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Peter Crawford’s Legacy Lives On Through Insight

GET OFF MY CLOUD Exhibition | Feb 27th 2011

| posted on February 22, 2011

For the upcoming GET OFF MY CLOUD Exhibition, Justin Crawford (son) and Insight’s Creative Director Steve Gorrow have collaborated on several large scale iconic 70’s silkscreen prints of legendary surfers and surf personalities. Each print has been painstakingly treated with a psychedelic paint marbling effect on top of the action image, then sealed in high gloss fiberglass to bring out the vibrancy of the colours used whilst also complimenting the mood of the era these images were captured in.

About Peter Crawford:
Peter Crawford was a renowned surf photographer and some would say one of the world’s best lensman the industry has seen. Having grown up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches he was also an avid surfer. His body of work spanned over 3 decades and in this time he captured some of the most influential riders in surfing’s history including Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew and Michael Peterson.

The true status of Peter Crawford and his legacy is still being realised both in Australia’s surfing history and around the world. With his sudden passing in Bali, from an apparent spider bite, this colourful flower bloomed short and sweet. Being a major surfing photographer for both Australian surfing publications and the big US surfing magazines, PC has a library up there with the best in surfing’s archives. His body of work was magnanimous, photographing over one million images in his lifetime.

  • Rosa Agostino

    I was shocked to just read this news of Peter. My parents owned a fruit shop/milk bar on Dee Why Beach and Peter & Gail used to come into our shop. I remember Dee Why Beach hosting a massive amount of surf carnivals in the 70’s. And I remember Peter being out there at all times of the day taking this incredible photos of all the surfers.
    He will be missed by not only the surfing industry but every one who knew him. He touched so many lives. I wish to pass on my deepest condolences to his family, and all who knew him.
    Peter Crawford R.I.P.