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Kelly Slater Wave Co. Launches Website

Concepts and mockups of Slater's wave pool plans at

| posted on January 08, 2013

For better or for worse, the Kelly Slater Wave Co. launched a brand new website at The site details the team behind the KSWC, which includes Slater and his manager Terry Hardy, and lays out their vision for the circular pool, a continuous motion design they have the plans and means to construct. The site’s target demographic is definitely investors; it caters more to hotel CEOs than surfers. But it’s worth a clickthrough. Here are some of their explanations of (and justifications for) what their plans are for the future of wave pool surfing:


For some, it’s lounging wave-side entertained by the display of world-class waves and skilled surfing. For others, it’s the unmatched thrill of riding waves. For beginners, it’s small approachable whitewater waves, a boogie board, or soft-top with top-notch instructors available. For the advanced, it’s a barreling wave that challenges deep tube riding and aerial acrobatics, pushing the limits of performance. But for all, it’s a spectacle, with memories that last a lifetime.

For the first time ever, a best-in-class surf destination with guaranteed waves, popular amenities and unique entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Centered around an island created just for you is a place of leisure and escape to reconnect with family, friends and yourself. This one-of-a-kind destination celebrates the best of beach culture and the surf lifestyle and delivers an unparalleled wave riding experience tailored to each guest. As surfer, spectator, or beach goer, you choose your experience.

Share the experience and emotion surrounding the best qualities of the surf lifestyle through best-in-class wave systems and surf lifestyle destination concepts. Our mission is to provide access to a guaranteed, safe and controlled surf experience in integrated environments, offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience for surfers, guests and spectators.

The Kelly Slater Wave Company bridges the worlds of surf, lifestyle and technology, providing unique and valuable recreational and entertainment opportunities. With deep experience in the surf lifestyle, and partnerships with leaders in the design, development and operation of location-based entertainment, hospitality and sports destinations, KSWC provides stewardship for the authentic application of its concepts for business. The team includes a diverse collection of international experts in wave science and engineering, employing a number of scientific disciplines in researching and developing efficient, safe and high-value guest experiences.


Surfing’s next frontier, or the beginning of the end? Let us know in the comments.

  • charles

    please don’t

  • Marcelo

    please, yes. (The waves suck around here, all I need is a wave like that)

  • Dante Rondo

    Sounds fun, but likely only for the “Well to do financially” ! Some of us may be stuck graveling or getting waves where we live. Oh well there could be a worse fate…Like being a surfer living in central Texas !
    Cheers !

  • barrel

    I don’t understand why they haven’t realized that it wont work yet, at least not as they describe. It will be cool for beginners and non-surfers but the physics of it won’t allow for anyone to get more than a .5 second cover up or do more than a half-assed cutback. Look at the birds eye view picture on the banner of the ‘about’ page and remember this one very simple fact – your board goes where your fins are pointing. I can’t wait to pick apart the first promotional video if they ever make a full scale working prototype with someone surfing it and see what they try and pass off as getting barreled.

    • guest

      it’s december 21, 2015 and maybe you should go to the wsl website and watch kslater ripping a perfect, draining, overhead barrel… while you enjoy the crow you’ll be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner

      a prophet you are clearly not, my friend



  • Matt

    Get ready to see surfing in the olympics, on prime time TV, and guys pulling snowboard-type maneuvers since they’ll have a consistent place to practice and dial in their surfing.

  • YD

    Slaters’ manager is the very same guy who will own the ASP and also manages JJs career. Can’t wait to see the judging next year.

  • Justrum

    Rick Kane wins the Arizona surfing championships thx kelly slata

  • Lakechud

    Wasn’t this design in a Wilbur Kookmeyer cartoon years ago?

  • gannysesh

    Lakechud, here’s that Wilbur Kookmeyer drawing:

  • Mik

    Sorry. But no.

    No to transplanting a nature driven ocean sport, that requires years of dedication to master, to the Midwest and spoon feeding it to the masses…

    No to the idea of masses who will learn to surf, and then head out to the ocean and add more bodies to an already over-crowded playing field.

    You can call me greedy if you like…

    But No. I do not like this plan.

    I love Kelly Slater’s surfing, but I do not love his business plan, because it will negatively impact the world of surfing that empowered his life.

    This isn’t giving back to the sport, it is pimping it to undeserving people.

    No. No no no no no.


  • Sudra

    I don’t know what to saw, fuck. They should spent the money on surfboards and give them free to poor poeple around the world. It ruins everything.
    For information surfing a few hours in a wave pool costs more than 500$. The only surfers that will ride it are pros and wealthy russians.
    I don’t even talk about the environment impact.

  • Lakechud
  • Owlbyrd

    This is the possible science behind it that might make it reality.

  • Scott

    This is why I’ve taken up dancing instead.

  • Dude unit

    Bring it on! If its powerful and able to dial in crazy sections and ramps- that would be great- if it’s weak as piss- possibly that will be better- in regards to weak as piss- evn if the physics are good, warm fresh/ chlorinated water IS less dense, and less heavy than (esp cold) salt water. If its weak- then it’ll reduce the amount of rich kooks in the water… Also, I highly doubt there will be the need to duck dive, so learners coming out of wave pools won’t have the strength or knowledge to get out the back on average sized days.. More casualties through surfing might deter some, but hey, the ocean is for everyone. To all those idiots who throw cigarette butts on the ground, hurry up and get cancer and die- your polluting the ocean.