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Custom Board Giveaway Starts Now:  Bayvi, Novusswell, + Brice Surfboards

| posted on May 10, 2011

Somebody’s about to be one stoked surfer. Here’s your chance at winning a brand-new, custom-shaped surfboard by Brice Surfboards. Creatively express ‘what surfing means to you’, and you’re in. Submit a photo, submit an art piece, submit a video, submit a poem for all we care… There are no boundaries and no limits. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want. Just show us why you love surfing and use your imagination.

Submit by email to:
Submissions end: May 31, 2011.

Throughout the month of May, we will be posting entries at our official facebook pages:

This giveaway is made possibly because of Mike Walsh. Mike is a surfer from California who was a previous winner of a BAYVI/SWELL/BRICE SURFBOARD giveaway. But instead of taking the board like 99.999% of people would, he’s asked that we give his prize to a surfer in Hawaii. Imagine you’re sitting in the lineup, a perfect set has arrived, and a stranger has selflessly turned to you and given you ‘the nod’ to ride in his place. Talk about aloha spirit, from one surfer to another.

Now do the man proud and submit your entries now. And come back, and check our BAYVI facebook page and the Novus Swell facebook page to see what others have posted. Like it, comment it, and let’s get it going.

Thank you Mike Walsh, (and thank you Brice,, and Novus Swell).
Keep surfing.


**BAYVI, (pronounced “basics”) is an apparel brand, an identity, and an extended family. Centered on drawing fresh inspiration from surf, skate, music, and design, BAYVI focuses on a unique mission of connecting us back to our basics. In 2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii, BAYVI was founded as an alliance of individuals–those seeking simplicity in purpose, in design, and in our lives. To this day, its mission and basics never change.

  • Caleb Tiliakos

    I just started surfing on Friday. I am 7 years old and both my dad, uncle and Papu surf. I was a little scared, because my Mimi told me that my uncle had to have staples in his head after being hit with a surfboard fin. But, on Friday, I tried it anyway because my uncle said he wouldn’t play the Xbox with me, unless I at least tried. Once I actually got on the board and surfed on a wave, I felt a lot better and didn’t want to stop surfing. I’m eating a KitKat right now and hoping that I will win this really cool surfboard!