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PEMEX Oil Spill in Oaxaca, Mexico

Spill Threatens Sea Turtles and World-Class Surfing Beaches

| posted on August 28, 2012

USA: Serge Dedina,
Mexico: Eduardo Najera646-1511444


WiLDCOAST Asks Mexican Government to Start Cleanup and Establish Restoration and Compensation Fund

A PEMEX oil spill in the port of Salina Cruz in Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca went uncontained for 11 days along Pacific Coast beaches, impacting more than 12 miles of coastline.

The spill has so far resulted in the deaths of 13 sea turtles and tarred beaches with oil revered by surfers worldwide for their wave quality.

“The beaches of southern Oaxaca are Mexico’s most important for nesting Olive Ridley sea turtles and surfing tourism,” said Dr. Eduardo Najera, the Mexico Director for WiLDCOAST. “We are requesting that Mexican federal authorities investigate the cause of the spill and require PEMEX to quickly and thoroughly clean up its mess.”

Beaches impacted by the oil spill include Salinas del Marqués, Brasil, Brasilito, Azul, Punta Conejo, La Escondida-Guelaguichi, Playa Cangrejo, and Chipehua.

Conservationists are concerned that the petroleum could harm the 500,000 Olive Ridley sea turtles that lay their eggs on Morro Ayuta beach located north of the oil spill area.

Federal sea turtle monitors reported that clumps of oil have appeared along the more than 14-mile beach, considered among the world’s most important nesting beaches. More than 25,000 Olive Ridleys arrived on Morro Ayuta during the three days proceeding the oil spill.

During a recent tour of the region by WiLDCOAST, there was no evidence of any effort by PEMEX to clean up beaches and wildlife impacted by the spill.

“Pemex must be required to clean up and restore all of the ecosystems damaged by the oil spill to the fullest extent possible,” said Najera. “Indigenous communities, families and businesses that make their living from fishing, surfing and eco-tourism must be compensated for their losses as a result of damage from the spill.”

WiLDCOAST is an international conservation team that conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife.

  • Puerto Escondido’s Professional Network

    We have been running a community public access News and Media public awareness campaign on facebook about the Oaxaca beaches this oil spill has contaminated ever since we obtained the official Mexican Press Release on August 24th from Wildcoast and Surfline.
    We are providing daily updates, photo’s, and video footage of these contaminated beaches and of the oil spill impact on Marine Life and local Surfers in Salina Cruz and the surrounding surf breaks so the general public can stay informed of the truth of this Oil Spill and how much damage it has caused and is still causing by them not cleaning it up yet. The oil spill has been left abandoned in the Pacific Ocean by the Mexican government for over 3 weeks now.
    We started a continental “Public Outrage” North American letter writing campaign to Mexican officials to put public pressure on them to clean up this oil spill. We are asking that all U.S.A, Mexico, and Canada natural born citizens to “flood” the offices of certain top Mexican officials with thousands of letters from all over the North American continent demanding that they clean up this oil spill. We are strongly encouraging that all Surfers who live on our shared North American continent to join this “Public Outrage” letter writing campaign and let your voice be heard!
    The Surfers have the power and your voices are needed!
    The surfing tourism in Oaxaca is the largest foreign tourism revenue in Oaxaca, Mexico and all your voices will carry a lot of financial weight in pressuring the Mexican government to clean up this oil spill. This oil spill has already harmed many prestine surfing beaches in Oaxaca and it is spreading to other beaches in Oaxaca. There are several oceanic protection non profit organizations working on this public awareness campaign together to get this oil spill cleaned up but it is the Surfing Tourism that has the economic power to make this happen.
    Please join our letter writing campaign. You can find all the information on our “Public Outrage” letter writing campaign at our public access community facebook page here.
    Thanks for your support Surfer Magazine!

    Donna Love, Media Director at Puerto Escondido’s Professional Network