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John John Florence Signs with Hurley

Amid growing speculation, Florence inks deal with industry giant

| posted on January 04, 2013

After months of speculation, it was leaked today at the Agenda trade show that World Tour surfer John John Florence has officially signed with Hurley. The details of the contract have yet to be made public. An official statement from Hurley is expected to be released on Monday. Prior to signing with Hurley, Florence had ridden for O’Neill since he was 6 years old.

  • austin

    sad….. Does nothing for hurley as they already have a stacked stacked team. Look for more sales to walmart, costco, and prolly target soon from hurley in order to pay for this massive and outrageous salary…

  • ryley b

    Nike owns Hurley..No doubt, lots of money involved and if your John John, why not take a huge payday…Congrats to a sick surfer who has probably set himself and his family for life.

  • David

    nike dollars for sure..put’s me off Hurley, feels like a puppet company

    but he is a supreme talent & seems like a super good kid, so good luck to him. Sure he’ll buy his mum something to say thanks.

  • Jeff

    way to go John John. This isn’t sad at all, for Hurley, for surfing, for anything. It shows that money is flowing into the sport. And Hurley/Nike has the money to advertise and push surfing more into the mainstream, which means more money back into surfers and contests, and hopefully more growth. Surfing in the US is a joke compared to Australia. Maybe Nike/Hurley and their dollars will help get it closer to down under.

  • Jefe

    way to go John John. Hopefully Hurley/Nike will keep investing in the surfers, market, and advertising to get surfing in the US closer to how it is in Australia.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    I saw some leaked poster that has the new line up of Hurley stars. There were a few notable surfers missing, like Ace, Simpson, Muniz, and Machado. I hope these guys haven’t been ditched to bring in JJ or the Nike team. Nike really don’t seem to know how shabby this all looks if the poster is real.

    Part of me questions the loyalty of JJ in leaving a company he has been with since he was six. Another part of me questions the values of companies that sign very young children. Should there not be some sort of gentlemans agreement between the companies not to sign anybody untill they are at least 12. I know its the child’s parent/guardian who does the deal, but it is all a bit suspect!

  • Scott

    I love JJ’s surfing and had hopes he wouldn’t turn into a monster. My hopes are gone. Fuck Nike and Hurley, they don’t belong!

  • @Jimmy

    What do you expect?! Surfing is going mainstream. Just like football, basketball, and other extreme sports (Skating, Snowboarding, ect.), surfing companies are buying up the talent. My question is, “Why would you question the intentions of JJ?” The kid was born with nothing, and through hard work, he’s earning his keep. If you honestly believe that a corporate giant surfing company has loyalty, you’re wrong. Let JJ get his paper and instead of being used and abused for chips, then spit out when the next big kid appears, JJ will have enough money to retire.

  • Realist

    All you people whining about Hurley being owned by Nike/ John John leaving Oneill/ selling out to the man etc. etc. are completely freaking clueless. Yes Hurley is owned by Nike. What about Vans? They are owned by VF Corp. (Vanity Fair etc.) How about Volcom? They are owned by PPR (Gucci, Puma etc.). Oh, & Oneill? They are owned by La Jolla Group, purveyors of such hardcore surf brands like Metal Mulisha & FMF! The big clothing companies sold their souls a long time ago. The only true surf companies left are the hard goods manufacturers. You know, the stuff you actually need to go surfing? Surfboards, traction, wax, etc. The rest is fluff. And any of you people who say you would have turned down the kind of money John was offered if you were in his position are completely full of it. He and his family are set now. Good for JJF. He deserves it.

  • you know

    If you really believe that JJ will change in ANY WAY because he has a different sticker on the nose of his board, you are totally confused. The kid is as humble AND talented as they come, and no logo is going to change that. O”Neill is not a little family owned operation, but a corporation set up to take your money for trunks, just like all the other big companies- AND they had the chance to re-sign him and chose not too. They are all monsters, but that doesn’t make their team riders assholes or idiots for riding for them.

  • Dman

    GOOD NEWS for JJ. HE deserves to be paid the BIG BUCKS and has worked his tail off to get to this point in his life. Pro Surfing is a BUSINESS and JJ is looking out for HIMSELF. I predict he will be winning many world titles in the years to come.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    I am not questioning JJ’s intentions, just his loyalty. You are the one that has presumed that his intention is to get as much money as he can. All these pros are getting a real sweet deal from the companies, who wouldn’t want to take their place. I am not sure what you mean about him being born with nothing – I don’t know a hell of a lot about his personal back story, but living on the north shore seems like a dream scenario. As for the hard work, do you mean surfing everyday? In that case I am a workaholic, or try to be… Good luck to JJ, he seems like a decent kid, and a great surfer, but I bet he will miss O’Neill when he gets into real cold water.

  • Jeff

    I don’t think loyalty plays anything into this. Yes, surfing is a sport and passion, but at his level it’s also a business. There are very few professional athletes that stay loyal to their teams (equivalent to major surf sponsors) when they have a more lucrative contract from someone else. And for those athletes that do stick around, and remain loyal, they most likely don’t get any “extra” respect from their teams, because they are running a business. If John John had stuck with O’neill and started to suck on tour, got into drugs, had a ‘tiger woods’ moment or something like that, do you really think they would stick behind him? No. He’s now surfing as a business and needs to treat it as such, which he most likely did by moving to Hurley.

  • Jimmy the Dong

    Loyalty is an admirable trait, and I think JJF has shown plenty where it counts – his family.

    He was signed by O’Neill when he was young and has given them a healthy return on the initial faith they showed in him. He ignited the tour in a far bigger way than their other big name surfers.

    His contract was up, he signed with a new company. Surfing is his livelihood.

    If you work for company A, and company B offers you double, would you stay at company A out of loyalty, knowing full well that your job has a very short, limited shelf life? I think not.

    Question JJF’s loyalty and ethics if he jumps ship mid contract to follow the money. He saw out his contract, he got a better deal and I see nothing wrong with what he did…

    Now, the Nike/ Hurley thingy is a different story – more interest equals more crowds and potential for chaos in the lineup. Would be nice if the Nike/ Hurley gear being sold at the mass marts come with surf maps showing Malibu, Doheny and Trestles as the only surf spots in So Cal…

  • Jimmy the Saint

    If you think that nike dollars being invested into surfing is a good thing, I think you are mistaken. Nike has always been about killing off the competition, and ultimatly there is less choice for the consuemer long term.
    I don’t think anybody should be applauded for acting without loyalty and solely going to the highest bidder. Is it understandable? Of course, is it comendable? I don’t think so…
    Would I expect the companies to stand behind an injured or sick surfer? Yes I would

  • Jimmy the Saint

    just for the record, I didn’t say that JJ acted without loyalty, or that he was soley out for the money, just replying to other posts that insinuated that he was jus out for the money.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Please ignore my comments on this threat, just read them back and am embarassed. Who am I to question JJ’s motives. Best of luck to JJ ,he is a great surfer

  • FHM surfboards

    wake up people you want soul surfing stick to your neighbourhood comp.
    a company in any game is going to head hunt the top guns they sell the product more than any ads will.The tour needs big corporate money to survive and so do the pro’s on tour

  • howisthisrelevant

    blah blah blah pro surfers blah blah blah sponsorship changes blah blah who the fuck cares

  • Efren

    Good for him ! Altough I’m not a fan of Nike

  • Captyoda

    Yeah John seems like a nice kid….but all these companies selling out…it just kinda sucks….why did hurley need to sell to nike anyway? seems kinda wierd? did they gain so much? I dont know anyone who wears hurley gear except kooks with wavestorms/? I live in socal….so lame all these companies sold out…vans, volcom, etc…..leaves a bad taste in my mouth….oh well…its lame there are no real surf shops in dogtown(aka santa monica) ..its all a joke…

  • tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Just a few months back, John was in support of the “Just don”t do it Foundation”, a group who is fighting back, and has the guts to stand up to nike, and their corporate greed. Now he’s riding for nike,. How does he explain that? I guess some people have a price and can be bought. Riding for hurley ,is the same as riding for nike, (nike is basically a mainstream track and field shoe company), every dollar from hurley goes directly into nike’s pocket. Some one recently told me, in nikes latest quarterly reports , it showed hurley was their only division not to make a profit. I mean, what really hard core surfer, worth his salt, would want to wear a surf tee, with the name of some half baked , mediocre shaper from Huntington Beach. on it. Most surfers couldn’t even tell you what the hurley name stands for. Hurley was started by ‘”bob hurley'” a average board shaper from H. B., who had the ego to name the company after himself. Now you have a bunch of clueless wannabes walking around with ‘his’ name on their chests. Seems like it might be a good time for a boycott.

  • BHawk

    Wow the thing that bothers me more than the fact he was against nike but jumped on board with hurley is another person bailing on someone that he was with from childhood, first bruce with Volcom now john and oneil sad