves a little slower, everything’s a little more precise. We all know what surfing looks like and we know that’s what will go on at this event. If anything, all this talk actually made me realize it’s going to happen — the add worked. I think Roxy does an excellent job at promoting women and I’m sure they went through a few focus groups before this was released. It must’ve rang true for somebody… seriously, less complaining, more sexy rumpus.

  • Grody Jenner


  • Pattie Meade

    As a female surfer for over 40 years, I cannot believe it has come back to this sort of ad. Over the years I have been subject to harassment for being “in the water and looking good for my boyfriend by sitting on the beach looking good” to actually being run over for no reason other than being female (I had witnesses on that one) to guys “paying me back” for something some other girl did to them with a similar color board. I took years for us to get respect in the water. This is a HUGE setback!

  • Shannon

    VIDEO: http://shar.es/AqJP7

    Roxy Pro Parody Unofficial Teaser #WhoAmIJustSmell

  • Courtney

    Female Suffer Aged 25 – If this was a clip of a girl waking up, getting ready in the morning, and heading to the beach to surf, it would be great. But it’s not. It’s a clip of a butt & legs waking up, legs getting ready, a butt heading to the beach, and then (just to mix things up) a pair of boobs getting ready to surf, and then a butt surfing. It nevers shows her whole body (except for 1 clip), the camera is centered on her butt, legs, or boobs in nearly every shot of her. The only exceptions being when she is driving, checking her email and putting on her shirts. Even when it would make more sense, like when she’s getting her board ready… if more shots were like the one where she was walking to her car, where it showed a normally clothed women’s whole body, it would be fine and appear more ‘glamorous’ but unless glamorous changed from having what everyone wants to being what everyone wants, no this is not glamorous. It absolutely had the opportunity to be, but failed miserably by having the center of most shots be a body part, not her full body, just parts.

  • Just Another Lesbian Surfer

    Duh Janna….the content was obviously meant for all those lesbian surfers out there.

    Thanks for the eye candy ROXY!! (totally joking)

  • cj

    reef sells thongs by showing women in thongs…but in all seriousness; I think this is a great ad due to it celebrating just how sexy surfing can be. Celebrate your beauty as beauty is something to be celebrated, and thats to everyone. Great ad htc…i mean roxy.

  • Jeff Barton

    Thanks for these comments. Hey, I love the female form as much as any warm-blooded guy, but this takes women’s sports back a few steps. It might be okay for fashion advertising, but not for a surf competition where the participants are smart, talented, and committed to their advancing Women’s Surfing.


  • nick40

    Did someone at least got that it is Steph Gilmore 5Xworld champion in the video? I think she wanted to show something else of her personality than just her surfing…

  • c

    maybe they didn’t show the surf because they were trying to create a journey for the consumer to say “hey i feel like i got ready with her, i’m stoked to see what she does” to me the ad tries to create a journey for the consumer that connects the consumer to the surfer beyond surfing…with that said, it seems like she’s a bit objectified (not in an overly tasteless way, but objectified none the less) They could have gotten the same response from me even if they showed the girls face.

  • Jo

    It was a nice shower head, i gotta get myself one. Or travel there

  • http://www.socalbetty.com Farrah

    Everything that I want to say, commenter David already said it. Thank you.

  • holly Dub

    if Roxy wants to do it right they need to bring it back to where Nike 6.0 left off with “Leave a Message.”
    That video was what exposed women’s surfing as both feminine and athletic. Nike was able to portray a mirror image of the surf world we knew by lining up a group of the world’s most beautiful women, giving them surf boards, and filming them rip! A bit of raw talent mixed with a crew of hot chicks always equals the perfect combination for any audience. Nike positioned women’s surfing as not only something to get hooked on, but something to be idolized for the right reasons. High Five!!!

  • Joe Blow

    The surprise is that even men’s contest surfing is barely “moving the needle” in comparison with legitimate sports contests. There is no goal line, net or obvious score on the pro tour and it easy to see why the attention has moved to extreme wave surfing. Women are attractive creatures so why not use their best attributes to promote women’s contest surfing?

  • JP

    I feel like this article is click-bait. That was in no way objectifying anything other than promoting an upcoming contest. Steph is a world champ, and this video was designed to build interest in a surf event. If they showed surfing from a previous contest, would it have any impact? It shows a fit, confident woman going through her process to get her day moving. Why does it have to be controversial???

    Well done Roxy, that promo was nails.

  • KC

    this is how you get people to care about female surfing: open the doors to the best SURFERS in the world, not the youngest, cutest, blondest, skinniest, nakedest….etc… Have you seen KK charge Teahupoo or Paige Alms charge Jaws or Savannah Shaughnessy charge Mavericks/Puerto?!? Most of the best women in the world raise families, have full time jobs, and earn mad respect in the lineups without the help of silly sponsorships that require you to roll around naked in a bed. imagine if they only had to focus on surfing like the boys. imagine if the waves on their world tour were as perfect as the mens. we’d be killin it. there are way more creative ways to promote a surfing event than the old-hat-sex-always-sells-blah-blah-blah. steph is so stylish and it breaks my heart to see her reduced to tits and ass like all the other teenage girls trying to make it in this pro sport.

  • Tidbit

    Once again, proving my point that female activism has go absolutely no clue. There are plenty of women who are well aware that their sexuality is the seat of their influence and power. As a male, I can personally tell you feminist types that it’s not ALWAYS T&A that hold sway – in fact, most of the time, it’s the personality of a woman that a man finds attractive – NEVERTHELESS, it’s the woman’s natural ability to command her sexuality, whether it’s mind OR body, that holds immense power in their relationships with men. I wouldn’t advocate the abuse of any of these attributes, but the ROXY ad doesn’t do this. It is tasteful, beautiful, and well done – it shows off the athlete, the clothing, and the sport. ROXY doesn’t sell surfing – they sell clothing. It’s mind-boggling how the common sense and the simple nature of human relationships gets twisted into the unrecognizable through stupid, high sounding ideologies.

  • George

    Why won’t you approve my comments? What are you afraid of?

  • Matt O’Brien

    Amanda Mascia: what do you mean buy that statement ‘best women surfers in comp”? Carissa, Steph, Sally, Lakey, Malia, Courtney, Tyler, what “better” are you thinking of? Hell, Coco, Silvana, Sage (results don’t do her justice), & Bianca rip too. Your comment seems a bit like you don’t understand women’s surfing at the moment. Alana is even ripping this year (she isn’t just about her butt!). That little ripper from Aus. – Philippa Anderson will be on tour soon enough (maybe even a wildcard). These women ARE the best women surfers in the world at the moment or were you thinking Kaissa Meador & Keala Kennelly? Cause that ain’t so. Yes they showed some ass, but people are [finally] talking about an upcoming women’s event. Good for the ladies, they RIP and should be encouraged to do so. the booty thing, not so much. but we are talking about them being more than an ass, so it is a start. Go Carissa for World Champ 2013!!

  • Bober

    I thought it was a Windows Surface / Windows Phone ad until 80% of the way through…

  • Justin James

    If a woman chooses to be in a advertisement like this, more power to her. If a woman wants to be filmed surfing and hanging on the beach more power to her. This should be a non issue and more about how far woman empowerment as a whole has come along. Admittedly still a long way off of being equal but sex sells and women use sexuality as a tool for life. Men try to as well, but it’s much more natural and effortless for women, Nothing wrong with it and why not? This is much like abortion or same sex marriage and the dialogue it brings up. Every situation and person is different, don’t try to control or influence others and live your own life how you deem fit. Let equality and freedom become the norm by understanding and being tolerant. Live and let live…

  • Steve

    I like the bit where they show you her ass.

  • Bryan

    whatever, Sexy is good. Surf promo, good enough for me. keep complain, I like it

  • Sayeed

    I’m a guy. I surf. I like women. This ad is boring to say the least. It wouldn’t be why I choose the watch the comp.

  • VK

    I’m seeing a lot of comments here about how female surfers can also be feminine and alluring, how a seat of a woman’s power is her ‘sexuality’ and frankly – that’s exactly the problem with an ad like this.

    Why is it important how a woman looks if she’s a good surfer? Why is it important if she’s feminine or butch or muscled or thin or waify. For god’s sake – get past it already. The problem is no matter what field we women excel in – whether it’s surfing or politics, engineering or the arts – it always somehow comes back to how we look. Welcome to the oppressive male gaze.

    An ad like this just follows where so many boring, derivative, seen-it-all-a-thousand-times ads have already gone. Women in sexy lingerie, focus on butt, boobs and legs, no focus on the face (ever). I’ve only seen that like, a bazillion times and all over the place, and everywhere I look.

    Get past it already fellas. Get laid or something. Then let us females participate in the real world without having to be reduced to walking body parts.

    We never once see her face. Most chicks do NOT sleep sexily and provocatively in their panties. It’s totally objectifying and nothing to do with how she surfs. I look forward to a day when everything a woman does is not immediately reduced to her sexuality.

  • http://www.beachbum.co.za Beachbum

    I think it’s getting more exposure for sure. Fantasy surfer did this for me funny enough…

  • chicadelagua

    This is a good article. For once it deals with an issue that seems to go untalked about in the industry/sport, and that Surfer Magazine has had a definite role in prolonging. The argument that sex empowers women is incorrect. It is so last century. How am I empowered if I have to use my body to get someone – usually a man’s – attention? It is the same as having to ask his permission. Have a look at the protests against Page 3 newspapers. That is what someone should be doing here.

  • D Rivers

    Justin James, that is a little contradictory… let it become a norm by being tolerant? It’s been long enough people have done not enough and it has NOT become the norm. And if you think sex sells much easier for women than for men, that is only because people have allowed that to become and remain the unfortunate norm that it is. I wonder if you would feel the same way if this woman was a little heavier, had some stretch marks or scars…? Still would be sexy? It’s unfortunate that you think it is more natural and effortless for women. Do you consider women who do not live up to this idealized body image? Probably not so comfortable…

    JP – I’m sure this is not exactly how her day goes — and if you hadn’t noticed, it clearly focuses on her physical attributes more than anything…

    So glad I already don’t buy Roxy!

  • https://www.facebook.com/kasie.perkins.5 Kasie Pee

    Well, since roxy can’t produce strong athletes, that can actually place in any event, let alone their own event, why not call it, for what it is, and broadcast, free soft-porn, in veil of a surfing event!

  • leosurf1

    I watched the video. read the comments and watched it again. what can you do? showing a decent wave of hers would have ruined it.

  • Hlaz

    Wow ‘Tidbit’, I’m guessing that’s how much you’re working with upstairs, because us “feminist types” aren’t complaining that power exists within sexuality. For me, at least, the problem here lies with the fact that, in order to get to a place where they’re taken seriously and to compete the same way that men do, female athletes have worked their ASSES OFF…why is that the only part people are still interested in seeing?

  • deansunova

    i think you think too much…lets go to surfing in general huh? what is a trick? is it real,or a trick?..so modern surfing is no longer concerned with surfing,but with tricks? or maybe ‘pro surfing’ is a complete illusion because there are only 10 guys who finish every contest,and the rest of them are not even really sponsored ,so that whole ‘show’ is a fantasy…hmm?

  • Amanda

    More of a commercial for HTC than anything!?

  • Louise

    I want to see the passion for surf in this vid!.. didnt see it in her eyes.. (might because they only showed me her body)…..

  • Mike

    Ultimately the video served its purpose, how many comments does a feature get on this website? Normally not this many so it created interest and does it really matter how. Women surfers are in the minority so your not going to grow viewership without attracting more males. What is the most popular form of volleyball, women’s beach! Sex sells accept it and move on, if a young female surfer can build a career in the sport why does it have to be based on what we think it should be, the girls surf well not as well as the guys but it still is good surfing if this gets more viewers of events I say great.

  • Luis Mori Peru

    Commenter Waggy says:
    Is this a joke? Surfer magazine has been using women’s bodies to peddle surfing merchandise for as long as it’s been around. And now you’d like us to believe that you are morally concerned? You really must think your readers are stupid.


  • joe

    On the surface, that was an incredibly shot ad. They’re clearly trying to get guys hyped on how sexy the new crop of female-pro-surfers are. As a competitive surf fan, I tune in to watch the girls. The level of women’s surfing has sky-rocketed in the last 5 years. But it was poor judgement on their part not to include one or two waves. If they would’ve included a wave or two, I would rate that ad as an A+. From a target audience perspective, it is a bit weird that they’re neglecting their bread & butter audience: young girls. I suppose a young girl could feel empowered and sexy after viewing this. I don’t know. I think the most disheartening message of this ad is how clubby it is. Super posh hotel, fancy smart phones, porshe truck…. pretty clubby pre-contest-routine. It looks like she’s in a hotel in Vegas, not a villa in France…. pretty dumb.

  • peter

    man that is embarassing but i guess if you’re going to bow and groverl before your corporate masters you might as well realize all of their dream$.

  • Carina

    Who cares if shes almost naked. What bothered me was the lifestyle this was promoting. Do you think every female surfer has such a posh lifestyle? I don’t get what Roxy was promoting. One of the best parts of surfing is that you can’t take anything with you. No cell phone, car, laptop. Whatever. I hope most girls other than myself are out there to feel free and ride some waves. And also, who showers before surfing?

  • Ryan Waldron

    Not sure if there is a direct correlation, but I’ve noticed more and more young girls coming to surf camp this year, definitely more than 50%. Hopefully its more than just the glitz and glamor they’re looking for.

  • jc

    hey wait we have to stop and try to think the real reason why roxy is doing this ad in that way, I dont know if someone has thought that the problem is conected with the new quiksivler’s CEO, yes I think that he is the problem, why? think about it, the guy NEVER in his life has try surfing and after be the CEO of companies like NIKE and DISNEY what do you think is the idea that this guy is getting to those brands like quiksilver removing lot of surfer of his team, removing completly the sk8 team, removing the surf team of DC and removing the quiksilver womens division? i think he knows nothing about the surf industry and of course his great idea to do the comercial promoting the windows operating sistem and trying to merge the both industries in the same ad, it’s shame to know that a F$#%ing guy out of the surf industry is involved in that

  • j

    That’s summer in Biarritz! Topless and/or rich girls. If the event were about the waves, they wouldn’t hold it in the middle of summer…

  • Rando

    Yes it’s sexy, but it’s got nothing to do with surfing, just T&A and more T&A. More like a soft core men’s magazine promotion. My personal view on women’s surfing is that there should be gender equality, which means men and women should surf against each other and be judged accordingly. Level playing field. They always want equality don’t they?It would certainly raise the standard of women’s surfing, that’s for sure.

  • Tom

    The harsh reality is this – watching women’s surfing is just not a patch on watching the top guys tearing it up. Sure, the ‘new crop’ of girls rip (and are hot) – but as someone else commented already – only about ten of the top blokes regularly finish in the finals of WCT events – and that is what people want to watch. I would watch a round up vid of a women’s event – but I wouldn’t sit and watch the contest live.

  • Imdumb

    It like all of a sudden marketing firms think sex sells or something. I’ve never seen scantily clad chics in Surfer magazine, so it must just be a poor executive decision. I’m sure market forces will realign their marketing campaigns. No worries.

  • Lo

    From an advertising perspective, I think they’re aiming to show the “before” of the contest. That it’s not all about rough riding and thrashing around, they’re trying to break that stereotype and show how feminine and graceful these female surfers are. They set the mood with calm & trendy electronic music and use a slow mo feel to make you feel like you are right there with her. It’s that feeling of calm before the storm and I don’t think it should be bashed so hard for its ‘sexiness’…they’re not trying to say the sport isn’t important, but are trying to show a side of it that they usually don’t portray.

  • Lo

    and to “imdumb” below…you actually wrote “it’s like all of a sudden marketing firms think sex sells or something”…i really hope you’re joking with the all of a sudden part, or else, you are not very informed when it comes to marketing

  • Tidbit

    Hlaz, and others, once again gloriously prove my point – the fem types want to rewrite and reprogram what is natural and right. Do you know what a tiger is? No matter how much you want to turn a tiger into a fuzzy little kitten that you can snuggle with, it’s a hard-wired killing machine, and, though beautiful, it ain’t a pet (just ask that famous Vegas tiger-performer fellow). “…in order to get to a place where they’re taken seriously and to compete the same way that men do…” Umm…WOMEN ARE NOT MEN! Stop trying to change the nature of man and woman. Translate, Hlaz: stop trying to be a man – you’ll find that being a woman comes, um, more naturally.

  • Scott S

    First of all, thank you Surfer Mag for writing this piece on this “promotion” video. Second, half of you people writing comments are complete idiots like you imdumb. I guess you rarely look thru a surfing magazine. The women they do show, are usually scantily clad advertisements. Until women surfers are recognized for their abilities and not there bodies they will not be taken seriously. Is this how they promote men’s surfing? No. Give these women today, which are the most talented to ever make up the ASP tour some credit. These women train and surf just as hard, are required to travel the world (which isn’t cheap) and are given about 10 percent the prize money of men, yet there is usually only one round less then the men at most events. Very sad.

  • Verna

    Thank you surfer magazine for your comments. Roxy missed a great opportunity to not only promote their line, but amazing athletes as well. Instead we got a mostly naked young girl aimed at young teenage boys? What exactly does this have to do with surfing? Roxy should forgo making soft porn movies and put their money towards better women’s surfing prize dollars.

  • haha

    So when did the American far right wing start to surf and find an elegant portrayl as “soft core porn”.

  • http://VacationEnglishTrips.com Matt

    Combine the men’s tour with the women’s tour. Alternate heats. Women compete against women, men against men. After the winners have been decided, do an exhibition heat with men and women competing against each other. It will improve women’s surfing and expose it to those who normally don’t watch women compete.

  • Susan Monroe

    As long as grown, strong, agile women are called girls – are shown as headless torso’s with nothing more than a butt in bottoms that are barely there – female surfing will not be taken seriously. The power and agility needed to actually surf a wave is tremendous. The women brave enough, fierce enough to stare this monster of tons of liquid and force face to face must show a united clan of righteousness. Leave the shallow look-at-me-I’m-so-sexy image behind and catch up with the men who show fearless power conquering the wave. The wave. It’s all about the wave.

  • J

    You all have your panties twisted up a bit too tight. I hope everyone throws up their hands just as fast when you see a surf ad with some guy and his six pack with water dropping off him, oh and trust me, he’ll have his shirt off too! The atrocity!!

    Pretty sure this is geared toward more of the “lifestyle” of the “surfing woman” image. Unless every other woman wakes up in a full flannel onesie, I’d say this is a relatively accurate portrayal. While it’s not completely tasteless by any means, I’m sure a shot of her smiling would appease the super conservative crowds a bit more. If your mentality instantly puts this as some provocative, soft core porn, woman demeaning ad then give your head a shake and pull it out of your a$$. There are a huge group of people that would find this the complete opposite in fact.

    As far as Surfer posting up their opinion of an ad that’s fine, but does your entire staff believe this opinion? If not maybe the author should post this up on their own personal blog as it discredits the entire staff with one swoop of the proverbial pen.


  • felipe bascope

    I have a very stoked ten-year old daughter who cant stop surfing and loves watching surf contests on line with me. This crap Roxy concepted is so dumbed down to the lowest common knuckle-dragging denominator, they forgot one thing: a new, relevant audience made of of young women. With the talent level these ladies offer, his is what they get in return?

    Look, I love hot women as much as the next guy, but I expect relevance and something smart from this brand. If you’re going to show skin to win, at least show as the talent level that matches it. Zero concept. All execution and a meandering message from a floundering brand.

  • Bob R

    The female pros are not the best surfers in the world. The male pros are better. Sure KK et al surf big waves and do it better than the average male, but still nowhere near as well as the best males. So you’re not going to keep people’s attention long by promoting their sheer surfing ability. The men got more of that. I’ll watch hours of the best men surfing but I get bored pretty quickly watching people who don’t surf at least as well as me (whether they are male or female).

    But the female pros are sexy. That’s what they have over the men. That’s why that’s the part that gets promoted. Sex sells. Duh.

    The brands have apparently made the judgement that, in terms of clothing sales, sexy/glamorous image is more important than athletic surfing substance. They’re probably right.

    I think this ad is aimed primarily at teenage girls. Teenage girls see imagery like this and they want to emulate it (even though they can’t, and I can’t look like Brad Pitt either). But they’ll buy the bikinis and tops and whatever so they can feel like they have a piece of the glamorous life of a female pro.

  • Matt O’Brien

    what is really sad is that this promo had about as much surfing going on as the Comp! In fact there may even be more because at least in the promo – the Lady is wearing a jersey and running to the water’s edge. Can’t say the same for the event. Which is the true tragedy!
    also, funny nobody is mentioning anything about Steph Gilmore signing on to Roxy and that might actually be her in the promo. Can’t deny her surfing ability.

  • Hilary R.

    I was more puzzled then offended. They didn’t even throw up the info to promote the event or brand much( except the HTC maybe). I’m not sure were they were going to place this ad (internet videos, tv channels airing the event if there are any ,etc).
    As much as people are talking I don’t see it as effective.

    Anything that gets woman surfing attention is awesome in my book even if it’s Alana’s ass because enough people will find out she’s a great surfer too. The chicks truly aren’t at the men’s level though at the very utmost and let’s not pretend otherwise. I feel woman’s events are often held back my the men’s events hogging all the great waves/locations. I second that Matt guy’s comment about combining men and woman’s surf events and using alternating heats. It shouldn’t be done until the skills/tricks gap is more similar.

    Surfing isn’t one of the sports most people can truly aspire to watch (in person) or participate in regularly to a lot of people. It’s sort of localized mostly to people who live on coasts and have the interest,time, dedication. In America most of the big sports are team sports not individual. It’s never going to be baseball. I believe it was someone in Surfer who phrased it ” The surf industry is about selling board shorts to kids in Iowa.” and I think it was an apt description. Surfers and the surf industry often have very different values and interests. Surfing might be more mainstream and have lost it’s earlier rough culture to a large extent but it’s still fringe,indie,and basically hyper localized and elitist at times.

    P.S. I used to be a subscriber but I think my mailman took my swimsuit issue. Any way to prevent that by any chance?

  • Daager112

    People can be a little precious about objectifying women. Shes hot, and its selling products for her sponsor. She is also a good surfer. Whats the problem? Kelly Slater cashed in on his looks with Baywatch back in the day, why cant she?

    Its not half as bad as the big names covering up Andy Irons drug problems, lying about discovering new breaks, pretending to be green while jetting surfers and camera crews after swells, or their surf videos with their insincere philosophies and Hollywood styles. The surf industry generates a lot of money these days, and with that comes a lot of bs. We’ve benefited too with an amazing variety of boards to ride and an incredible level of surfing.

    I don’t blame the surfers, they gotta make the money while they can. I would just prefer not to get sucked into the commercialism of it, and just keep surfing real and simple, just like it used to be and still is for most.

  • James

    Isn’t it illegal to drive barefooted?

  • Ros Franklin

    Janna your comments are so true. I have just finished my PhD looking at equity issues in sponsorship and marketing of female surfers. Here is the link if interested http://research-hub.griffith.edu.au/display/nae15ba0f791eda586f13a0239dbc5943

  • Susie

    Hahaha! Wow. I realize this is like 2 years too late, but, this is seriously the worst. I remember the waves sucking. As a female surfer and someone who grew up around the industry and competing this makes me sad. This is the results of surfers no longer owning and running the surf industry. Welcome to Corporate America people, let’s sell some shit. Honestly, that’s really not even the most offensive part. This advertisement is so poorly done, and judging by these comments, no one can even agree who the target audience is, and as a “consumer” our call to action, really basic advertising crap.

    My thoughts as I watched, I am a 25-year-old female surfer and fan of women’s surfing, –

    I see you promoting your contest, cool. I need to remember to watch. I want to be there, it looks super pretty. I also see your technology sponsor, that phone looks nice, now I want a phone? or wait…do I want her panties? because now I’m back to her ass, she’s got a nice ass. Wow. You know what’s my favorite thing to do when I get up before I surf? put on my boyfriends shirt…just to take it back off. Why is she in the shower? She should be frantically shaving her bikini line if she’s in there, that the only reason for that. She should know that shits going to sting though. Also, the Sun is up; shouldn’t you already be at the beach? you’re going to be late! Oh, I see, now we’re selling her outfit. I like her shorts. I’d buy those shorts. I wonder if they still have some like that? Fancy car. WTF Is this also promoting a razor blade??..maybe Jergens natural glow? It keeps showing her legs. The slow-mo is killing me. Finally, at the contest putting on the jersey..where the F is everyone else? Can she put her jersey on any more slowly, I don’t think I could read the sponsors fast enough… Andddd back to dat ass. Contest dates. End. I’m laughing. Basically, I’m upset. All the build up and no surfing, confusing advertisement messages, and lack of realism. At best I would watch, as a fan, but not because of this advertisement, and I may want to know her workout routine and the body lotion she uses.

    Sucks that 2 years later social media has only perpetuated this kind of garbage. I wish we’d see more, new companies emerge and really help push women’s surfing in a better direction.