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Mark Visser Scores Giant Wave in Western Australia

| posted on September 28, 2009

visserBattling chaotic and gusty winds, along with rain, the big wave surfer rode a wave with a 36 foot face last Thursday.

The waves were surfed at Cowbombie, a break about 2.5km offshore from Western Australian suburb Grace Town.
“The weather was unbearable out there. It was very windy, around 30 knots,” Visser said.

“Along with the wind, the water was icy cold. My feet ended up getting numb.”

The Cowbombie break is gaining itself a reputation as one of the hot spots for big wave surfing, not only attracting Australian dare-devils.

With news of the big swell in Western Australia, surfers from around the world came to check it out, including big wave specialists Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker (SA), Doug Young (NZ) and Ross Clark Jones (sometime resident of Aus).

“I heard about the big swell on Wednesday morning and we arrived in Perth Wednesday night,” Visser said.
“On Thursday we got these monster waves and then backed up on Friday. The waves weren’t as big, around 25 foot. I went in with a paddle board, but got smashed a few times.”

October usually sees the end of the big swell, hence Visser battling elements to get these waves.

Visser hopes to enter the Oakley Surfing Life Big Wave Awards for the biggest wave surfer, but in the meantime, he continues his quest for bigger waves.

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