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Andy Irons Memorial Paddle Out This Sunday

| posted on November 12, 2010

  • Greg from Indy

    Such a great dude. I know I’ll miss his enthusiam and his determination, along with his winning spirit. God, how his family and friends must miss him. He’ll never be forgotten though! He was just a great guy!

    My sympathies go out to each and everyone that has an empty feeling in their hearts.

    God bless Andy. God always takes the good ones first, who knows why?

    Again, my prayers to his friends and family, he’lll never be forgotten.

    Greg from Indy

  • SlowCode

    A fitting memorial to a great competitor.

    But is that the logo of a major corporation in the lower righthand corner of his image? That is in extremely poor taste. Can you not stop advertising, for even a second? You would advertise here and make money on his family’s sorrow?

    I don’t care who sponsored him, or how well you knew the man. And it may be uncool to rebuke you here. But there is no excuse.

    No class. Won’t be buying your stuff again.

    A. Thomas

  • Deb Cook

    SlowCode, Totally get where you’re coming from (I think) but being a photographer myself, they were only giving credit to Billabong for the rights to publish the picture/video frame of Andy, which they must legally do. Basically, it’s like saying photo by Jeff Devine or photo courtesy of Warner Brothers, etc… I’m sure if they didn’t have to they wouldn’t have printed it, they had nothing to gain by it. Anyway, Aloha Deb

  • Da Dawson

    What Deb sez, and additionally, Billabong was Andy’s sponsor, paid him well and gave him financial means of living a great life. Billabong is mourning Andy, and part of his ohana too. You’re right on one thing tho Slow, it not the time or place to rebuke. NOTHING but aloha, – Dawson