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Talk Story Night With Dick Brewer at Surfer the Bar

Surf and Shaping Legend to be Featured at Turtle Bay

| posted on May 22, 2013

Dick Brewer is to modern surfboard design what Kelly Slater is to modern day surfing. A contemporary shaping genius who was himself an impressive surfer, Brewer has set the pace in surfboard design for five decades. His designs have affected every generation since the ’50s; his boards have been ridden by the sport’s best, including Eddie Aikau, Buzzy Trent, Jeff Hakman, Gerry Lopez and Reno Abellira to Garrett McNamara and Bruce Irons today. The son of an aircraft machinist, his exceptional handcrafting skills and understanding of outlines, contours, and edges continues to translate surfboard blank into highly functional—and collectable—pieces of art. One of his most valuable wood surfboards resides in the North Shore WaterShed.

  • Jeff Hay

    Aloha RB,

    I was just reading your history by Drew Kampion and I am glad you’re still kicking and still, as Buzzy Trent said “the maker of the Stradivarius of surfboards”! I know that Mark Twain said that compliments always embarrassed him because when people finished he always felt they hadn’t said enough however, taking on board that risk, it’s time Dick Brewer was acknowledged as not only the “Stradivarius” of shapers but also arguably the greatest surfer of all time….. like Duke Kahanamoku. In terms of both your actual surfing (I can still remember you ripping Pakala the summer I got my first Brewer) and for your unequalled knowledge of aqua dynamics and your ability to transfer your knowledge into foam…… there have been other great surfers and other great surfboard shapers but only one Brewer.