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The Stringer Society Needs You

Sustainable Surf's Stringer Society is in full membership drive mode

| posted on August 26, 2014
George Freeth would want you to join.

George Freeth would want you to join.


Are you a surfer fighting the good sustainability fight? Do you feel like you’re the only one? Want to be a part of a larger organization dedicated to not only greening surf culture, but making surfing the on-ramp for a more sustainable overall way of living? Then the folks at Sustainable Surf want you. The group behind the Waste to Waves styrofoam recycling program, and the ECOBOARD Project, among other campaigns, are inviting fellow concerned surfers to join The Stringer Society, an international surf club for the 21st Century. Building on the the idea that surf clubs have historically worked to preserve, protect, and pass down the best parts of surf culture, the Stringer Society is focused on growing a belief within the surf industry that sustainability is absolutely crucial to surfing’s future. By joining the Stringer Society at one of three tax deductible donation levels, you’ll be helping to further the reach of Sustainable Surf’s programs, and as a thanks will enjoy special member pricing on certain ECOBOARD certified surfboards, a complimentary handplane, t-shirt, and invites to VIP events. For more information on joining the Striger Society, visit Sustainable Surf.