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Save The Waves Coalition Chile Relief Update

| posted on March 03, 2010

Pichilemu, Chile – The massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that ripped through Chile on Saturday have devastated coastal communities, particularly in the Maule-Itata region. Many of the smaller coastal towns have suffered enormous destruction, including to most infrastructure. The area also happens to be home to many of the country’s prime surf locations, which makes the international surf community both uniquely positioned and responsible to help.

With support pouring into Chile from all parts of the world, including from the surf industry, Save The Waves, local residents, and international travelers have begun assembling ground crews in the coastal town of Pichilemu. Teams are already running supplies from Pichilemu to the surrounding areas while organizing runs further south to the areas hardest hit from the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunamis with the support of Save The Waves.

High profile professional surfers have jumped in to support the relief efforts, led by Chile’s own Ramon Navarro, who was traveling to the Todos Santos Big Wave Event in Mexico when the earthquake hit. Navarro, a Save The Waves surf ambassador, is working with Quiksilver’s Quinn Campbell, on the ground in Pichilemu and Billabong’s Chris Evans in California to activate swift relief efforts via Save The Waves. Says, Navarro, “I sincerely appreciate support for Chile from my international surf community, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Malloy brothers, Kohl Christenson, Save The Waves, Jon Rose from Waves for Water, Greg Long’s whole family, Patagonia and others – they have shown they’re true friends and care a lot for Chile. Chile needs your help so please get involved.”

The Malloy brothers are organizing a benefit concert in the Santa Barbara-Ventura area to drive relief efforts with the support of some major names, details TBA. Save The Waves ambassador Greg Long along with Kohl Christensen have committed to traveling to Chile in the coming days to carry water filters and to help with efforts on the ground. Part-time Chile resident Jesse Faen has been rallying people all week. On Wednesday, Save The Waves also dispatched environmental director Josh Berry and a small team to Chile, to rendezvous with ground crews there and assist in relief efforts.

Save The Waves has an initial supply of 1000 emergency water filtration systems en route through a partnership with Jon Rose and Waves for Water. Waves for Water successfully provided clean water through filters in the wake of the Haiti disaster, as well as the Padang earthquake last year. These initial filters will provide clean drinking water for up to 10,000 people across the coastal areas in Chile hardest hit, and distribution of the filters is a major focus of relief efforts.


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  • James Arthur

    First of all a big thank you to SurferMag for helping raise awareness about the devastation in Chile. Due to the remoteness and being over shadowed by the larger cities, many thousands of families are still lacking food or water in the areas around Constitucion (not to be confused with Conception which is further South). Right now is critical and every dollar helps. SaveTheWaves and Waves For Water are doing a great job of logistically but YOUR help is needed at very least financially. This region has given us surfers and wine lovers soo much aloha over the years, please return the favor. Just $20 can buy a water filter that will provide drinking water for 10-20 people and they last upward of 3 years!

    Also business can get involved. As part of a campaign to aid the recovery effort in earthquake and tsunami devastated central Chile, Web Design and Green Web Hosting are offering all services on a donation basis and giving 10% of gross revenues in the months of March, April and May to help Chilean reconstruction.

    “There is no set price. Of course, we don’t want to work for nothing as the objective of the campaign is to raise funds for the recovery effort in Chile. We want to work for what you think it is worth and provide a significant portion of those funds to help Chile.

    For more information about the Donation based services benefiting Chile check out: