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SURFER and SURFING Digital Platforms Join Forces with Surfline

| posted on January 06, 2010 and have established a partnership with The partnership combines the resources of all three platforms to the benefit of both the users and affiliates. “The combined audience and influence of Surfline, Surfer and Surfing is incredible,” says Jonno Wells, CEO, Surfline. This partnership will create a more comprehensive on-line experience for users of all three platforms, simultaneously allowing affiliates to reach a larger cross-section of surf and beach enthusiasts.

“We’re looking forward to once again working with the surf world’s most significant magazine brands, Surfer and Surfing,” continues Wells. “This partnership allows each of the companies to focus on what makes them unique, while offering the surf community the best of both print and online.” and will each expand their website offerings to include live surf cam spots from over 100 locations powered by Surfline. This will allow users to directly access the Surfline-powered, free, ad supported, surf camera feeds directly from within either website. and visitors will also be offered special incentives to Surfline Premium Member services. Likewise, special subscription benefits for Surfer and Surfing Magazines will be made available to Surfline Premium Members. Surfline Premium Members will also be able to use their log-in information on or to view the 82+ large format HD cams powered by Surfline from within their Surfer or Surfing online session.

“I’m excited by the potential of this partnership,” states Tony Perez, Group Publisher, Surfer and Surfing Magazines. “As an all-inclusive network, users of, and will have access to the most relevant, up-to-date, and insightful content and forecasting information available to the surf community all in one on-line hotspot. As such, the strength of this network will allow us to add value to other new and existing on-line partnerships.”

This partnership goes live on, and on February 1, 2010. Be sure to log on and check out the new features.

  • Thomas “T. C.” Canterbury

    I would like to purchase a copy of your “40th Aniversary Issue.”
    I am featured so wonderfully anonymously, in a b/w photo, on a fun 5 foot wave at Malibu; joined in comradeire’, with 5 of my stalwart companions.
    Two are bailing out in desperation. (One never prepares for the Southern Hemi’s taxation on the body’s enegy stores .) Another bold lad Straight Off Adolph, was a tad late on the hop up and is not lined up for the slot . Me I had the good luck to just throw myself down the wall hoping the round Vee and the rails held. Big malibu and small Malibu are both the same creature. I rememered that Bruce Jones Beak Nose, my skinny knocked kneed stance and my Rod Stewart suitable for guitar playing, nightclubing, and keeping the water out of your eyes in just these situations The caption reads: “Cross town traffic at Malibu.” I also got a anonymous b/w on a 5 ft er, in the Guide to Surfing California. I have been buying your Magazine since the 1st store issues.xxxoooxxx T.C. Canterbury still ride Bruce Jones boards both pics around 1973