How to Remove a Stripped Fin Screw

| posted on April 13, 2011

Photo: Van Swae

1. Place a tiny drop of super glue into the hole.

Photo: Van Swae

2. Insert the fin key and let dry for several seconds.

Photo: Van Swae

3. Twist and remove screw.

*Note: Both key and screw will be unusable after removal.

  • Max Tom

    The first step to removing a stripped fin screw is not to strip it in the first place. Use Futures fin keys (Standard American inches) for Futures Fins boxes and FCS fin keys (Metric for Aussies) for FCS plugs. You’ve got an FCS fin key in Futures box in the picture. Come on guys, get your act together.

  • Luke Blackwell

    Another way to remove a stripped screw is to take a drill and a bit just large enough to spin the screw. Gently run the drill with the bit in the screw until the heat from the rotation softens the area around the screw. This will allow the screw to be removed. Just make sure you use a slightly larger screw when you re-install the fin. I learned this trick from my long time shop owner and board repair man. He has saved me a lot of money over the years teaching me how to fix my own boards (I’m a little rough on my boards, typical east coaster)

  • Waldon Remington

    I’ve tried this and it doesnt work at all.

    • Daniel James

      Just tried it on my futures and it didnt work either. I reccomend using a drilling method instead and then using an extractor kit.

    • Stella Vassilieva

      yeah it’s a non-working method ;(

  • Mike

    I find the Future fin keys are terrible! The metal is soft and they strip all the time. Had a stripped screw (atleast when using Future keys) and my old FCS key, which seems to be made from higher quality material, popped it right out. I recommend everyone switch to a higher quality allen wrench and it will help prevent stripping to being with.

    • Stella Vassilieva

      FCS original fin keys are much better quality!

  • Md

    I tried this it didn’t work I think it was too stripped. Eventually I pulled out a drill found a drill bit slightly larger than the hex hole and drilled forward at the same angle, after a while it caught the screw and screwed it all the way through and came out in he box. I was able to put a new screw in and it works fine.

  • Kyle Joseph

    Can anyone explain how do i use the drill method? The Krazy Glue wont work for me.The Key wont stick to the screw